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This guide will help you find the best farming spots for FFX. I’ll also give a list of the best items to farm and what monsters can drop them. Additionally, I’ll tell you where to go in each zone to get your hands on some rare items.

The locations houses is a guide for Final Fantasy XI. It provides information on the best places to buy and sell items, as well as where to find quests and events.

Farming the Monster Arena original invention Shinryu is the greatest method to get additional Wings to Discovery. Each fight, it drops x1 wing with an 87 percent drop rate.

Once you’ve captured at least (2) replicas of each aquatic monster in the Mt. Gagazet Cave region, Shinryu will be unlocked. There are just three opponents to capture, however keep in mind that you must do it twice:

Splasher – Achelous – Maelspike

The Wings to Discovery item may also be used to modify Break HP Limit on armor and Triple AP on weapons in Final Fantasy X.

For Break HP Limit, you’ll need 30 wings, and for Triple AP, you’ll need 50 wings.


Flights to New Places of Interest

These Wings are among the slowest to farm of all the goods in the game, despite their rarity.

Farming Shinryu, who drops one wing each victory, is the most dependable and cost-effective technique.

After capturing two of each aquatic monster from Mt. Gagazet, Shinryu is unlocked in the Monster Arena.

Bribing Malboros or Great Malboros will also get you them. This is quicker than Shinryu if your time is more important than your gil, or if you’re simply that wealthy.

However, it is not inexpensive.

For 550,000 gil, you can obtain 4 wings from a normal Malboro, and for 1,280,000 gil, you can get 8 wings from a Great Malboro.



Uses for Wings to Discovery

Break the HP Limit is self-explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway:

It increases a character’s maximum HP by one number, enabling it to reach 99999.

This is advantageous since you have greater HP to absorb blows, but it also makes healing more difficult.

Still, having that much HP comes in handy.

So whether it’s worth a space is a matter of personal opinion.

Triple AP is likewise fairly self-explanatory.

The sphere grid’s lifeblood is AP. Filling up the grid is crucial if you want to complete any of the endgame stuff.

Earning three times the amount of AP each battle is quite beneficial.

The Don Tonberry AP technique, which can grant you 99 sphere levels in a single battle, uses Triple AP as well.

Rikku may also utilize Wings to Discovery in the following mixes:

Super Elixir (Ability Distiller): Restores all of the party’s HP and MP, as well as clearing any negative status afflictions.

Shell, Protect, Haste, and Regen are all applied to the party by Super Mighty G (Chocobo Feather).

Trio of 9999 (Blessed Gem): Deals 9999 damage to all party members with every attack until the fight is over.


Is it Worth Farming for Wings to Discovery?


Breaking the HP Limit, as previously stated, is very subjective. It’s fantastic to have that much HP, but it makes it more difficult to repair.

Only Yuna has the magical ability to heal above 9999 HP, while most objects are incapable of doing so.

Furthermore, the majority of opponents in the game will not inflict more than 9999 damage — and for those that do, there are frequently alternative methods to minimize the damage.

That armor slot might be better spent on more practical skills.

One-Eye, another Monster Arena invention that is considerably simpler than Shinryu, drops weapons that already have Triple AP, which is essential to one of the most effective AP leveling techniques in the game.

Even the above-mentioned mixtures may be created using less expensive ingredients.

The locations real estate is a guide that will help you find the best locations for farming in Final Fantasy X.

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