Los Angeles Lakers’ Russell Westbrook scoffs at Minnesota Timberwolves’ trash talk after blowout loss

Russell Westbrook scoffs at the Timberwolves’ trash talk after a blowout loss.

The “brittney griner russian basketball” is a news story about Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves by a score of 123-86, and in the game, Westbrook was called out for trash talking.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Karl-Anthony Towns lifted one hand and waved at the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench, signalling by opening and shutting his palm many times as fans showered the Minnesota Timberwolves starters with deafening acclaim as they departed the game late in a blowout victory.

During the Timberwolves’ 124-104 victory against the Lakers on Wednesday at the Target Center, there was plenty of trash language, and the Wolves relished the opportunity to deliver the Lakers their third consecutive defeat.

Russell Westbrook airballed a corner 3-pointer with 3 minutes, 58 seconds remaining in one clip that went viral. With a puzzled face, Towns stared again at the route where the air ball took flight after rebounding the miss.

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Westbrook stated of the Wolves’ harsh talk, “I honestly don’t pay no regard to anything.” “Perhaps the other men do.” They weren’t talking to me, however. They were talking to specific men, but the trash talking didn’t affect me in the least.

“Nobody in this league has done anything to make me raise up my eyes and go, ‘Oh, they’re a talking disaster.’ Allow me to react.’ No. It’s all right. They’re excellent. They were victorious in the game. I’m glad for them. Now it’s time to move on to the next one.”

After forcing a Westbrook turnover earlier in the game, Patrick Beverley was spotted pinching his nose as if to indicate something smelt awful and mouthing the word “trash” repeatedly.

Beverley, who has a history with Westbrook, responded to Westbrook’s comment that no one on the Wolves had “done anything in this league” on Twitter afterward.

While retweeting Westbrook’s response, Beverley remarked, “Playoffs every year.” “Individual stats or team stats in two Western Conference finals with two separate teams? Wasn’t it supposed to be a team sport?”

“It’s part of the game,” LeBron James stated when asked about the Wolves’ trash talking.

The Lakers (29-40) have much more pressing worries than the rising Wolves, who have won nine of their last ten games. They’ve dropped 12 of their last 15 games, including defeats of 29, 11 and 20 points in the last three.

During the last two defeats, James has become clearly irritated at times. He had 19 points, but he missed seven of his eight 3-point tries, as the Lakers shot only 22.2 percent from beyond the arc.

While James was heartened by the Lakers’ early fight in Wednesday’s defeat, he conceded that the losing has taken its toll on his patience.

“I believe every season is all about patience for me,” James said of the difficulties he faces as a coach. “And this year is no exception. Because of the way we’re playing and how quickly we’re losing, I believe this season is trying my patience more than any other in the previous several years.

“It’s putting your patience to the test to see if you can retain your concentration out on the field, seek out ways to improve for your teammates, and avoid falling into a losing mindset. At the end of the day, even if I lose a game, I would never, ever put myself in a situation where I felt like I was losing.”

Minnesota is the Lakers’ only regular-season opponent. However, there’s always the chance they’ll run into each other in the play-in event.

When asked whether he is shocked that opponents are trashing the Lakers, Lakers guard Wayne Ellington responded, “I’ve been in this league long enough to recognize it’s a front-running league.” “Everything is fine while you’re awake. They’ll kick you while you’re down.

“So far, we’ve been being booted, and the other teams seem to relish it. It everything comes full circle at the end.”

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