LOL 11.7 Patch Notes, Download Size, Downtime, and Release Date

LOL 11.7 patch notes bring a lot of changes to the game, including some cool skins, skins that run on themes. We have all the information and details on the League of Legends 11.7 patch notes downtime, and Release Date so take a look.

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LOL patch 11.7 has been released with a lot of new features, changes and improvements for the game. This League of Legends update has added a ton of new cosmetics and especially themed rooms. A total of 7 new skins have been added in this update. When it comes to rebalancing, there’s nothing you can do about it. There will only be minor changes and some other minor tweaks to the game.

Below are the full LOL 11.7 Patch Notes download size, downtime and release date

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As far as the LOL 11.7 patch notes go, there are a lot of new things added in this update, but first let’s look at server maintenance and server crashes.

LOL server downtime 11.7 :

According to officials, the League of Legends 11.7 update will be released on Wednesday the 31st. Mars, live. Looking at previous posts, the patch usually gets around 3am PT for NA servers, 5am GMT for EUW servers, and 3am CET for EUNE servers. We will update the downtime as soon as we know.

LOL 11.7 download size : As for the size of the League of Legends 11.7 downloadable patch, again, there is no information on this. We will keep you informed as soon as information on this is published.

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LOL 11.7 Patch Note Balance Changes and Champion Skins

Here are all the changes in the LOL 11.7 patch notes

The champion changes: As for the balance sheet changes, you don’t need to know anything at this stage.

In terms of skins, a total of 7 new skins have been added in this update.

Hey, guys! After reviewing many game sequences and realizing that Space Groove Lux’s E needs more variations, 2 additional musical variations are added to their E! (Up to 3 different space grooves now!) I hope this helps reduce the feeling of repetition. ✨ @moonstonesxo

– RiotKDan (@RiotKDan) 18. March 2021

Now with the green and a passport for a championship look! Splash will be integrated soon!

– Jenny Hulse (@RiotTinyBun) March 17, 2021

It’s time to get funky for this Space Groove PBE preview!

Nasus Build: Runes, Items, Spells and More. Best Full 11.7.1 Nasus Build. Mobalytics LoL S11
Lulu + Prestige Edition!

League of Legends // UK, EE and Scandinavian countries (@LoLUKN) 16. March 2021

When the Space Groove Friday feeling kicks in!

League of Legends // UK, EE and Nordic countries (@LoLUKN) 12. March 2021

It was from these tweets that we got information about the new skins. And if you want to know more about the 7 new skins in LOL 11.7, we recommend you to open these tweets on Twitter. You can also check out the trailers and user-submitted images for the next update.

So it was about LOL 11.7 release notes, download size, downtime and release date. We will keep you updated once this patch is released to all users.

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Have fun accessing the LOL 11.7 Patch Notes download size, downtime and release date.

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