Lost Ark – Where to Get Basic and Uncommon Timber

Lost Ark is a popular modern hack-and-slash game that has been around since 2003. It doesn’t have any type of in-game currency or shops, but it does offer limited players the chance to collect and use rare items as they progress through their adventure. Players can also make money by selling off 100% drop loot chests for real world cash.

The “where to buy uncommon timber lost ark” is a question that has been asked by many. There are two ways you can get rare and uncommon timber in the game. The first is through trading with other players, while the second is through crafting.

To maintain improving any ship in Lost Ark you’ll need more and more rare materials as you level it up.

Basic Timber and Uncommon Timber, both Uncommon and Rare resources, are two of the commodities you’ll need to improve ships.

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Despite the fact that Basic Timber and Uncommon Timber both include the word “timber” in their names, they cannot be obtained by logging like ordinary Timber.

Basic and Uncommon Timber may be purchased with Pirate Coins from the Traveling Merchant Ship, Tea and Libra Guild Vessel, or Trade Merchants at your Stronghold in Lost Ark

The quickest method to get Basic and Uncommon Timber is to use Pirate Coins to purchase them from the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel.

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How to Get Basic and Uncommon Timber in Ark: Survival Evolved

Basic and Uncommon Timber are unique commodities required to improve higher-level ships in Lost Ark

They can’t be gotten by logging in the same way that normal Timber can. To acquire them, you must buy them.

In Lost Ark there are two methods to get Basic and Uncommon Timber. You may get them from the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel or Trade Merchants in your Stronghold using Pirate Coins.

Purchasing Basic and Uncommon Timber from the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel is the quickest and simplest method to get them in the game.

The Merchant Ship on the Move The Tea and Libra Guild Vessel is a ship that is always docked near ports.

You can interact with it by hitting ‘G’ on your keyboard or left-clicking it with your mouse after setting sail and sailing up near to it.

The Tea and Libra Guild Vessel trades Pirate Coins for different materials required to improve ships, such as Basic and Uncommon Timber.

Uncommon Timber costs 375 Pirate Coins, whereas Basic Timber costs 250 Pirate Coins.

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Some of the Trade Merchants in your Stronghold may be selling Basic or Uncommon Timber in return for seals.

Seals are earned by successfully completing dispatch assignments in your Stronghold.

Not all Trade Merchants in your Stronghold can sell Basic or Uncommon Timber, and those who can do so aren’t always able to.

Additionally, you must investigate Trade Merchant contracts in order to uncover all Trade Merchants that have the potential to sell either.

Duekhyeon and Illayne are two Trade Merchants that have a chance to sell Basic Timber, whereas Maxelle is one of the Trade Merchants who has a chance to offer Uncommon Timber.

If you find a Trade Merchant that offers either, it might be a wonderful opportunity to spend your seals on upgrading your ship or ships.

Trade Merchants are to the right of your Stronghold’s exchange NPCs, which are on the left side of the main Stronghold island.

That’s how you earn both Basic and Uncommon Timber in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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