Lidect Ihome: a Fixed Phone Under Android

You don’t have a home phone anymore? If that’s the case, it’s of little interest, that’s for sure … But when you look at how old the ergonomics and interfaces of landline phones are, I’m really not against contact synchro, or even against a tactile and enriched interface, allowing you to easily see your call history and indeed have a view on your emails, fb syncs and other contacts on the phone. To be able to search for a number in the white pages and dial it, with the same and only one device … … in short, I don’t see how the ease I have on a laptop or its features should necessarily be absent from such a fixed. Obviously, it is in the applications and uses that there can be differences: for a fixed phone, we could have for example a management of profiles according to the user in the family, or even an application allowing a personalization of the answering machine (personalized messages according to the caller, etc …). But just like Poppu, the design is not necessarily top-notch. A screen used as a frame, for example to display time, weather and notifications, or a photo slide, might be a more interesting approach.

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