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The first game in this series, released in 1995, stars a young man named Randi, the son of a great warrior who dies at the hands of an evil wizard. A knight named Grey travels to the town of Harmonia, where Randi lives, and recruits him to be his squire. Together, they go on an adventure to save the world from an evil sorcerer that wishes to conquer it.

Legend of Mana Review – A Review of a popular Japanese RPG. In this review we will see if the game is almost perfect or if there are some flaws in the game Playstyle.

Mana series has been getting a lot of love from Square Enix lately, and Legend of Mana was no exception. Experience the classic JRPG from the PlayStation era, now remastered on Nintendo Switch with updated graphics, an orchestrated soundtrack and new quality-of-life features that allow a new generation of fans to immerse themselves in the game.

Legend of Mana is a very different JRPG, unlike any I’ve played before, even compared to the other games in the Mana series. Unlike traditional games of the genre, this game really relies on the freedom of the player, so the experience of this game is completely different, yet the same for everyone. Like most JRPGs, the game begins with the player choosing a silent protagonist – a boy or a girl – as well as the weapons they will use, and that’s about all the game has in common with other games in the genre.

From there, Legend of Mana presents a blank world map on which the player can choose where to begin their journey by placing an artifact that creates the player’s base. By completing quests, the player gains new artifacts that can be used to create new areas, such as towns and dungeons.

This play style confused me at first, even though I’ve played other games in the Mana franchise, but once I got the hang of it, the game became less confusing. The lack of an overarching story meant that I didn’t know what tasks I was supposed to have completed, or when the game was about to end, or even if I was working on the main story yet.

The only way to know if I was making progress in the game was the mana tree icon that appeared after completing each task and gradually changed from a small tree to a full-fledged tree. The rest of the game feels like an eclectic collection of side missions that have little connection to each other until the end of the game. The lack of an overall plot really detracted from my enjoyment.

The battles are also different from any other JRPG I’ve played. Enemies appear on the map and the battles resemble an arcade-style side-scrolling beat-’em-up, though they’re much messier than the games they try to mimic. The player can use magic skills and talents, but during my play, they were no more effective than pressing the A button.

The AI members of the party are pretty useless, they spend most of the time standing in front of the monsters waiting to be attacked. Despite the lack of decent party members, the fights aren’t exceptionally difficult and you don’t have to think about them for long, even against bosses.

Although I had some complaints about the combat and story, I found the game satisfying because it offers bits of gameplay with quests. Each quest takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, making it ideal for immersing yourself in the game during a trip or a break from work.

Plus, the illustrations are great. All background environments have been updated and are now brighter and clearer than in the original game. The character sprites haven’t changed much, but they were already very nice.

The soundtrack of Legend of Mana has also been revamped, with some already excellent songs updated for the new generation. The game also allows the player to switch between the original and new soundtracks. Other new features such as a music player, art viewer and the ability to disable enemy encounters contribute to the game’s 2021 update.

Legend of Mana is an interesting game with a world and story development system that differs from any other JRPG I’ve played. It feels awkward at times because of the strange fights and subtle plot, but the art and music made it fun for me. I don’t think I can recommend this game to those who are new to the series or the genre, because it doesn’t present anything better. If you’re looking for a game that offers a unique experience, this could be it, but it’s not for everyone.

Overview of the Mana legend
  • Graphics – 8/10
  • Sound – 8/10
  • Playability – 6/10
  • Long-term attractiveness – 6/10


Closing thoughts: VALUE

Legend of Mana is a confusing and sometimes clunky game that relies on beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack.

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