Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid – Gate One guide

In this Lost Ark guide, we will detail everything the players need to know about the Gate One raid.
Although a difficult boss fight, you can still make it with these tips and tricks from our team of experts. Getting ready for battle? Here is your comprehensive guide!

The “Lost Ark valtan raid guide” is a guide for the Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid. It offers tips and tricks for players in order to make it through the difficult boss fight.

Valtan is the first Legion Raid in Lost Ark a sequence of exceedingly challenging encounters that need a great degree of cooperation between you and your friends. Valtan is a two-part boss that is terrifying, strong, and takes a lot of attempts to defeat. You and your friends may create groups of up to eight to face him.

It’s critical to understand all of Valtan’s mechanics in order to clear the fight and get the awards at the end. Valtan contains two levels of difficulty: Normal and Hard. Because Hard Mode has no unique elements compared to Normal Mode, this guide will work in both modes.

Valtan is divided into two “gates,” or checkpoints, and has two distinct boss battles. After a brief sequence of mob fights, you’ll confront the first monster, a pack of wolves that change colors and attack in various ways. For this battle, bring Panacea, Whirlwind Grenades, and Dark Grenades.

The initial boss has x50 HP bars to slash through, each with its own mechanics depending on various thresholds. Pay attention to the boss’s HP bar as you do more damage.

Sidereal Abilities

A unique mechanic of Legion Raids is Sidereal Abilities. Sidereal Abilities are usable by the raid leader and summon allies who cast powerful effects for your team. Sidereal Abilities are located on the top-left of your screen. Once the bar underneath the skills fills up, your raid leader will be able to cast a Sidereal skill.

  • Thirain
    • Ctrl + Z is the shortcut key.
    • Thirain emerges on the battlefield and attacks the boss, doing massive damage. This skill is utilized to fast cross certain thresholds, and Thirain will be employed more on the second gate.
  • Wei
    • Ctrl + X is the shortcut key.
    • The boss takes a lot of stagger damage from Wei. During Gate One of Valtan, Wei is critical to a cheese strategy.
  • Balthorr
    • Ctrl + C is a hotkey.
    • Balthorr conjures a ring of light. Damage reduction and push immunity will be granted to everybody in the circle. Balthorr is important for ensuring survival on the second gate during specific patterns.

From the Purple Wolf to the Red Wolf

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The Purple Wolf will sprint to the map’s center and convert into the Red Wolf when it reaches x45 HP. If you are inside a particular AoE when the wolf is shifting, you will receive a lot of damage. On the map, tell your crew to go to 9 o’clock or 11 o’clock. (This might be translated as “west” or “northwest.”)

The boss will add a “Bleed” stack to any teammates struck by his attacks as the Red Wolf. This illness will strike you if you are struck by one of his assaults. The affliction “Bleed” may be stacked up to three times. A massive AoE will arise and do significant damage to your squad if any of your teammates achieve three stacks. When you have two Bleed stacks, use Panaceas to prevent this from occuring.

Invader is a fictional character.

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This mechanism will occur twice, first at x40 HP and the second time at x25 HP. When this occurs, a different form of the wolf appears (Blue Wolf or Red Wolf, depending on whatever phase you are in). The second wolf that comes during the combat is referred to as the “Invader.” To continue, you must beat the “Invader.” However, not everyone has the ability to harm it.

Four players will receive a buff that resembles a golden orb. (Check your buff bar to see if you have the buff.) On top of that, one of the four players with the buff will be targeted by Invader is a fictional character.. First, whoever is targeted by Invader is a fictional character. should head to a side of the map, opposite where the original Wolf is. (For example, if the OG Wolf is South, the targeted player should head North.) This is because both wolves will receive a DEF buff if they are too close to one another.

All players have to do now is ensure that they defeat Invader is a fictional character.. You can still deal damage to the OG Wolf while Invader is a fictional character. is out, so do your best to deal as much damage in that period if you do not have the buff.

If you don’t inflict enough damage, a mist will cover the field, stacking a Dark debuff on all players that imprisons them after five stacks. This phase only comes if you take too long to reach x30 HP, thus you should try to avoid it by inflicting enough damage.

Orbs that alternate

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This phase occurs twice, first with x30 HP and again with x15 HP. During this phase, several colored orbs (blue and red) will appear at various locations around the map. Start at the top and work your way clockwise around the map eight times. Each player is supposed to gather one orb in this phase, however the orbs must be collected in an alternating color pattern.

To put it another way, player one must gather a Red orb, followed by player two collecting a Blue orb, and finally player three collecting a Red orb (continuing to the entire party.) The boss will one-shot your party if you botch up the sequence. Players are also unable to acquire two orbs at the same time.

Simultaneously, you must pass a stagger check and deliver enough Stagger Damage to the monster before the time limit expires.

Method of Using Cheese

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You may clear the mechanism by performing the following, which is by far the simplest and most popular technique to do so. Send one orb to your raid commander to collect. The raid commander should then utilize Wei on the boss. This will cause a lot of stagger damage, but your team will be able to clear the stagger check first.

After utilizing Wei, use Whirlwind Grenades to immediately Stagger Damage the monster. You can avoid collecting the orbs entirely if you can stagger the Wolf fast enough. (If your party is short in Stagger Damage, you may still need to acquire additional orbs.)

Other Types of Attacks

The Wolf also possesses a number of more deadly attacks that may harm you if you aren’t prepared. These assaults don’t have any HP limits and may happen at any moment.


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On rare occasions, the boss may transform into a tornado. The tornado is also contained by a massive wind wall. Players that attempt to go around the wind wall will receive a lot of damage. You must avoid the tornado as it spins inside the circle if you are trapped within the wind wall.


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Each Wolf phase features a new assortment of colored explosives. Each color bomb has its own unique impact. The Red Bomb scatters grenades in a random pattern that explodes after a short time After a short time, the Blue Bomb explodes, freezing anybody trapped in its explosion. The Green Bomb explodes, unleashing a massive AoE blast that you must flee from.

Fear Assault

The boss may move behind a random player and Fear them during the Purple Wolf stages. If a player is Feared, the other players must apply Stagger Damage to stop the Wolf from murdering the Feared player immediately.

Once you’ve defeated Valtan’s Gate One, you may go on to Gate Two, which is far more difficult.

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