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[Single Topic] Leboncoin – your experience – PS UPDATE 14.06.18

Leboncoin Your Experience – Update 14.06.18



Return on sale of optical equipment (lot at 700 balls, negotiated 650).


– I pass the mongolitos who send you links to low quality stuff or are unable to count (example: link to a ‘rican’ shop but only with the fdp we exceeded the price of new in France).

– A guy asks me to reserve the whole lot for 15 days, I accept against a 10% deposit, which he pays by sending me a check.

– I then put the others on hold (I have a buyer who has to spend the weekend of the 25th if you wish, I can contact you again if the sale doesn’t go through)

– The guy comes a bit early (24H00 in fact, he was supposed to come tomorrow but he screwed up. He’s lucky I went to my house.)

– We deploy the equipment, he tests it quickly while we talk, he pays me as requested in small bills (and when I say small, he gave me 2 biffetons of 50, 2 or 3 of 20, quite a few of 10 and about 20 of 5
Leboncoin Your Experience – Update 14.06.18
), but that’s what the dispenser gave him when he clicked on small bills).

– Quick countdown, there’s the remaining 585 €, I show him the road to go back, kthxbye.


So SOMETIMES we find literate, courteous and serious people on LBC
Leboncoin Your Experience – Update 14.06.18


NB : I live in a small housing estate in a suburban area, not the flat next to the momo cellar in a rotten city. It helps a little when you have to bring several hundred eurals home, I guess.


Edith: Well, when I delete this ad I see that we now have a number of views + email, that’s cool.

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