Manchester United legend calls on Glazer family to stay on as owners

Manchester United defender Gary Neville has called on the club’s owners to stay in place and resist the urge to sell the club, saying it’s the only way the club can become the biggest club in the world again.

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has called on the Glazer family to stay on as owners of Manchester United despite the recent fallout between the club and fans. Giggs, who played 963 games for the Red Devils has been at the forefront of the protests against the owners, but claims he isn’t leading the anti-Glazer campaign, the Daily Star reports. He said: “I’m not the leader of the movement. But I’ve got a platform at Manchester United I’m a Manchester United ambassador and I’m playing for the club. I work for the club and a lot of people listen to me. I have to think about what I say.”

Protesters made it clear on Sunday that they want Glazers to leave Manchester United (Photo: Getty Images)

Peter Schmeichel believes that Manchester United fans who hope that the Glazer family will leave the club are wrong and that it is better to work with the current owners in the hope of a better future.

Protests raged outside and inside Old Trafford on Sunday. Manchester United fans have made it clear that they want the Glazers to end their stake in the club.

The American owners had long been disliked, but their involvement in a failed plan to create a European Super League has infuriated fans even more.

Schmeichel admits that a fan-owned club would be ideal, but given that Manchester United could be worth around $4 billion, that scenario is not realistic.

The former goalkeeper doesn’t even think it will be easy to find a buyer. Therefore, he thinks the best option is to work more closely with the Glazers and try to create harmony between the owners and the fans.

I think it’s so easy to say the Glazers are bad for the club, Schmeichel told Good morning Britain on Monday. They don’t do this, they don’t do that, and they have to sell out.

The issue is that it will be about $4 billion. I don’t know who has $4 billion to buy Manchester United and make it better.

That’s the whole problem. Who does it better? I really can’t imagine how you have to organize the fans to raise $4 billion. That would be ideal, of course.

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I would rather work with the current owners and see if we can get them to understand what a football club is all about.

I would rather work with the Glazer family, the owners and management of the club and try to align them with what the fans want, because at the end of the day we play football for the fans, quite simply, without the fans there would be no football. There will be no money in football.

We need to make sure they understand that.

While some fans are unhappy at the prospect of the Glazers staying, Schmeichel sees the failure of the European Super League as a great opportunity to change the game and make it work more for the fans than the owners.

We have a great opportunity here because we have seen the reaction of two weeks ago continued the Dane. I don’t think these owners will come up with anything, at least in the near future, that could be as destructive to football or show such greed again.

In Manchester, protests have been violent at times (Photo: Getty Images).

Everyone – FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League the FA, the government, the players, everyone has a great opportunity to change football, because football has to change.

If not a change of direction, then a change of mindset and understanding of why we are playing this game.

Are we playing for ourselves? Do we play to get rich? Are we playing for the fans?

I think that’s an easy question to answer, we play for the fans. So let’s talk to the fans, find out what their needs are and meet them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Glaziers still own Manchester United?

It is safe to say that Manchester United are one of the most famous football clubs in the world. However, the club owners are not from Manchester or the United Kingdom – in fact they are from the Netherlands, which is well known for being the home of Ajax Amsterdam – the club that has won the UEFA Champions League four times and twice in the last three years. The Glazers, a family of wealthy Americans, bought the English soccer club Manchester United in 2005 for $1.47 billion. Since then, the club has won five Premier League titles and the UEFA champions league in 2008, but has never claimed the FIFA world cup or the UEFA European Championship In July 2012, Forbes estimated the club’s value at $2.23 billion.

Who are the Glazer family?

When Malcolm Glazer took control of Manchester United in 2005, the club was on the verge of financial ruin. Debt was spiraling out of control and there were even rumors that the team would be sold to an overseas owner who would move the team to New York. Glazer took over and immediately began making changes. However, he wasn’t exactly the most popular person with the fans. Malcolm Glazer is one of the richest and most influential people in the United Kingdom: he is the primary shareholder of Manchester United football club, and has a net worth valued at around 1.9 billion pounds. His wealth is a result of his ownership of First Allied Corp., a private equity firm based in New York that owns several companies that specialize in healthcare and real estate holdings.

Why did Manchester United fans protest today?

Manchester United’s fans have staged a protest at the club’s annual general meeting, asking why their side is going through such a bad run of form. The Red Devils have lost many of their big stars over the last few seasons, and the fans are not happy with the way the club’s CEO has handled the situation. Several Manchester United fans protested outside the club’s Old Trafford stadium today, demanding that the Glazer family sell the club. The fans were reacting to the news earlier this year that the team would post record revenues for the 2018-2019 season. (The club’s success on the pitch also led to record ticket sales and the highest season-ticket renewal rate in club history.) Of course, the fans’ calls are unlikely to be heard, as the Red Devils are worth over $3 billion. The club is owned by the Glazer family, a U.S. family that has made its money in real estate the family first purchased the team in 2005, when it bought the club from Irish media company Magnier and his racing partner, J.

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