Let’s talk Key Runestone Diversity

is a hot topic in the gaming community these days. From the #1reasonwhy and #1reasonmentors hashtag trends to Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women in video games series to the furor over Microsoft’s Xbox One policies, the idea that the games industry lacks diversity and needs to improve its efforts to change is one that I think we’ve all heard by now.

Last week, I talked a lot about the importance of diversity. Today, I want to touch on the subject of diversity in the game of League of Legends and more specifically, Runestones.  First, let’s talk about Runestones in general. Runestones are the small puzzle pieces scattered around the map that, when collected, give you a buff that is related to the Runestone’s theme.  The Runestone theme is displayed with a picture on the buff.  For example, if the buff has a picture of a tree on it, then you’ll get a buff that has to do with nature or forests.  This is where I see the problem.  There are only

I want to stress from the outset that I am not a game designer, and I am not familiar with Riot’s current design philosophy regarding runes, or their diversity.

At the beginning of season 11, the item system was completely overhauled. Riot said they were working on a more diverse selection of items for each game as needed, aiming

No champion chooses the same mythic in more than 75% of their games. But does this philosophy also apply to milestones?

As you may have noticed, most champions choose a single keystone in over 75% of their games (Flat+, 11.9), according to Riot’s item diversity metric. 91 of 155 champions choose the same keystone in more than 75% of their games. For those of you who like datasets, I’ve compiled the Lolalytics data on Plat+ games from patch 11.9, which you can view here :


This clearly shows how few options players have when it comes to runes. Message: I only used the data for the main champion roles, except in cases where the selection rate between roles was almost the same and the runes had different selection rates in each role, such as. B. Gragas and Doctor Mundo to avoid distorted data.

There are some anomalies here, for example. For example, Nasus, Azir and Teemo chose their most frequent rune less than 40% of the time, and conversely, some champions such as Leblanc, Olaf and Cartus chose their rune more than 99% of the time. Where is the diversity here?

I’m not saying all champions should be able to pick any rune and live with it, but most champions are stuck with a rune and creativity is stifled even before the gap is loaded. This does not apply to other levels of runes, for example. B. The Raven Hunter was mandatory for many champions earlier this year, and thankfully this issue has been resolved. Now I’d like to see other runes get a little more attention and the choice of runes matter again.

Now that the rant is over, here’s some interesting data I discovered while working on this topic:

  • Skarner takes Omniston more often than any other champion – 0.6% of his matches.
  • Renekton caught Arcane Comet twice in this patch, giving him a 100% win rate.

https://preview.redd.it/0hc2o7y8p3w61.png?width=736&format=png&auto=webp&s=489a1ebfecc438912224 a11b06b23456da3b2

  • Gianna uses Summon of Aery (48.4%) and Arcane Comet (42.6%) fairly equally in her games, with Comet having only a 0.5% higher win rate, making both runes equally viable.
  • Gragas has potentially the greatest variety of key runs in all three of his roles: Predator, Grasp of the Undying, and Aftershock are the most selectable in each role, Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Comet, and Summon Aery are also viable.
  • LeBlanc has the least diversity, he takes Electrocute in 99.4% of his games.
  • Senna is one of only two champions to use Glacier Extension in a statistically significant way, in 43.5% of her matches, with Jenna’s second highest percentage of 8.2%.
  • The Conqueror is the most selectable rune of all champions at 20.6%.
  • AP Shyvana with Dark Harvest accounts for about 75% of his games, although his win rate is about 4% lower than AD Shyvana’s, with an almost equal split between offensive and conquering pressure.
  • Statistically, Degree of Blades is the right rune for Azir, with a 53.1% win rate on 10.7% pickup, compared to his most chosen rune, Fleet Footwork (32.2% pickup, 44.7% win rate), and his overall win rate of 45.9%. That’s an absurd 8% profit margin.

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