Free Office in the list of Windows programs

The developers of, a free office suite that competes with Microsoft Office, decided to separate from Oracle by creating Free Office from the same open source code.

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  • Wednesday September 29th, 2010 at 2:18pm
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OpenOffice is a software offering several office programs. Created from StarOffice in the 80s, the software is a few days away from the tenth anniversary of the release of its source code. The Sun company, since bought by Oracle, had acquired the suite and opted on October 13, 2000 for a free and open license GNU LGPL.

It is a new step that the office suite takes today with the creation of Libre Office, a program created from the source code of OpenOffice. In the jargon, it’s called a fork.

Decided by several developers and supported by many companies such as Google, Red Hat (Linux distribution), Novell or Canonical (sponsor of Ubuntu) etc…, this separation is made possible by the open license that allows everyone to retrieve, modify and redistribute the source code.

Free Office, a temporary name?

On their new site, the new organization called The Document Foundation offers Oracle to join the project as a member. They also want the company to give them the name which the general public is familiar with, as the suite is installed in many companies and administrations or simply used as a free alternative to Microsoft Office by individuals.
Free Office in the list of Windows programs

In any case it is very likely that Libre Office will take the place of OpenOffice in the future. This is already the case when testing the beta version already available for free download. According to our test, the new suite simply takes the place of the old one: Libre office 3.3.0 on openoffice: installation or update?

Download Free Office 3.3.0 for Windows
Download Free Office 3.3.0 beta for Mac OS

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