Leica Announces M10 Monochrom with 40 MP Sensing Unit

Today, Leica has actually introduced the very expected M10 Monochrom. Currently in its 3rd generation, the black and also white electronic electronic camera from Leica is based off of the qualified M10- P electronic rangefinder system. Unlike previous generations of Monochrom M electronic cameras which made use of the very same underlying sensing units as their shade brother or sisters, however with the shade filter selections got rid of, the M10 Monochrom includes a totally brand-new 40 megapixel chip not discovered in any kind of various other Leica electronic camera.

Incorporated with the absence of interpolation on a monochrome sensing unit, the dive from 24 to 40 megapixel guarantees to use an enormous boost in dealing with power over the currently excellent M10 Both previous Monochrom electronic cameras additionally showed to be much more qualified in high ISO efficiency over their shade equivalents because of the absence of shade purification light loss and also shade sound arising from per network gain.

Inevitably, the internet outcome was a strong 1.5– 2 quit enhancement. We would certainly anticipate the very same below versus the M10, which suggests that as opposed to exceptional ISO 10,000 as discovered on both the M10 and also existing M246 Monochrom, we need to be dealt with to a really practical ISO 25,600, or perhaps ISO 50,000 This supposition appears supported by increased level of sensitivity variety, currently copulating to as much as ISO 100,000 For contrast, the M246 maxed out at 25,600

At the reduced end, instead of stick to the rather high base ISO of 320 as in previous models, the brand-new M10 Monochrom falls to an indigenous ISO160 This need to be a welcome adjustment for those wanting to contend broader apertures in intense light without utilizing an ND filter or a reduced top quality, non-native PULL setup.

Since the electronic camera is based off the much more polished M10- P, M10 Monochrom shooters originating from the previous M246 will certainly currently be dealt with to several generational updates. This suggests a thinner body, ultra-quiet mechanical shutter, one million dot 3″ LCD touchscreen, enhanced optical viewfinder, capability to utilize the much more qualified Visoflex 020 EVF with GENERAL PRACTITIONER performance, a much faster constant ruptured price of 4.5 fps, even more receptive online sight, integrated Wi-Fi for FOTOS application connection, a physical top-mounted ISO dial, even more instinctive food selection system and also the brand-new global ‘three button’ user interface currently discovered on all existing Leica electronic electronic cameras.

For styling, the Monochrom has actually gotten back at much more restrained than ever before. Moderate black chrome and also distinctive black leatherette come requirement, as in the past. However the shutter launch, lens launch switch and also front feature switch are currently all ended up in level black instead of contrasting chrome. There is no manuscript or red dot logo design to be discovered, just a refined, black-on-black inscription that just checks out ‘MONOCHROM’ before the black warm footwear on the leading plate. Also the dials are without shade. Say goodbye to red ‘A’ markings on the shutter rate or ISO dial– simply an easy grey to divide this selection from the various other white-painted personalized numbers. The electronic camera seems all service.

In General, the M10 Monochrom thrills.– both as a renovation over the previous 2 generations, in addition to a shock upgrade from the M10 itself. We definitely would not have actually forecasted the resolution dive from the shade variation however invite the included imaging expertise of the brand-new sensing unit. And also loading the most recent technical improvements like the basically faint shutter and also enhanced high ISO ability, the brand-new electronic camera is just whatever we desired in a contemporary M Monochrom.

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Timeline of Leica M Monochrom Cameras

Leica M Monochrom (M9M)

Leica M Monochrom (M9M)

Presented May 10, 2012

Based Upon Leica M9

18 MP CCD Sensing Unit

ISO 320- 10,000

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Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

Presented April 30, 2015

Based Upon Leica M (Typ 240)

24 MP CMOS Sensing Unit

ISO 320- 25,600

( Review the testimonial below)

Leica M10 Monochrom

Leica M10 Monochrom

Presented Jan 17, 2020

Based Upon Leica M10

40 MP CMOS Sensing Unit

ISO 160– 100,000

Prices, Accessibility and also Purchasing

Preliminary shipments of the Leica M10 Monochrom will certainly begin within the following week for a cost of $8,295 Similar to any kind of significant Leica electronic camera launch, supply will be exceptionally restricted for a variety of months. If you have an interest in purchasing the M10 Monochrom, you can do so at Leica Shop Miami by clicking the switch listed below, calling 305-921-4433 or sending out an e-mail to [email protected] If you have an interest in trading in any kind of various other Leica tools in the direction of the acquisition of the M10 Monochrom, your ideal choice is to complete their on the internet trade-in kind.

Contrasted to M10- P

Leica M10- P Leica M10 Monochrom
ISO Array 100-50,000 160-100,000
Longest Shutter Rate 2 mins 16 mins
Barrier 2gb for 22 DNG pictures 2gb for 10 DNG pictures
Weight 680 grams 680 grams
Resolution 24 megapixels 40 megapixels
Leading Plate Inscription Yes, in white text Very little, in black text
Shutter Switch & Lens Launch Silver Black

Contrasted to M Monochrom (Typ 246)

Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Leica M10 Monochrom
Resolution 24 megapixels 40 megapixels
ISO Array 320-25,600 160-100,000
Longest Shutter Rate 1 min 16 mins
Shutter Common Mechanical Ultra-Quiet Mechanical
Barrier 2gb for 30 DNG pictures 2gb for 10 DNG pictures
Ruptured Price 3 fps 4.5 fps
LCD Touchscreen No Yes
Flick Setting Yes– 1080 P No
Weight 680 grams 680 grams
Density 42 mm 38.5 mm
Wi-Fi No Yes– suitable with Leica FOTOS application
Viewfinder Magnifying 0.68 x 0.73 x
EVF Compatibility EVF 2 (1.4 MP) Visoflex 020 (2.4 MP)
GENERAL PRACTITIONER Performance Via Multi-Function Handgrip Via EVF
ISO Dial No– Just through food selection Yes– 160– 12,500
Battery BP-SCL2 BP-SCL5

Technology Specifications








Video camera kind: Leica M10 Monochrom, portable electronic rangefinder system electronic camera
Lens place: Leica M bayonet with added sensing unit for 6-bit coding
Lens system: Leica M lenses, R lenses can be made use of with optional adapter
Picture Sensing Unit: B/W CMOS chip, energetic location approx. 24 ×36 mm, without shade and also low-pass filter
Resolution: DNG: 7864 x 5200 pixels (40,89 MP), JPEG: 7840 x 5184 pixels (40,64 MP), 5472 x 3648 pixels (20 MP), 2976 x 1984 pixels (6MP)
Information Style: DNG (raw information, lossless compression), JPEG
Submit Dimension: DNG: 40-60 MEGABYTES, JPEG (40 MP)10-20 MEGABYTES: Depending upon resolution and also photo web content
Barrier Memory: 2GB/ 10 images in collection
White Equilibrium: Automatic, guidebook, 8 presets, shade temperature level input
Storage Space Tool: SD cards as much as 2GB, SDHC cards as much as 32 GB, SDXC cards as much as 2TB
Food Selection Language: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Conventional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean
Direct Exposure Metering: Direct exposure metering via the lens (TTL), with functioning aperture
Metering Technique: For metering the light shown by light blades of the first shutter drape onto a measuring cell: Solid center-weighted; for metering on the sensing unit: Area, center-weighted, multi-field metering
Metering Array: At space temperature level and also typical moisture for ISO 200, at aperture 1.0 EV-2 to EV19 at aperture32 Flashing of the left triangular LED in the viewfi nder shows worths listed below the metering variety
Level Of Sensitivity Array: ISO 160 to ISO 100,000
Direct Exposure Settings: Option of automated shutter rate control with hands-on aperture pre-selection– aperture concern A, or hands-on shutter rate and also aperture setup
Flash Direct Exposure Control
Flash Device Accessory: Via device footwear with main and also control get in touches with
Synchronization: Additionally set off at the 1st or second Shutter drape
Flash Sync Time: 1/180 s; slower shutter rates can be made use of, if functioning listed below sync rate: Automatic transition to TTL straight flash setting with HSS suitable Leica system blink systems
Flash Direct Exposure Metering: Making use of center-weighted TTL pre-flash metering with Leica flash systems (SF40, SF64, SF26, SF60), or flash systems suitable with the system with SCA3502 M5 adapter
Blink Dimension Cell: 2 silicon picture diodes with collection lens on the electronic camera base
Flash Direct Exposure Payment: ± 3EV in1 ⁄ 3 EV increments
Shows in Flash Setting (in viewfinder just): Making use of flash sign LED
Building And Construction Concept: Big, intense line framework viewfinder with automated parallax payment
Eyepiece: Adjusted to -0.5 diopter; rehabilitative lenses from -3 to +3 diopter offered
Picture Area Limiter: By triggering 2 intense lines each: For 35 and also 135 mm, for 28 and also 90 mm, or for 50 and also 75 mm; automated changing when lens is affixed
Parallax Payment: The straight and also upright distinction in between the viewfinder and also the lens is immediately made up according to the pertinent range setup, i.e. the viewfinder bright-line immediately lines up with the subject information tape-recorded by the lens.
Matching Viewfinder & Actual Picture: At an array setup of 2m, the bright-line framework dimension matches precisely to the sensing unit dimension of approx. 23.9 x 35.8 mm; at infinity setup, relying on the focal size, approx. 7.3% (28 mm) to 18% (135 mm) much more is tape-recorded by the sensing unit than shown by the equivalent intense line framework and also a little much less for much shorter range setups than 2m
Magnifying (For all lenses): 0.73 x
Large-base Array Finder: Split or laid over photo variety finder revealed as an intense area in the facility of the viewfinder photo
Efficient Metering Basis: 506 mm (mechanical dimension basis 69.31 mm x viewfinder magnifying 0.73 x)
In the Viewfinder: Four-digit electronic screen with dots over and also listed below
On Back: 3″ shade touchscreen TFT LCD with 16 million shades and also 1,036,800 pixels, approx. 100% photo area, glass cover of exceptionally difficult, scrape immune Gorilla glass, shade area: sRGB, for Live-View and also testimonial setting, display screens, degree scale screen
Shutter & Shutter Launch
Shutter: Steel blade focal aircraft shutter with upright activity, near-silent procedure
Shutter Speeds: For aperture concern: (A) constant from 16 minutes to 1 ⁄4000 s., for hands-on change: eights to 1 ⁄4000 s in half actions, from eights to 16 minutes in half actions, B: For lengthy direct exposures as much as optimum 16 minutes (combined with self-timer T feature, i.e. first launch = shutter opens up, second launch = shutter shuts), (1 ⁄180 s): Fastest shutter rate for flash synchronization, HSS straight flash setting feasible with all shutter rates much faster than 1 ⁄180 s (with HSS-compatible Leica system blink systems)
Image Collection: Approximate. 4.5 pictures/s
Shutter Launch Switch: Two-stage, first action: Activation of the electronic camera electronic devices consisting of direct exposure metering and also direct exposure lock (in aperture concern setting), second action: Shutter launch; conventional string for cord launch incorporated.
Self-Timer: Hold-up twos (aperture concern and also hands-on direct exposure setup) or 12 s, embeded in food selection, shown by blinking BAITED front of electronic camera and also equivalent screen in screen.
Transforming The Video Camera On/Off: Making use of major turn on top of electronic camera; optional automated closure of electronic camera electronic devices after approx. 2/5/10 mins; reactivated by touching the shutter launch
Power Supply: 1 lithium ion rechargeable battery, small voltage 7.4 V, capability 1300 mAh.; optimum billing current/voltage: DC 1000 mA, 7.4 V; Design No.: BP-SCL5; Supplier: PT. VARTA Microbattery, Made in Indonesia, Operating problems (in electronic camera): 0 ° C– + 40 ° C
Battery Charger: .

Inputs: 100-240 V Air Conditioning, 50/60 Hz, 300 mA, automated changing, or 12 V DC, 1.3 A; Outcome: DC 7.4 V, 1000 mA/max. 8.25 V, 1100 mA; Design No.: BC-SCL5; Supplier: Guangdong PISEN Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., Made in China, Operating problems: 0 ° C– + 35 ° C
GENERAL PRACTITIONER: Just with Leica Visoflex viewfinder affixed, offered as a device
Wi-Fi: Complies with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n requirement (conventional WiFi method), network 1-11, file encryption technique: WiFi-compatible WPA/WPA2 file encryption, gain access to technique: Framework setting
Video Camera Body
Product: All-metal die cast magnesium body, artificial natural leather covering. Brass leading panel and also base, black chrome layered coating
Picture Area Selector: Enables the bright-line sets to be by hand triggered any time (e.g. to contrast information)
Tripod String: A 1/4″ HULLABALOO stainless-steel in base
Operating Problems: 0-40 ° C
User Interfaces: ISO device footwear with added get in touches with for Leica Visoflex viewfinder (offered as a device)
Measurements: ( size x deepness x elevation): approx. 139 x 38.5 x 80 mm
Weight: approx. 680 g (with battery)
Range of Distribution: Battery Charger 100-240 V with 2 keys cords (Euro, U.S.A.,) and also 1 vehicle billing cord, lithium ion battery, lugging band, body bayonet cover, cover for accessory footwear

News Release

Wetzlar, 17 January2020 Leica
Video camera AG has actually taken the following advance in its effective electronic
black-and-white digital photography idea and also provides the brand-new Leica M10 Monochrom.
With a freshly established 40- megapixel
black-and-white sensing unit, the following electronic camera generation provides extraordinary
images that accomplish a totally brand-new degree of top quality in black-and-white
digital photography.

The ultra-high resolution
black-and-white sensing unit of the M10 Monochrom provides pictures with
all-natural intensity and also formerly unique resolution of information in all lights problems. At the very same time, the brand-new M10
Monochrom is the initial black-and-white electronic camera of the rangefinder system to
use a remarkably wide level of sensitivity variety of ISO 160 to ISO100000 Photos
recorded in any way ISO setups excite with carefully grained performance of information
and also no troubling artefacts. As holds true with all Leica M-Cameras, the brand-new
black-and-white sensing unit is preferably matched to all lenses of the Leica M
profile and also totally manipulates their efficiency when it come to comparison, resolution
and also performance of finest frameworks. Digital photographers can for that reason feel confident
that the extraordinary top quality of the black-and-white pictures they catch brings
out the most effective of every topic.

technological information and also the dealing with idea of the M10 Monochrom equal
to those of the serial manufacturing M10- P, an especially very discreet variation of the
Leica M-Camera that focuses totally on one of the most crucial electronic camera
features. Its functions consist of a practically
faint shutter and also the quietest shutter launch of
all M-Cameras ever before constructed, that make it the suitable device for catching
genuine pictures from the heart of life itself. The style of the M10
Monochrom is as inconspicuous and also minimal as the very discreet means of functioning it
assistances. The electronic camera has no Leica red dot logo design
on the front and also includes just the quietly inscribed
logotype ‘Leica M10 Monochrom’ on the leading plate. The constant noninclusion of
colour-filled inscriptions is a layout aspect that in addition stresses the
black-and-white personality of the electronic camera.

The products and also ending up of the Leica M10 Monochrom represent the very same high requirements as those acquainted from all various other Leica M-Cameras. The electronic camera is made nearly entirely by hand by knowledgeable experts in sophisticated building and construction and also setting up procedures and also is so robustly constructed that it can take also the most difficult problems in operation in its stride. The brand-new Leica M Monochrom for that reason additionally represents the extraordinary top quality and also integrity that ensure long-lasting performance and also long-lasting worth.

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