Lian Li Teases New Prototype PC Cases, Uni Fans, and More at 2022 Digital Expo Event

The Lian Li PC-O8 is one of the most innovative cases in years with a new design for everyone. The company showcased their latest prototypes at the 2022 Digital Expo event, and you can see more on our website now!

The “lian li new case 2021” is a product that Lian Li has been teasing for a while. It was announced at the 2022 Digital Expo event, and it will be released in Q1 of 2021.

Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li (photo)

The new 2022 Digital Expo series from Lian Li is now available on YouTube, giving hardware fans a sneak peek at some of the company’s next items.

Viewers will learn about two of Lian Li’s prototype cases, the III LANCOOL and PLUS V3000, in part one. The former is a dual-system chassis with improvements such as a revised top I/O layout and multiple mesh panels for improved airflow, while the latter is a case with pre-installed 140 mm PWM fans, all-around 360 radiator support, a new right-side shroud panel with removable SSD support, and other updates.

The INFINITY UNI FAN SL120 and P28 UNI FAN, as well as the STRIMER PLUS V2 is a new version of the popular STRIMER., an improved version of Lian Li’s programmable RGB extension cords, are featured in the second portion of the event. It also takes a look at the company’s new 3 L-CONNECT RGB software, which can be used to control lights, examine system statistics, and more.



LIAN LI Teases with New Prototypes and Soon-to-Be-Released Products at the 2022 Digital Expo (Lian Li)

The LIAN LI 2022 DIGITAL EXPO will debut on YouTube at 9 a.m. EST, courtesy of LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a prominent maker of aluminum chassis and PC accessories (here). LIAN LI updates the III LANCOOL, PLUS V3000, and UNI FAN SL INFINITY in a two-part video series, and reveals two prototypes with the P28 UNI FAN, STRIMER PLUS V2 is a new version of the popular STRIMER., and 3 L-CONNECT with a thorough tour of the new ARGB software.


Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

Since its first appearance at the LIAN LI 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0, the III LANCOOL’s prototype received many updates. The III LANCOOL is expected to be available in an RGB and non-RGB version, both versions with 3 pre-installed 140mm PWM fans. Here are the updates:

  • To release the side tempered glass panels, a new opening mechanism was developed that uses front grips with continuous metal edges.
  • Support for radiators from all sides.
  • To detach the front multidirectional radiator bracket, use the front panel lever.
  • For longer and bulkier extension cables, an adjustable cable pass-through bar with bigger rubber grommets is available.
  • PSU shroud top panel is adjustable and detachable.
  • Drive cages that are modular and detachable to increase airflow from the PSU shroud.
  • Right-side shroud panel has been updated to provide detachable SSD support.
  • Multi-layer velcro straps improve cable management.

PLUS V3000

1644665371_178_Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

  • The PLUS V3000 is a dual system chassis designed with modern features. Returning with a few updates from LIAN LI’s previous EXPO, the PLUS V3000 is close to completion. Here are the improvements:
  • The mesh design on the front, top, and shroud side panels has been improved to increase airflow.
  • Tempered glass panels on the left and right sides, with a new push-lock mechanism.
  • Under the front panel, there is a light projection of the LIAN LI emblem.
  • The power and reset buttons from the main system to the secondary system are controlled by a toggle switch on the top IO layout.
  • Multidirectional bracket on the front side for flexible radiator/fan thickness support.
  • Drive cages that can be moved from the PSU shroud to the main chamber next to the motherboard.
  • Behind the motherboard tray are toolless SSD trays.


1644665371_481_Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

The refined prototype of the new INFINITY UNI FAN SL120 takes the UNI FAN concept to another level with improved looks, cable management, and compatibility. Here is a list of improvements:

  • At the front center and side edges, there are infinity mirrors.
  • The fan’s front edges include slim and brilliant narrow light grooves.
  • Fan cluster power module is thinner and has been repositioned to the middle of the fan frame, with two-way cable arrangement.
  • Interlocking key for the fan that may be removed.
  • A single wire that combines PWM and ARGB signals.
  • UNI HUB has been updated to provide support for two GALAHAD AIO pumps ARGB.


1644665371_348_Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

The P28 UNI FAN brings the UNI FAN interlocking concept to a higher level of performance and lower noise, but still has the option of added aRGB as an option.

  • Fluid dynamic bearings, a metal-bearing shell, a top-plated iron shell, and tougher construction materials result in a 28mm thick fan with reduced vibration and distortion.
  • Smaller power module connection included within the fan, as well as replaceable interlocking keys for better radiator clearance.
  • Users have the option to modify the sides of the fan with an aRGB accessory that replaces the aluminum decorative strip of the P28 UNI FAN.

STRIMER PLUS V2 is a new version of the popular STRIMER.

1644665372_875_Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

Well known for its ability to elevate the RGB factor of any build, the STRIMER PLUS V2 is a new version of the popular STRIMER. is packed with improvements, including:

  • Power cables with silicon coating for a slimmer profile and more flexibility.
  • Upgraded diffuser strip that allows the lighting effect to shine through the sides as well, adding to the “wow” factor.
  • Both GPU versions of the STRIMER PLUS V2 is a new version of the popular STRIMER. feature separate 6+2pins for better compatibility and easier installation on GPUs where power connectors are further apart.
  • Individually manage each RGB channel on the 24pin, 2x8pin, and 3x8pin using the newest 3 L-CONNECT software.


1644665372_919_Lian-Li-Teases-New-Prototype-PC-Cases-Uni-Fans-andLian Li is a model.

LIAN LI’s RGB software can now handle all of the items in the LIAN LI ecosystem, making it a one-stop shop for RGB control.

  • Complete system statistics, as well as fan profiles that may be adjusted based on GPU or CPU temperatures.
  • Effects for SL120s, AL120s, SL INFINITY, and STRIMER PLUS on an individual basis.
  • Effects are synced quickly across your system.
  • Update the firmware and software on your auto controller.
  • Names for speed profiles, clusters, temperature settings, and languages may all be customized.

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