Liphone X From 500: Black Friday is Every Day With Back Market

BLACK FRIDAY is often the time to make important high-tech purchases such as a new smartphone or computer. But it’s not the only time of year when you can save money if you go through the reconditioning market.

Black Friday officially starts only this Friday, yet there are already a lot of offers. This commercial event, which now lasts for a week, aims to break down prices in order to offer the best deals to consumers. But it’s not the only time of the year when you can save money on your electronics purchases. All year round, Back Market offers a wide range of products at lower prices than new. secret ? Give devices a second life by reconditioning them.

The refurbished iPhone X from about 500 euros

It’s a fact that the price of Apple products drops very little over time. This is the case of the iPhone X, which is almost two years old, but whose price is still relatively high in the new market. Despite its two years of age, the iPhone X has not much to be ashamed of in the face of current competition. Already because the design of the front panel is identical to that of the iPhone 11 Pro released a few months ago it is therefore impossible to differentiate between them if you only look at the screen. But most importantly, the iPhone X is equipped with the A11 Bionic chip, Apple’s processor released in 2017 that is still a racing beast two years later. Especially since the software experience is perfectly optimized around iOS.

At the time of its release, the iPhone X was priced at 1159 euros. A price that hardly moved, since it was replaced by the iPhone Xs a year later, and removed from traditional sales channels just afterwards. Two solutions then to enjoy an iPhone X at a good price: go through the second-hand market between private individuals without any guarantee, or choose the reconditioned market. Through Back Market it is possible to order a reconditioned iPhone X as new at a price of about 520 euros with a 6-month warranty.

The refurbished google pixel 3 from around 420 euros

The Google Pixel 3 was one of the best photophones of 2018, and it has just been dethroned by its successor, the Pixel 4. If the Google smartphone is also appreciated on the photo part, it’s because it is able to produce good pictures in almost any conditions. But that’s not the only strength of Google Pixel 3, which offers an extremely well designed user experience around Google’s services, such as a fully integrated Wizard. In addition, it is currently one of the few smartphones compatible with the cloud gaming Google Stadia service.

The Google Pixel 3 had a major flaw when it was released: a price considered too excessive which started at 859 euros for the 64 GB version. This is now ancient history, as Back Market offers it at a price starting at around 420 euros. The final price will depend on the aesthetic condition, ranging from Stallone to Like new, as well as the duration of the warranty ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Benefits of Back Market Reconditioning

The most obvious advantage when placing an order on the Back Market is the cost savings. All the products presented on the site are displayed at more attractive prices than in store. There’s a reason for this: the products are not new. Back Market works hand in hand with a network of reconditioners: they receive second-hand products, inspect them and repair or change components with a defect. Thus, the products offered by Back Market work as if they were new and come with a warranty that can range from 6 to 24 months.

The range of products on offer is very varied and does not only focus on smartphones. On the Back Market, you can buy a computer, a drill, a vacuum cleaner etc. for example. And for each of these products, the site specifies the aesthetic condition: it goes from Stallone (with some visible defects) to Like new. For the latter status, it is therefore not possible to differentiate a new product from a reconditioned one, except for the price.

On the sheet of a product sold on Back Market, you will find the duration of the warranty and the different prices according to the aesthetic condition.

Buying a product on Back Market, is also an opportunity for consumers to leave a smaller environmental footprint. Buying a reconditioned product that will fit into its second life is extending the life of a device rather than buying a new one. It’s a great way to do something for the planet, because smartphones are made of several rare metals whose extraction can be very polluting.

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