Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Review

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection brings the story of Max and her time traveling ability to modern consoles, with new visuals and a remastered soundtrack. Does this game have what it takes to make our list of best games on PS4? Let’s find out!

The “life is Strange Remastered vs original” is a debate that has been going on for a while. The “Life is Strange Remastered Collection Review” will help you decide which game to buy.

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Review of Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

  • Deck Nine is the creator of this game.
  • Square-Enix is the publisher of this game.
  • The date of release is February 1, 2022.
  • Rizzo, Dan Rizzo, Dan
  • 23rd of March, 2022

Xbox Playstation for Windows



An opportune occurrence…



This one was a bit painful. I enjoy this series to the point of obsession. Life is Strange is one of our most popular games on DashGamer, thus the news of a Remastered Collection made me very happy. So, bless my eyes, they were deceiving me when I started playing the first of two Remasters and it crashed. Life is Strange, DONTNOD’s flagship series that rocketed them to tremendous recognition following the mixed reaction received in Remember Me, is not at all what I’ve come to anticipate. But it isn’t all horrible, even if it isn’t ideal. With distinct themes that try to pull at heart chords and explore stormy region inside contentious and political matters, Life is Strange has retained its reputation across countless entries. 

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DONTNOD’s noble endeavor to push the point-and-click genre to the forefront of popular gaming was easy because the original’s storyline was superb, and it still has that charm today. But, as a starting point for newcomers to the franchise, is this the greatest approach to bring them to the series? I’m still on the fence. It seems that the remaster still needs improvement, despite Square-announcement Enix’s of a slew of fixes that should have fixed the majority of the game’s issues. Nonetheless, I continue to stumble over stated difficulties that have reared their ugly heads. You’d think that taking the current structure of both Life is Strange and Before the Storm and polishing it up would be straightforward, right? The Remastered Collection, on the other hand, has shown that refurbishing and optimizing might be more complicated than it seems.

Trivial Reversal…



While the Remastered Collection does a fantastic job of reminding you how amazing Max and Chloe’s trip is, its flaws are, to put it mildly, immersion shattering. For those unfamiliar with the series, Life is Strange follows transfer student Max Caulfield as she returns to her hometown of Arcade Bay, Oregon, after winning a scholarship to attend one of the city’s most prestigious photography courses at Blackwell Academy, taught by renowned photographer Mark Jefferson. The Veronica Mars meets Donnie Darko story takes an unexpected turn when Max finds herself in a dangerous situation after witnessing her best friend’s murder while hiding in the College lavatory. She’s taking a short photo for her class assignment when she is stuck behind a stall with an unpredictable Nathan Prescott, who enters the room looking panicked.





















The Prescott family is well-known in the community as a major investor in local companies and a regular donor to the institution, earning Nathan a “squeaky-clean” reputation among faculty members, notably Principal Raymond Wells, who supports the Prescotts as a respected and respectable family. After a weak Nathan enters the girl’s room, he is flanked by a blue-maned punk who demands that he pay up for an unnamed item, which is later revealed to be narcotics that the two had been peddling. Nathan takes out a weapon and threatens the girl as they quarrel. When Prescott shoves him, he accidently shoots the firearm, killing the girl. Max panics and rears her head from the stall corner, but then passes out and wakes up in class, where she was just minutes before the aforementioned occurrences.

Max was reliving her past, unsure of what had just transpired. Mr. Jefferson’s speech was replayed minute by minute with little Max, who was attempting to figure out what was going on and if she was dreaming or not. Max, perplexed, destroys her polaroid camera, an event that did not occur in her prior timeline, and then wonders whether she can go back in time. It seemed as if Max’s camera lens was healing itself as she reached out to the shattered pieces, yet everything around her was going backwards. Max had mastered the art of Time travel in some way. Using this newfound ability, she recalls the girl being about to be shot in the bathroom and quickly attempts to recreate each event until the precise moment when she alters history by sounding the school’s fire alarm, alerting everyone to evacuate, and defusing the conflict between Chloe and Nathan.

Life is Strange and Before the Storm are the epitome of happiness and should be cherished. For the time being, that’s not the best method to do it, but I’m certain that future improvements will address all of the previously noted difficulties.

This single incident exposes us to the notion of the original game and how it will affect both Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Afterlife. The story of Before the Storm takes players from birth to death, victory to heartache, and ethically challenges them to choose good over evil, whether or not it is the popular decision. Every choice you make in Life is Strange counts, and it shapes your path to your particular ideal result. This game differs from traditional Telltale games in that it shapes various people, their tales, their convictions, and how they may be seen, all thanks to one simple element that reconfigures every short instant. It’s incredible how time can add layers to a tale and create various experiences and emotions with each significant shift. It continues to intrigue me.

Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, Re




A magnificent return to Arcadia Bay that will bring back memories for lovers of the first game.

Significant advancements in face animation and material physics.

The conversation is kept, but fresh tidbits are added for emphasis and emotion.

A slew of issues prevent it from being flawless.

If redesigned from the ground up, like in True Colours Engine, it would have been a far better experience.


Let’s take a look at the Remastered Collections concerns. While they did an amazing job re-animating each character and their facial motions, there were instances of deadpan, grim faces or no lip movement during speech when I played the PC version of the game on its basic edition. This was claimed to be repaired in the most recent patch rollout, and although I wouldn’t say they’re still as consistent, they do seem to be persisting. The usage of pre-rendered cutscenes in between crucial story events is surprising, given that the original prided itself on having a “indie” aesthetic, but it seems that a totally re-rendered animated scene with new models was an intriguing move for extra impact. 

It would have been nice if the video themselves had the same aspect ratio, framerate, and visual quality as the game, which essentially degrades as they load and play. Muted audio was a huge problem for me during these exact situations. I double-checked everything to see if there was an issue on my end, but Square-Enix told us that the patch would solve the problem. I was delighted to see an attempt made to solve most of these difficulties, but it was a bit discouraging to still have encountered these deterrents after its original introduction and having to wait a whole month for gigabytes of fixes, particularly as a huge fan.


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While the graphics upgrades are noticeable and make a significant difference from the original’s smeared and smudged textures, the immersion is harmed by a few small flaws that I hope the development team can ultimately fix. Despite this, the remastered compilation maintains the same atmosphere as Life is Strange and Before the Storm. Both incredible stories are based on mystery and imagination, and both end in tragic consequences regardless of action or danger. The prequel Before the Storm will tell you about Chloe’s unfortunate life circumstances following the painful death of her father, and how it led to her rebellious ways, encouraged by confidant Rachel Amber. This little village has a lot of baggage, and it’s up to you to figure out what it all means.

Life is Strange and Before the Storm, on the other hand, are the ultimate bundles of delight and should be embraced. For the time being, that’s not the best method to do it, but I’m certain that future improvements will address all of the previously noted difficulties. For the time being, though, it highlights how the tiny French company was able to take Telltale’s success and transform it into their own recipe. A unique mechanism that changed the way we thought about adventure games using click-and-point controls. The genre would often take the player along a predetermined route based on their choices, but Life is Strange flipped this on its head by allowing players to make real-time modifications. Experiment with the result, recount the narrative in their own words, and make a moral decision about the story’s finale. I still liked my time with this collection, but I’m hoping that it will be treated with the respect it deserves, with a fresh start and some extra luster.

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Square-Life Enix’s is Strange







Return to Arcadia Bay and play two critically acclaimed Life is Strange games as you’ve never seen them before! The fantastic ensemble of characters and captivating storylines get a fresh lease of life thanks to remastered graphics and animation.















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The publisher provided us with a copy for review.


Xbox Playstation for Windows


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The “life is strange game ” is a five-part episodic graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It was Originally released in 2015 for PC and consoles, but has been remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows The story follows Max Caulfield, a photography student who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price from death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Life is strange remastered worth it?

A: Yes, it is definitely worth buying. The Life is strange remastered has a lot of new content and many updates that the original game did not include.

What is included in Life is Strange Remastered Collection?

A: Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes all five episodes of the series on PS4, as well as a bonus episode that was released for free before its release. The full game features new options such as picture-in-picture mode and boost gameplay with quick time events (QTEs).

Does life is strange remastered include Farewell?

A: Life is Strange includes Farewell and Goodbye, as well as the optional epilogue.

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