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“Lost Ark” is a free to play MMORPG made by Neople, the company that created “Lineage 2”, which has both the largest and most active gaming community in China. The game launched its official service on December 12th of 2017 with 3 classes: Hunter, Ninja, and Priestess; each class having different skillsets. With over 420 quests completed so far – 256 of them being boss battles – Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMOs in China today.,

The “lost ark world bosses locations ” is a wiki that provides all the information about the boss in Lost Ark The wiki also includes pictures and videos of how to kill each boss.

Field bosses, often known as world bosses, are formidable bosses found across the globe of Raiders of the Lost Ark

World bosses, unlike bosses in raids and dungeons, spawn on ordinary maps, where anybody may join the battle by heading to their spawn spot.

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You’re supposed to take on world monsters as a group, so soloing them will be difficult, at least as you go through the game. Some of the lower-level ones will be soloable eventually.

The perks of defeating world bosses include helpful prizes and advancement in the Adventurer’s Tome.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about world bosses in Lost Ark from how many there are to where they’re situated. We’ll also tell you whether they have any Specifications at the item level.

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What do world bosses entail?

World bosses exist on ordinary maps in Lost Ark thus you don’t have to join a raid or dungeon to battle them.

Except for Maneth, there is an item level requirement to do damage to and get awards from level 50 world bosses, however anybody may battle, deal damage to, and receive rewards from the ones below level 50.

There is no restriction to how many players may fight a global boss, unlike raids and dungeons. It may be fought by anybody who gets to their spawn spot, and everyone battles it at the same time.

In Lost Ark, world bosses are referred to as Field Bosses, although they function similarly to world bosses in other MMORPGs.

They aren’t supposed to be taken on alone since anybody who travels to the area of world bosses may battle them.

Because of their large HP, you’ll soon discover that taking down a world boss by yourself will take a long time

However, as you progress in the game, you will be able to solo lower-level field monsters.

All world bosses have their own distinct location, and channels are not connected, therefore the same world boss under level 50, as well as Maneth, might be on various channels at the same time.

All bosses and locales in the world

There are presently 20 world bosses to fight in Lost Ark, and it’s unlikely that you’ll come across every single one of them while playing.

We’ve put together the following chart to help you keep track of all the global bosses, also known as field bosses, in Lost Ark.

Here’s a list of all the world bosses in Lost Ark, along with their level, HP, location, and Specifications at the item level, if any exist.

A world boss’s map is the area on the World Map where he or she lives, and his or her location is a particular spot inside that map/area. In the parenthesis, you can see which continent a map is on.

The required item level is the minimum item level that your character must have before doing any damage to the boss and receiving rewards.

Even if you don’t reach the Rec Item Level, you may still battle world bosses, but you won’t gain any prizes or do any damage. Everything will be prevented.

spawn timings for world bosses

Under level 50 world bosses and Maneth have no set spawn timings. They appear 30 minutes after the previous time they were vanquished and remain until they are beaten again.

So, if you go to the site of a world boss under level 50 or Maneth and they aren’t there, that means they were defeated lately.

You may either wait for it to spawn again, which takes around 30 minutes, or change channels. Because each channel’s spawn timings are different, a world boss may appear on one channel but not on another.

The fight against world bosses that are level 50 and have ilvl criteria begins at particular times. However, there is no limit to the number of individuals who may confront them.

Lost-Ark-World-Bosses-Guide-All-Bosses-Locations-WikiGamerempire.net (screenshot)

The symbol that appears on the minimap for world bosses that have an item level requirement may be seen in the picture above.

The symbol represents the location where the global boss will spawn. World bosses that don’t need a certain item level aren’t indicated on the map.

The Calendar in the top-left corner of the screen shows when the fight against a certain world monster that is level 50 and has an ilvl requirement begins. The world boss will then spawn within 5 minutes of the Calendar’s start time.

World bosses’ remuneration

When you beat a world boss, you will get a variety of awards.

Gear, cards, treasure maps, runes, souls, engraving books, honing material, and jewels are some of the more significant items dropped by world bosses.

The wealth that world bosses provide isn’t the sole benefit of beating them. By beating them, you advance in your Adventurer’s Tome.

The higher the world boss’s level and the higher the item level requirement, the greater the treasure and higher item level gear you may anticipate from them.

You can’t keep receiving stuff from the same world boss over and over again. Each roster may only acquire treasure from the same boss once each day.

Specifications at the item level

All world bosses under level 50 and Maneth have no Specifications at the item level, which means that you can deal damage to them normally and get rewards no matter your character’s item level.

Except for Maneth, all level 50 world bosses have an item level requirement known as Rec Item Level in the game.

In the table previously in this tutorial, you can see the item level requirements for each level 50 world boss.

When you don’t satisfy a world boss’s item level requirement, you won’t be able to do any damage to it, everything will be blocked, and you won’t gain any prizes if you beat it.

Even if you don’t have the required item level, you can still battle a world boss by heading to its location and waiting for it to spawn. Just don’t do any harm or take any stuff.

When a world boss that you don’t satisfy the item level need for is killed, you’ll see the warning “You cannot claim this award since you cannot accept rewards or you need to pay more.”

That’s all there is to know about planet bosses in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Do you have any ideas or comments for this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

The “lost ark field bosses ” is a guide that includes all the locations, and information about every boss in Lost Ark.

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