Lost Smartphone: What to Do if You’ve Found One?

Maj. December 13, 2018 at 10:29 min.

Have you found a lost smartphone and are looking for a way to return it to its owner? By following a few simple gestures, you could help its owner find it more quickly. But be careful not to dig too deeply into the device data! Follow our guide to make one happy without making a mistake!

This has happened to almost all of us, and often with a good outcome. Losing your smartphone is really scary. Beyond the price of the device, there is also the data that we had not thought to save and that may be lost forever. So the question naturally emerges: what to do when you find a smartphone so that its owner can find it as quickly as possible ?

Put yourself in the shoes of the owner of the lost smartphone

Losing your smartphone, what a pain in the ass! It’s always good to think that a good soul will try to bring him back to us, but, as you can imagine, that’s not always the case. Some people, when they find something of value, have the reflex to keep it. Besides the fact that it’s not really nice, it’s a stupid bonus. Newer smartphones often have blocking mechanisms that are very difficult to circumvent. So you’ll have at home a high-tech brick, and a poor wretch at the other end of line.

Give the best of yourself: you’ll certainly have one less thing at home, but making someone happy feels good. And it gives you a good self-image. In many cases, this good deed boils down to picking up the phone and arranging an appointment for the person to pick it up. The case is being heard fast. Of course, this good deed can also lead you to investigate further.

Charge the smartphone you just found

The first reflex is to try as much as possible to charge the smartphone you just found. If the battery is dead, all attempts by the owner to locate or call the device will be in vain. Hopefully he’ll try to call her, and you’ll be able to pick up. If you see several missed calls, it could be that the owner tried to reach you.


Try to call the number again! In any case, if you let the battery die, the phone will not be locatable. It’s kind of like you made a decision to keep it. Not good.

Contact the SIM card operator

If you haven’t received a call after a few hours or even days, it’s because: 1. the owner really wanted to get rid of it (that would be a bit of a rush). 2. He may have asked his operator to block the sim card to prevent fraud (somewhat more likely).

In this case, the easiest way is to extract the SIM card from the terminal and contact the operator. The latter will surely be able to enlighten you on the best way to return the terminal to its owner. They have his address, and you write it on the back of the SIM card!

Browse through the contacts and try to let them know that you have found the phone

We usually have a lot of contacts, but not all of them are friends. These may be business contacts, for example. Try calling a few random numbers among them and ask them if they know of anyone who has lost their smartphone. Perhaps you will be able to return it to its rightful owner in this way.


But the must, if you manage to find the phone number of the device, is to try to find out the name of the owner. Give this number to every call. Perhaps some will be reluctant to give you his name, but persevere and you will find out sooner or later. From the name, you can try to search the directory, or, with this information in your pocket, you can go to the local police station and ask them to finish the job!

Finally, some of you may be tempted to look at the photos and other very personal items contained in the smartphone. It’s time to put yourself in the owner’s shoes: would you also want us to go through your little things like this? Never? Then don’t either. And remember, when you return this smartphone, you’ll have a great reward: the smile of its owner and his immense gratitude!

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