Legion Update 1 Arrives Today Loaded with New Content

you have a lot of free time today, you may be able to play League of Legends , as the game’s latest update is now live. The update includes new quests, items, and skins for the game, though at least one skin gives characters a Hitler mustache. (The new patch also marks the addition of a character named “Riot Girl Tristana,” which is surely a nod to the punk scene—or the fact that Riot Games’ offices are located in Santa Monica, California.) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I’ll be linking the paragraphs in this post to the blog I was writing them for (with a link to the blog, a link to the post

When Legion first released, it gave players a bit of a rocky start with some major bugs and server issues. But now, Update 1, which launched today, aims to fix those issues and add some great new content. Blizzard began updating Legion on September 28, and those updates will roll out over the next few weeks until the major Update 1 patch goes live.

Watch Dogs Legion update with new content released today

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion is getting Update 1 today, which contains a ton of new content. Watch Dogs: Legion 1 of Title Update 4.0 brings a new playable hero, DeadSec Mina Sidhu, as well as new co-op missions and free additional content for all players on all platforms. In addition, Ubisoft also revealed detailed post-launch plans for the game, confirming that there will be both free content and exclusive content for season pass owners.

Starting with the new 4.0 update, Watch Dogs: Legion players can rejoice: The update brings with it a lot of new content. The content is different for players who have a Season Pass and those who have not purchased one. As part of this new update, players will find the following new content in the game:

Exclusive Season Pass content:

  • New playable character Mina Sidhu: Mina Shidhu, once a test subject, now possesses the power of mind control and can completely control an opponent with her mind control device, OMNI Optik. She also has a mental breath that can neutralize nearby enemies.
  • DedSec Stories’ new mission is called Swipe Right: In a new solo mission, DedSec discovers that someone in London has conspired with an Egyptian minister to sell off the country’s antiquities, using the money to fund aggressive rebels.

Free content for all:

The update also adds a variety of free content for single-player and online modes, including:

Single player campaign and network mode

  • 2 new employees: DJK and First Responder
  • Agent adaptation: Players can customize the hairstyle and body of their agents.
  • 5 new operational capabilities
    • Pickpocket: Operators can earn money for each order
    • Second wind: Operators quickly regenerate their health when defeating enemies.
    • Required: Enemies of Albion or the Kelly clan attack anywhere in London on sight.
    • Hoarders: Drivers can fly and carry more ammunition
    • Stuntman: Drivers suffer fewer injuries from falls, explosions and vehicle collisions.

Online fashion

  • 3 joint operations:
    • In Dysfunction, two mysterious hackers from the Kelly clan, known only as the Cousins, launch a DDoS attack on London’s legal systems, demanding as a ransom that all cases against members of the Kelly family be dropped.
    • In the film Meltdown, the Kelly Clan murdered four Tydis workers at the Southwark incinerator. Bagley believes that the Kelly clan has come into possession of an experimental plasma weapon whose half-life is so short that it can only be found in the body shortly after death.
    • In Re-Ownership, Albion has a cache of data disks belonging to the original DedSec, and they plan to use these disks to find active DedSec agents.
  • 5 new single-player missions:
  • 2 Cooperative gadgets :
    • Guardian Drone: Tidis’ surveillance drone that guides and supports officers in the area.
    • Defense drones: A disposable device that deploys a cloud of drones to block incoming fire.

Ubisoft also revealed plans for Watch Dogs post-launch: Legion for Season Pass holders and non-holders. We have also described them in detail below:

Free post-launch content for all Watch Dogs: The Legion consists of:

  • Players will have access to two new PvP modes in late May: Extraction and Invasion, the fans’ favorite game, and the new tactical operation Project Omni in Watch Dogs’ online game mode: Legion. The Omni Project is an exciting and challenging mission in which players must strategize with their team of four to infiltrate a secret project and find out why Londoners’ optical devices are having negative effects on their brains.

For Season Pass holders:

  • Watch Dogs comes out at the end of June: Legion – Bloodline, a new storyline featuring Aiden Pierce from the original Watch Dogs and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, fully playable in the single player campaign and online.
  • In August, Darcy, a member of the Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood of Assassins, will become a new playable character and will also receive new missions.

Be sure to check out our article on Watch Dogs: Legion wiki for all game guides, and also our review of Watch Dogs: Legion, where we dive into digital London and see how the title fares.

I can’t wait to get back to Watch Dogs: Legion to try out the new content from Update 1 today? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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