Maci Bookout has serious doubts about the sobriety of ex Ryan Edwards.

Teen Mom OG star Mackey Buckout is fully responsible for the misconduct of Bentley and his former son Ryan Edwards. Ryan Edwards says the Bentley is very disrespectful and it’s Mackey’s fault, says In Touch.

On an episode of the 28th. In April, MTV Teen Mom OG fans saw the tension between Ryan and his eldest son Bentley increase. Edwards was clearly annoyed by Bentley’s lack of respect for him.

Maci Bookout responsible for Bentley’s poor posture

Ryan Edwards shared his irritation with his wife Mackenzie and showed that he felt completely ignored when it came to his opinion of Bentley.

Ryan told Mac he never asked his son to do housework. It considers, however, that some simple basic budgetary rules cannot be ruled out.

Ryan continued his speech to Mac and said he felt he had no authority over Bentley when his mother was around.

Ryan Edwards is angry at Mackey Buckout, who shoots in.

Ryan feels he can’t do anything with the Bentley as soon as he tries to convince his mother (Jen) to drive the Bentley behind her back without considering him a parent.

He also thinks that his mother is afraid that if she upsets her grandson, he will decide not to spend any more time with his grandparents and that she doesn’t want to take any risks.

Mackenzie withdraws over Bentley for the intervention between Mackie and Ryan

Edwards also made it clear that no matter how hard he tried to raise a Bentley, his mother would rush. He says she believes that if he gets upset about the way things are going during his visits, Bentley will run to Masi to complain.

He also believes that Maci’s bookout will make it difficult, if not impossible, for Jen and Larry to continue their visits with their grandson when that happens. I mean, without Jen and Larry, Ryan wouldn’t have access to the Bentley right now.

Mackenzie fully agrees with Ryan about disrespecting Bentley. The situation is difficult between the former couple, because Ryan is not able to contact Masi at all because of a security measure that legally allows Edwards to contact Bookout in any way.

Masi recently expressed concern about Ryan’s sobriety after seeing his ex at a party for his 11th birthday. Bentley’s birthday in person. The bookie shared his concerns with her husband Taylor McKinney and told him that Ryan didn’t look well at the party. The bookmaker says she hopes her instincts are wrong, but after all the experience she’s had over the years with Ryan Edwards, her instincts make her doubt Ryan’s sobriety.

Masi said she was hoping she was wrong about Ryan. However, her past drug problems are 100% why she no longer allows Bentley to have contact with Ryan without his parents, Jen and Larry, showing that she feels uncomfortable when Ryan stands next to Bentley without his parents to ensure Bentley’s safety.

Ironically, Mackenzie was pretty quiet about it. This is unusual for Mac, who usually goes straight into Ryan Edwards’ defense in any situation. Maybe Mackenzie Standifer hides her doubts about Ryan Edwards’ sobriety, or maybe she just decided to back off and refrain from the disagreement between Ryan and Mackenzie Bockout’s parents about the Bentley.

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