Leclerc: Watch Out for Fake Vouchers Circulating on Facebook, It’s a Scam!

Leclerc does not offer 250 euro vouchers, it’s a scam! This dummy offer is circulating on social networks and has already claimed victims. Internet users are invited to fill in a form with their contact details. Data that is then sold and may be used to send you advertisements or even impersonate you.

And no, unfortunately Leclerc does not offer a voucher worth 250 euros to celebrate its 70th anniversary. This scam has been circulating on social networks particularly Facebook, since at least the beginning of July 2018 and has trapped some not very vigilant Internet users who were hoping to be able to do their next shopping for free. This is of course a phishing attempt, RTL alert.

Leclerc: fake vouchers on Facebook to recover your data

In order to receive the famous voucher, you are asked to fill in and send a form, in which Internet users are invited to fill in some information and contact details such as their e-mail address, phone number or postal address. The perpetrators of the scam can then retrieve and resell them. These data are then used for advertising purposes. If you’ve fallen for it and you’re flooded with ads soon, there’s probably a cause and effect link. Alternatively, this information may be used to impersonate you.

Remember that on the web, you really have to be careful when you see an offer that is “too good to be true”. In this case, 250 euros in vouchers with no consideration, that was really shady. “Attention, websites, emails, as well as SMS messages reproducing or using the brand and sometimes the E logo. Leclerc are currently circulating. Telephone calls impersonating the E movement. Leclerc was also reported to us as “,” warns the sign on its site.

Another subject, but one that is also important during sales periods, be careful of the reductions posted. The TV promos of Carrefour, Boulanger, Conforama and others for the 2018 world cup are very often bogus, with base prices deliberately exaggerated to make people think they’re getting a good deal.

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