Magic Johnson experience sells for $220,000 at All-In Challenge auction


Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson does his thing on the coronavirus pandemic. He is not involved in the front line battle, but the Hall of Holodomor has decided to auction off the experience of Magic Johnson to raise money to fight the pandemic.

According to Tyler Conway’s report, the opportunity to play HORSE Lakers in the game and sit on the field with Johnson has been passed on to the challenger, who is willing to deal with a huge $220,000. The auction took place on the website of the fanatics as part of the All-In-Challenge auction and that is how they described this unique experience:

Watch his signature, don’t look him in the eye! You have to get up to become Magic Johnson’s friendly opponent, play H.O.R.S.E. and spend the day in the NBA Hall of Famer. Your unique life experience will show you how to get to YOUR city through magic. You are responsible for this hour of experience. Speak, stretch your brain for business, or just ask for a meeting with colleagues, family or friends. Then fly to Los Angeles and go to the Staples Center, where you try to defeat the legend in his own game. GOOD GROUP! Whether you win or lose, you’ll enjoy a pre-game dinner with Magic and 10 friends at the Los Angeles Lakers Hot Spot. Your friends enter the all-inclusive VIP suite when you go upstairs. Watch as the LeBron crayon throws chalk all around you, wink at Laker’s fanatic Jack Nicholson and mix it all with the Magic while sitting in the chairs. Complete the day of your dreams with a private tour of the Magic Trophy Room, where you’ll see five Larry O’Brien trophies and NBA championship rings, three NBA MVPs and others of his most beloved possessions.

In fact, it sounds like a pretty amazing experience if you ask me. For the lucky winner it is an experience he will never forget.


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