Lost in Space, 3%: What New Sries Will Arrive on Netflix in April 2018?

New original series acquisitions and simulcasts: here is the Netflix series program for April 2018.

Previously, Numerama published a single article including all the Netflix news for the coming month. As these are becoming more and more numerous, we have decided to better separate the different types of added content: series, documentaries, films, etc. In addition, we are also introducing a colour code and ★ for content that stands out and attracts our attention.

From now on, the Netflix news feed is no longer a net, but a torrent. More than twenty series were put online last month on the platform. In April, the pressure is still on with loads of original creations on line. In this article, we therefore provide an update on the series on the April program.

In terms of simulcasting with the United States Netflix is continuing with its+24additions of American titles from networks and cable channels with low prestige. In April, we will find no less than 4 series of the CW:Dynasty which ends its first season,Riverdale whose difficult second season continues, but alsoArrowseason 6 andBlack Lightning,season 1. Freeform also continues to deliver itsShadowhunters which has managed to sign for a third season despite the poor ratings of theteen drama. Finally, ABC’sDesignated Survivorwill also be on screen.

Let’s get down to business.

Fiction series

Lost in Space – April 13

Lost In Spaceis a SF series from the 1960s broadcast on CBS. Rebootted by Netflix in a highly modernized, visually-boosted, family-oriented version, the series is poised to reclaim homes. The promotional work done so far by Netflixtends to show family entertainment that meets other requirements than adult SF drama.

However, with an endearing story – afamily lost in space, which will be discovered through colourful proofs – Lost In Spacecould appeal to new audiences. It should also be noted that this is the first real Netflix family drama that shows the muscles not to let the free channels have a monopoly on the genre.

For this premiere, the American relied on craftsmen used to very big productions (Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless fromGods of Egypt) and obviously gave them a comfortable budget.

3% – April 27

Netflix’s Brazilianteen dramareturns at the end of the month. After a somewhat hesitant and sometimes laborious first season, Netflix’s first Brazilian series had managed to impose its paw and left us with pleasant memories.

However, it should be noted that this success owed a lot to the strong concept that guided the first episodes where trials, vectors of dramatic tension, punctuated a show that was a bit soft. Let’s hope that the second season adds to the ambition of what remains a nice surprise from one of the most important markets for Netflix.

Troy: the fall of a city – 6 April

Nobody believes thisTrojanordered by the BBC. Critics have been less than complimentary for this historic Saturday night drama. The British press has descended a series “that is hard to convince in its regrettably insipid first episode“(The Independent), which would be “too weak to satisfy the gods” (The Telegraph), or which should be “renamed The Real Housewives of Ilium” (The Times).

La Casa de Papel part 2 – 6 April

La Casa de Papelis a series that no one believed in, and certainly not yours truly. The umpteenth bastard of robbery movies, direct-to-video version, the Spanish series is a peach with its unskilled cast, improbable and psychologizing subplots and an astonishing ability to never fear the ridicule that sticks to its skin.

However, let’s face it: for reasons that escape us – nostalgia forUn Dos Tres? – the Iberian drama is a full box. His fans defend a light, gripping and daring series. You be the judge.

The Letdown, season 1 – April 21

A Netflix/ABC co-production (not Disney’s, the Australian public broadcaster of the same name)The Letdownis a squeaky comedy about motherhood from Australia. For the Sidney Morning Herald, the show is “perhaps the funniest, most likely thing on TV right now“, when the Guardian calls it a “moving portrait of motherhood with a pinch ofhumour”. To sum up, we find the Australian Alison Bell, who embodies and writes the show, as an outdated and disillusioned mother in a fast and audacious format.

Superstition, season 1 – April 29th

Rumour has it that the American channel Syfy is selling its struggling shows to Netflix. Already little known for the quality of its productions, the channel gratifies the French viewer with its obscure productions. This month,Superstition doesn’t really change things: low budget, procedural writing and classic concept… the series doesn’t break the codes.

American Horror Story Season 6 – April 1

American Horror Story: Roanokemay not be the best of Ryan Murphy’s horrific creations, but it will console those who mourn the lack of premium series in April on Netflix. Released in 2016 on FX,Roanokedares a particularly eccentric narration with a repetitive abyss.

The levels of narration intermingle, contradict each other, jostle our understanding, for a ramshackle, acid and violent result. Funny, according to Murphy’s black humor, the season pushes open doors, especially on the race issue in the US, but in the end proves to be infinitely more exciting than previous seasons.

Happy! season 1 – 26 April

Another series of SyfyHappy! is an almost classic detective drama, with one exception… Adapted from acomic bookof the same name, the series evolves around supernatural concepts. Thus, an immortal hero meets a comical blue unicorn who will push him to become a better person by solving criminal cases.

★ Four Seasons in Havana, mini-series – April 15

Noticed by Foreign Affairs,Four Seasons in Havanais a mini-series that “introduces to the general public the novels of the writer Leonardo Padura“. Cuban journalist and novelist Padura is a leading figure in genre literature in the Spanish-speaking world. For this series, he collaborated with his wife, screenwriter Lucia López Coll, and director Félix Viscarret.

The show, produced by the French firm Wild Bunch, looks back at the 1990s in Cuba, when the company suffered the collateral effects of the end of the Cold War The first Cuban thriller, shot in Cuban during this period,Four Seasons in Havanaoffers many credibility guarantees and highlights Conde, the recurring hero of Padura, the Cuban version of a film noir inspector: melancholy and acerbic.

Documentary Series

Chef’s Table: Pastry – April 13

For its fourth season, the documentary seriesChef’s Tablerenews itself by moving straight to dessert. Respecting the format initiated in 2015, one episode per chef to transcribe his identity, the series will feature Will Goldfarb in Bali, Corrado Assenza in Sicily, Jordi Roca in Spain and finally Christina Tosi from the Milk Bar in New York.

Dope, Season 2 – April 20

After a first season, the docu-series about drug lords in the United States returns for a new iteration. The brutal and sensationalist show, which was little appreciated by the critics in its first version, made the Daily Dot say that the “complacent tone used by the show to portray US drug policies makes Dope a frustrating, outrageous, and gracelessshow.

Children’s series

Baby Boss: Business Resumes – April 6

Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film of the same nameBaby Boss: Back in Businessis a new Dreamworks production for Netflix. After the studio’s rather bad film, the tyrannical baby returns to the company where he will take his Big Brother on new adventures.

The new adventures of the Magic Bus, season 2 – April 13

The reboot of this franchise known to all the children of the 1990s returns for a new season. Aboard the famous yellow vehicle, young children set off on an adventure and learn from their teacher and her dragon. The series is more for young children.

Who’s who?

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