Lost Ark: Best Warrior Build

Lost Ark is a game that’s about building the best warrior you can and fighting other players in an arena. It has deep RPG elements, with lots of different skills to learn, items to equip and upgrades. This build will help get you started on your quest for victory!

The “Lost Ark berserker pve build” is a warrior build that has been doing well in the game. The build is a high-damage, low cooldown, and high survivability build.

In all of the warrior’s subclasses, the best build may be indicated. The Warrior is a warrior class. is discussed in this guide.

Warrior is a warrior class.

If you enjoy large brutes wielding enormous weapons and smashing adversaries with those weapons, warrior is the kind for you. Warrior has three subclasses from which to pick your character and play style.

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  • Berserker
  • Gunlancer
  • Paladin

Best Warrior Build (Skills)

The following are the talents you desire to acquire:

  • Shoulder Charge: You just need four levels to achieve exceptional mobility, and you desire Quick Recharge for your Rune.
  • To obtain the Leap, Deadly Blow, and Earth Flip, use the 10 levels. Galewind is the Rune you choose for your Rune.
  • Strike Wave: Get the Wave, Limit Break, and Earth Flip by completing the 10 stages. You wish to receive the Galewind for your Rune.
  • Quick Preparation, Vital Point Strike, and Red Wave may all be obtained by completing the 10 stages of Red Dust. You want to receive the Bleed for your Rune.
  • Tempest Slash: Use the four levels to unlock Quick preparation, and you’ll need Overwhelm for your Rune.
  • Finish Strike: Unlock the Tenacity, Weak Point Detection, and Kill Confirm abilities after completing the 10 levels. You wish to receive the Galewind for your Rune.
  • Chain Slash: Unlock the Vital Point Strike by completing the four levels, and obtain the Galewind as your Rune.
  • Quick Preparation, Weak Point Detection, and Flame Storm may all be obtained by completing the 10 stages of S Storm. You want to gain the Overwhelm for your Rune.

<a href=Lost Ark Best Warrior Build’ data-lazy-src=’http://imagegod.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1651437366_746_Lost-Ark-Best-Warrior-Build.jpg’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’>

Berserk Fury is what you desire for your Awakening talent when you reach level 50.

Warrior Best Build (Gear & Stats)

Concentrate on obtaining as much high-item-level gear as possible. You should have 860 crit and 740 swiftness at the conclusion of the game.

If you haven’t yet, consider putting 60 percent of your stats into crit and 40 percent into swiftness. Leveling up and completing additional tasks will get you more points, so keep doing so to enhance your build faster.

Warrior Best Build (Gear & Stats)

Best Warrior Build (Engravings)

The following are the engravings for this build:

  • Mayhem: You must get this engraving since it is an essential component of this class’s construction. This engraving requires just that you achieve the first level, since all levels provide a flat benefit of 15% attack speed/movement speed and a 65 percent damage mitigation. At higher levels, the only stat that increases is the damage.
  • Master’s Tenacity: Increases your outgoing damage while having no negative effects.
  • Cursed Doll: It provides a considerable boost in attack power at the expense of a 25% reduction in healing.
  • Grudge: This is a high-level engraving that is best used on tier 3 material. It works best against mobs, and it increases your damage by 20%. However, you will receive 20% more damage as a result.
  • Raid Captain: With a movement speed of 140, the raid captain increases damage output by 18%.
  • Increases Mass: If you have enough swiftness to offset the 10% attack speed disadvantage, it will boost damage.

Best Warrior Build (Engravings)

Best Warrior Build (Cards)

The following are the cards you should obtain:

Nineveh, Shandi, Azena, and Inanna, Shandi, Azena, and Inanna, Wei, Balthorr, and Thirain.

You don’t have to obtain these cards right away since they are the ultimate system for enhancing your character. These cards, on the other hand, will boost your damage output even more.

Best Warrior Build (Cards)

After getting all this just save your character build and you’ve got the best build for one of the Warrior is a warrior class..

I hope you found what you were searching for in this tutorial.

The “lost ark berserker pve build 2022 ” is a warrior build that has been used to great success in the game. The build is very strong and allows for quick clear speeds.

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