“Look at us as human beings, not as sheep!”

In Kiskunfélegyháza, 700 individuals authorized an application not to relocate the General Practitioner ' s workplace from their home. Fruitless. The sheets can not be sent to the community as well as journalism can not also consider them. Fidesz limits the collection of trademarks as well as the regional mandate in such stringent legislations that it basically gets rid of any kind of effort by the public, also in issues of where to buy a General Practitioner. Component of the populace would certainly oppose, obstruct roadways, transform city management, transform federal government, however many can not visualize why such details concerns can not be logically talked about with the frustrating bulk of city leaders they pick.

Why do they wish to take our clinical workplace out of below when it functions well? For 10 years we have actually been dealing with to have regional healthcare in Bankfalu. We battled with the aid of the after that community. It has actually functioned for twenty years, the populace is pleased with it, the physician is really feeling well. If the existing community currently has the cash, we must not take the General Practitioner ' s order from us, however increase it with a doctor ' s workplace

– claims Pálné Kerekes, homeowner of the financial institution town, at the Kiskunfélegyháza public online forum.

With you, 4 resistance reps from the Organization for Our City are leading the online forum, which was lastly kept in the MSZP midtown. The MPs state they additionally welcomed the city leaders. Obviously, they include, they never ever most likely to an area where they need to deal with undesirable inquiries.

Image: Norbert Farkas/24 hu

Bankfalu, with a populace of almost 3 thousand, belongs of Kiskunfélegyháza with a populace of 30,000, 2.5-3 kilometres from the facility, a couple of hundred meters from the city. In the nineties it started to take off, with lots of structure as well as relocating below. In the beginning, standard solutions were additionally missing out on. The city management at the time recognized the requirements, however had little cash.

They would certainly have suched as to have a drug store beside the physician ' s workplace, claims Dr. Méri Papp, proprietor of a drug store in the town. Nevertheless, they did not wish to permit to the drug store due to the fact that there sufficed drug store in Félegyháza – simply much from Bankfalu – according to the populace. She as well as her spouse provided to develop the home at their very own expenditure for the facility as well as drug store if they can open up a drug store there. The community offered the land at no cost, on the problem that the family practitioner ' s workplace can run there in the long-term, as well as the after that mayor lobbyed the certificate for the drug store. The citizens have actually added community service to obtain their physician as well as drug store asap.

Neither the physician neither the community has actually considering that paid rental fee, however also the expense of home heating as well as electrical energy is birthed by the pharmacologist. Yet that doesn ' t issue any longer: from February 1, Dr. Balla Rozália, a family doctor, needs to transfer to a four-storey, $ 1.3 billion university hospital in the town hall. If he is contacted us to a client from there, he can additionally drive for kilometers to get to a client living beside his workplace.

His clients like him.

Image: Norbert Farkas/24 hu

“When my mother-in-law got sick of her heart, the doctor and her assistant ran to us and they went up.” Why isn ' t it the method it utilized to be? Asks Tóthné, a citizen of Délibáb Road in the online forum.

Anyhow, why isn ' t the staff below to ask him why he didn ' t provide us authorization to hold this online forum in Bankfalu, the homeless health club? Even more individuals can have come there. Why exists no local federal government agent below? Or the mayor? Might you inform me why they didn ' t ask the general public prior to they decided to leave the surgical treatment

He includes.

This is the 2nd public examination on the issue. The initial one was kept in a preschool in Bankfalu, with seventy on it, with intense argumentative remarks – however there were no reps of the city center bulk either. They wished to maintain the existing one in the homeless health club of the shut institution, however the composed demand was declined by notary Dr. Zsolt Faragó, that himself stays in the location.

When I call her by phone, she responds that the head of the organization has actually essentially informed her that the regional pharmacologist wishes to arrange a public online forum there for her clinical workplace. There is currently a consentaneous choice of the community on this issue, which would certainly be arranged by a personal pharmacologist.

We have actually never ever had a discussion forum of this kind in a local organization, as well as we will certainly not

– claims the staff.

Mayor József Csányi claims he really obtained an e-mail invite – a day as well as a fifty percent prior to the online forum. He had actually taken care of, taken care of programs, he couldn ' t unsubscribe. The truth that he was called with such a brief target date was, in his sight, an indication that they did not actually desire him to leave.

“I am very welcome to participate in a private initiative forum,” claims the mayor.

Nevertheless, this is not a personal effort, however the resistance has actually located itself a rubber bone, as well as we do not wish to join the political circus that is being arranged around it.

This is not the initial such instance. Prior to Xmas, most of the city center had actually as soon as soothed the stress of the populace, although they had actually formerly wished to bring both family doctors of the Petofi housing estate to the main university hospital. According to the staff, it was stated numerous times throughout the conversation of the reference that it must have been briefly relocated just throughout of the fixed analysis of the expansion as well as the building and construction, for an optimal duration of 6 months. Although the trademarks can not be seen, resistance reps stated the trademarks of greater than a thousand homeowners in the location had actually collected to permit General practitioners to function where their clients live. They can remain.

If the general public trademarks were taken into consideration there, why not in Financial institution Town?

– That was not the instance. We have actually not obtained any kind of trademarks from us, however it is not the design of this city management to transform its intent as an outcome of information regarding trademarks collecting, the notary replies. – No link, the board chose, in its single discernment, to try to find an ideal website as well as develop a much more updated workplace.

power Relationships

At the 2019 regional political elections in Kiskunfélegyháza, the group of the National Discussion Forum Allied to Fides, with Sándor Lezsák as its nationwide chairman, won a frustrating triumph. József Csányi, as mayoral prospect, won 90.53 percent versus the unified resistance prospect for the Union for Your City. All specific areas were won by prospects from the National Discussion forum. The Organization with You for Our City has actually won 4 requireds on the payment listing. Tamás Horváth, MSZP, Kálmán Kis-Szeniczey the LMP, László Kollár the Jobbik, Lajos Nagy the regional political leader of the Autonomous Union were all participants. In 2014, the National Discussion forum group beat Fidesz, the previous city leader. Sándor Lezsák after that hired a brand-new group versus the will of the local head of state, János Kerényi as well as Viktor Orbán, partially to change him from previous Fidesz replacements to change Krisztián Kapus, previous mayor of Fidesz. Mayor József Csányi stated that ever since there has actually been tranquil in the city, which just the 4 resistance participants are attempting to interrupt by searching for purposeful situations as well as attempting to phony the city management with incorrect details.

Yet the family doctors in Petofivore do not need to move, however the Bankfalussian physician schedules on February 1st.

– This was additionally determined with one voice by the University. The 4 resistance participants that are currently loudest in the ballot have actually additionally elected, the notary stated.

According to resistance participants, sanda means that the activity on the concern of the Bankfalussy workplace was offered the General Setting up without conversation in board, with the activity being dispersed just in the Chamber. They didn ' t have time to translate it effectively. According to the staff, a change to this impact was also tabled by Legislator Szeniczey as well as was right away approved by the bulk of the Municipal government. He stated that in the tool term, they would certainly try to find an ideal website in Bankfalu as well as develop a clinical workplace there.

– What do you wish to develop rather? – asked an audio speaker at the online forum. – For 10s of millions? They state expense financial savings? The existing workplace is totally free for the physician as well as the community too. Exist anymore cost-efficient? You require to defeat the iron while it is cozy. In the past, a family doctor was called an area physician, as well as in his name, he was dealing with clients in a house. If we can ' t quit the method from going on February 1st, we ' ll never ever come back the regional treatment.

Yes, however just how do you stop it?

“We initiated the mayor's ten days ago to discuss the issue again, but there is no answer,” stated Tamás Horváth, a participant of the online forum. – We submitted an issue with the federal government workplace however did not react. Aid me, put on ' t allowed the 4 people stay a leisure activity of representing your passions.

László Nagy, a citizen of the financial institution town, suggests that they initially resort to the tv. If this is not the instance, after that civil disobedience should be limited. Not in the Financial institution Town, however on the city ' s extra active roadways.

The complying with commenter presents himself as a guard. He does not concur with the demo, however he desires individuals ' s passions to be taken into consideration.

“I think the mayor and the deputies have taken on this task in the interest of the city, not in their own interest,” he claims.

Attila Frei stated that “many people do not understand that there is a dictatorship in Hungary”. Partial political leaders leading Kiskunfélegyháza are additionally component of this. In October of in 2015, the residents of the half-churches would certainly have had the possibility not to elect them. If they had actually utilized it, it wouldn ' t be the trouble currently.

Image: Norbert Farkas/24 hu

As a matter of fact, the notary additionally describes the exact same throughout our telephone discussion. The concern of the facility was currently a subject in the advocate the October political election, however in the financial area the prospect from the city center bulk won by 78 percent.

Nevertheless, the settings up do not appear to wish to change the system or the mayor below, they simply wish to encourage the freshly re-elected leaders to transform this certain choice due to the fact that it has the downside of a considerable variety of residents worried.

The bulk do not comprehend why this is so essential to the city management. Why do you not comprehend that individuals do not wish to see the facility to see a physician. The main university hospital has a little bit extra flooring room, however the devices coincides – claims the online forum. There is lots of car park, however extra autos – clients normally can ' t locate an area to park their auto when they are looking. There are currently 9 General practitioners waiting there – no air, commonly incapable to take a seat. Not 10 various other clients are waiting, however one hundred that invest a hr there conveniently getting an infection that he hadn ' t had in the past.

“But even if the conditions were better, it would be like closing a local store to go all the way to Tesco on the other end of town,” claims a guy on the online forum.

The regional populace is shedding to a higher or lower level in the moving of the financial institution town workplace. It appears that dr. Papp Méri as well as his drug store. The clear victor, nevertheless, is the drug store in the main university hospital, where clients can change their prescriptions as quickly as they leave the physician.

Urban myth

In Kiskunfélegyháza, there is a mendemonda regarding the genuine factor that the mayor has a firm running a drug store in the home office, however there is no trace of this in business register.

– If they think every little thing that is being distributed regarding me, after that I additionally have the state-owned tools manufacturing facility in Kiskunfélegyháza, I have extra restaurants, as well as whatever financial investment is made in the city, at the very least fifty percent is constantly mine, claims József Csányi. – That ' s enjoyable, isn ' t it? It is far better to rely upon what remains in business register.

Dr. Méri Papp would certainly prepare to increase the facility she possessed. He has strategies to do so, however it would certainly be a waste of cash to begin recognizing it since the workplace needs to relocate from February 1 as well as the turn over of the financial institution drug store is anticipated to go down considerably.

Image: Norbert Farkas/24 hu

Most of the regional populace wishes to remain. Yet what does the physician desire?

The online forum claims that the variety of client cards he has with him has actually boosted from 6 hundred to 1800, as well as citizens recognize that dr. Ralla Balla prefer to remain.

– Family practitioner treatment is a compulsory local job, we need to offer an ideal area, however the depictive body can not require the physician to buy it – clarifies notary Zsolt Faragó. – Order any place you desire.

Does this mean that if Medical professional Balla does not wish to relocate right into the university hospital on February 1, can she remain in Bankfalu near her clients?

– Definitely not currently due to the fact that you have actually authorized an agreement with the community to transform the area of your order. You can not get an operating certificate without a legitimate agreement. Yet you can suggest any time that you wish to buy somewhere else as well as customize your project agreement.

Resistance reps state the community might tax General practitioners via the regards to the agreement. According to pharmacologist Méri Papp, also if the physician wished to leave, it would certainly remain in the passion of simply someone, versus whom decision-makers would certainly need to stand for the passions of the regional populace.

I ' ll call the physician. His voice appears exhausted, he doesn ' t wish to comment. You simply state:

– I do not wish to politicize, however to recover.

One must not highlight national politics, suggests among the audio speakers at the online forum. In his point of view, a little humankind needs to be brought right into public events.

– The roadways have to be shut! – claims Mr László Nagy, that presented himself once more. – No person else assists, regardless of just how much we speak. Inform me, gents, if we take on reveal you exist with us?

– You put on ' t need to deal with or battle below, however allowed ' s fix this usually! – sheepskin proceeds. – We are individuals in the 21 st century, be the opposite side to take a seat with us as well as review this with debates! Take a look at us as people, not as lamb!

Yet just how can this be accomplished if the 700 trademarks that were accumulated to maintain the bankhouse workplace in position are not taken into consideration?

– Did you see those 700 trademarks? Since it wasn ' t revealed to me, as well as I believe it ' s mostly fiction, claims the mayor. Resistance spokesperson Kálmán Szeniczey-Kis verifies that they actually can disappoint the collected trademarks to either the mayor or journalism due to the fact that the lawful structure is so intricate as well as limiting.

Image: Norbert Farkas/24 hu

Guidelines for accumulating trademarks

Fidesz has actually tightened up the collection of trademarks in its Regulation 112 of 2011 (on the right to self-reliance) as well as 238 of 2013 (on mandate efforts), as modified, also to sustain a straightforward request, however they might not be revealed to the reporter or the community also for examination.

Agent Kálmán Szeniczey-Kis is associated with accumulating trademarks, with greater than 700 individuals vowing to openly sustain the request – however they can ' t. In their instance, the trademark enthusiast is the LMP Eco-Partner Structure. As a rep, he can do so by releasing a declaration of the variety of trademarks he has actually simply set up, which can be examined by any person.

The Firm has actually provided a collection of trademarks for Flexibilities, which can be checked out below.

Ultimately, the extra energetic residents will certainly stay to register for József Csányi ' s course. Wednesday, January 29, prior to the workplace relocated, would certainly have had the opportunity.

It will certainly be rather fascinating ahead to a lesson that does not exist. Since in January we are dealing with the spending plan, so I put on ' t have a course whatsoever. Obviously, if you ask me for a consultation, I won ' t have the ability to inform you anything else

Introduces the mayor.

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