Looking for a 4k Hdr Blu-ray Drive in Sata or 3.0/3.1

I didn’t know the LG. Thanks for the info.

The Pioneer comes with PowerDVD (a very old version by the way, it smells like non-UHD BluRay support) but there is a very high probability that it is compatible with PowerDVD version 18.

 For the LG, it does not seem to be delivered. So it’s a good match?

 But the LG may be easier to find.

I’m going to look for the Pioneer (it seems to me that at the time I had found it on German merchant sites).

 Another remark that seems VERY IMPORTANT to me.

 I had specified above that the HDMI output must be at least 1.4 (4K 30ips, not hdr) BUT the 2 manufacturers of these players specify well that a HDMI mini 2.0 version is required. Maybe for the HDR (for the 60 fps, I doubt it). But is it mandatory? Even to watch a UHD BluRay movie in non HDR, at 30 fps?

 And LA, there’s a very big problem.

 Indeed, the majority of motherboards sold to put Intel CPUs with integrated HD Graphics 630 GPUs have an HDMI output which is compatible ONLY with HDCP 2.2 version 1.4 (with HDCP 2.2 however) and not with HDMI 2.0.

 So, even if you have the CPU (with integrated Intel GPU) compatible with SGX + HDCP 2.2 and you use ONLY this GPU, you can’t be sure that it works because the motherboard manufacturer decided to wire the HDMI output (from the GPU integrated to the CPU) only in version 1.4.

 Take a good look at the motherboard specs, but very few have wired the HDMI output in version 2.0. I thought I saw an Asus (in the Workstation series it seems to me).

 In short, to legally watch a UHD BluRay on a PC is almost mission impossible.

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