Leboncoin: You Will Be Well and Truly Taxed on Your Sales

Maj. February 8, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. min.

As part of the Digital Bill, online platforms that sell objects or rent property will have to declare to the tax authorities every euro earned by its users. Despite warnings from Axelle Lemaire, this amendment is likely to pass.

The digital law definitely covers a lot of things, after the possible sanction against operators, here is a new amendment that risks making Internet users grit their teeth a lot more: the possibility of taxing the income received from online resale sites.

It is Article 23c which introduces this new amendment. It will oblige all web platforms to declare to the tax authorities all the gross income that each user will have received thanks to the site. In other words, not only LeBonCoin, but also AirBnb are covered by the latter.

This text will have to be validated, but here’s what it says: “Operators of online platforms […] shall send to the tax authorities a declaration stating, for each of their users presumed to be liable for tax in France, the following information:

  • For a natural person, the surname, first name and date of birth of the user;
  • For a legal entity, the name, address and Siren number of the user;
  • The user’s e-mail address;
  • The status of private individual or professional characterizing the user on the platform;
  • The total amount of gross income received by the user during the calendar year in respect of his activities on or through the online platform;
  • The category to which the gross revenue received relates;
  • Any other information defined by decree, whether optional or compulsory. »

This is a real obligation for the platforms, however it seems literally unattainable. Taking the example of LeBonCoin, this implies that the site will have to access all this information and in addition give it to the tax authorities. Already it’s a no privacy, but from a logistical point of view it’s impossible.

Then how can the site verify that the item has been sold at the price indicated? For example it often happens to me to negotiate the price with the seller without saying it on the site.

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Digital Secretary of State Axelle Lemaire explains that the project is “commendable”, but ” It’s unrealistic and dangerous “, “What you’re proposing is too complex, it can’t be implemented“. Fortunately, to apply this amendment will be done by a decree, let’s bet that even if the amendment is validated a such a decree will not see the light of day.






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