Major Black Widow plot leak reveals villain holds key to introducing Wolverine, Deadpool into MCU – hollywood

A possible Black Widow leak has revealed the motives and true nature of the evil Taskmaster and the basic spoilers about the future of this beautiful cinematic universe. Although not officially confirmed, it is said that the next film will play the role of Taskmaster OT Fagbenle.

In comics Taskmaster has the ability to imitate the actions of the people he observes. The trailer has already shown that it will channel the forces of the Black Panther and Hawkeye. The leak we learned from Reddit through Inverse suggests that the Taskmaster in the film will have the abilities of characters we’ve never seen before in the MCU, in addition to characters like Iron Man and Captain America. Wolverine, Ghost Horseman and Moon Knight are just some of the characters that Taskmaster will touch briefly to open the door to the franchise that became possible after Disney took over the 20th century Fox and his possessions.

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In the film Taskmaster will be a former SHIELD agent, like the Soldier of Winter. He takes responsibility for steering the crossbows in his fight with the Avengers in the early days of Captain America: The civil war. The Black Widow is the prehistory between the events of the civil war and the avengers: A war with no end.

The mission leader simulates the abilities of the Hawkeye.

It was Taskmaster who decided to become double agent and organized a possible takeover of SHEILD Hydra (Robert Redford) during the Winter Soldier events, the flight continues. Taskmaster activates a dozen unfinished prototypes and releases Super Adaptoids for widows. Each prototype fights and behaves like a single Avengers member, since Taskmaster has already used them as soft partners – so they can’t automatically change their style in their current programmed state.

The leak confirms the previous report that Taskmaster will work with Thunderbolt Ross in the order of the film’s average credits.

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He not only has the skills of vengeful characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Antendant Man, but also the skills of characters like Wolverine, Deadpool and Moon Knight. Deadpool Easter Egg is shown by a duel by Katan and a reference to an enemy who never closes his mouth. Meanwhile, a hint of Wolverine is shown by the Panther’s claws, an indication that you must be almost invincible to use them effectively.

Black Widow, directed by Kate Shortland and starring Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pew, Rachel Weiss and David Harbor, is scheduled for release in November.

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