Login Problem With My Hotmail Account.


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20 September 2010


Good morning sir,

I have the same problem, with my hotmail address that hasn’t let me down in 10 years…!

I was able to connect this morning around 9am, then from 10am it didn’t work anymore. Since then, when I enter my login, I’m redirected to a page where I’m asked to change my password, except that I can’t do it anywhere: something loads in the middle of the page, but keeps loading.

I saw in the hotmail help center that they are currently having server problems (yellow banner at the top of the page). This is all very annoying.

If there’s any news, we’ll be in touch…



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20 September 2010


Problem solved tonight as far as I’m concerned. I wish you the same.

September 21st, 2010



I have the same problem as you, it is impossible for me to access my mailbox (hotmail) since yesterday afternoon. Today at 11pm it still doesn’t work, I tried to connect with another computer but the problem persists. Moreover when we try to connect to hotmail.com nothing indicates that the site has technical problems. My email address is also a working tool for me, so if anyone knows how to solve this problem it would be very welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,


September 22nd, 2010


Hello, I had the same problem, you just have to change your password.


September 22nd, 2010


Thank you very much Laddidi, now it works.

September 22nd, 2010


Great, it’s a computer scientist who gave me the tip this morning and as I was hanging out on the site to see if I could find some info I read your message and I immediately thought of you in the same boat, so I searched the site to help you out.


September 23rd, 2010



I also have this problem with my hotmail box but also with aMSN which tells me that my password or username is incorrect when I log in. I’m in the same case where it’s been 10 years that I’ve been using this box professionally and with the same password…

For two days I was forcing a little bit to log in one time out of 10 but today I couldn’t! I even tried the password change procedure in vain….

Does anyone have the solution? Should we be patient or should we make up our minds we’re hotmail retirees…. :??: :??:

September 24th, 2010


See my message above, you just have to change your password.

26th September 2010


Good evening, I have the same problem mentioned above, and it is very annoying for me. We all have important e-mails, and when that happens…

The solution to change the password doesn’t work for me because this procedure offers only 2 alternatives :

– Use my security question and location information to verify my identity

– Send me instructions to reset my password by email (and here 2 other options)

Select a new email address:


Backup email address

The problem is that I don’t remember the answer to my secret question (it’s been 5 years since I created my account so I forgot)

and I don’t remember creating a backup email.

I’ve always used the same address with the same password. I don’t understand why today it doesn’t work!

Could I be the victim of a hacker???

I’d really appreciate it if you have a solution.

Thank you in advance.

September 27th, 2010


Hello, at last!!!!!!!!

Indeed Laddidi it is necessary to change the password (thing which did not work until now or it put back to me in loop the page of change of password). Msn had blocked my account so I did the procedure and they sent me a security code to be able to change the password and now it works. (Until now, we didn’t offer the security code sent to my mobile phone). I previously uninstalled amsn (on my pimp and mobile) to make sure there is no trace of it… I should point out that it took two sets of security codes before the operation was successful… (yet manipulated identical each time…).

Well, I hope everyone has found their solution.

Good luck to all of you and for my part I just have to sort out my email tone now!

September 27th, 2010


SOS to all of you, yesterday I managed to connect and today I’m completely blocked.

I haven’t changed my password

and he doesn’t offer me my secret question ???

how can I do when I am sure of my password and until yesterday, my connection was done automatically on my computer???????

I need your help.

thank you…

September 28, 2010


Hotmail’s a real mess these days…

I wonder if they’re not doing this on purpose to get information about us…

29 September 2010


I can’t login to my account since Sunday ! It’s starting to look good!!!

I’ve tried all the proposed procedures and there’s nothing I can do!

Even when using the online form for password reset with the technical service, it doesn’t work because they don’t answer… They say an answer will be given in 24 hours max, my eye is fine !!!

I don’t know what to do anymore…

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME????????????????????? :??:

April 6, 2011


:heink: Have you solved your problem, I too have this problem, I don’t know which saint to devote myself to, can you help me,

Thank you



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September 24th, 2011


Only one thing I regret is that I’ve had this e-mail box for over 10 years and it’s really a tool for me that I can’t do without, you see!thank you for the help.

September 26th, 2011


I can’t remember the password.

26th October 2011


I have the same problem since two days ago I can’t connect to hotmail anymore and like you important emails wanted to change my password but it didn’t work, so they will send me within 24 hours a code so that I can reconnect in a short time if someone managed to fix it, thank you for letting us know, it’s great progress, but when you get a tile like this, it’s not funny at all, especially when you don’t get anything, thank you for your troubleshooting answer.


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18 November 2011



I had my email address since 1998 I think. and never had any problems either. But we’re never safe, so I need help, for real this time, that’s what happened to me:

I also had some problems this morning, yesterday I wrote on my email again, sending my teacher a date to go to the training place, and answered many mails. and this until around 2am.

Today, with the phone ringing, it was my sister asking me what I had, seeing the message she had received and the fact that I was not answering her e-mails in reply. She was totally freaked out.

After finding this email I understand the scare.

Other people have received this e-mail: teachers, friends, family, even distant family, that is to say all my contacts. Those who really cared about me without thinking that this message was not from me, responded and had an even more disturbing message, and at the end of that message the person pretending to be me asked for money.

Another problem like you I can’t access my email anymore. But I still need my contacts: indeed, I’m doing a TFE and I work a lot by email, some of his addresses were only in my contacts, I don’t know how I could find them. Can you help me. I would also like Hotmail to apologize to all my contacts. Thank you for helping me.

19 December 2011


I’ve been having the exact same problem since last week.

If you’ve found the solution, can you let me know at the following box (the emergency one)

Thank you.

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