Price: 2,999 €

City : Bruay-la-Buissière

Postal code : 62700

Model Year :  2002

Mileage : 87,000 KM

Fuel : Gasoline

Transmission : Manual


Description :

Good morning, sir,

 I put on sale this superb petrol twingo of 2002 which will astonish you as much by its sympathetic colour as by its entirely synthetic interior.

 The non-power steering will save you from spending all your money on protein or fitness subscriptions totally has-been.

 The tires changed in September 2010 have done 16,000 km forward (much less backward).

 Oil change, oil filter, brake pads, delco and spark plugs changed at 86 000 Km

 Consumption : 6.5 L/100Km city (SP98).

 This exceptional car includes:

– 1 engine 1.2L petrol

– 4 wheels

– 2 doors

– 1 trunk

– 2 mobile electric windows

– 4 stationary windows

– 2 windscreen wipers

– 1 state-of-the-art digital display (even gives the time)

– 1 cigar lighter (also works to burn your fingers like a c..)

– 1 flashing red anti-theft LED

– Steering wheel radio control

– 2 keys

– 1 antenna

– 2 new airbags (never used)

– 1 glasses box for the breathalyzer and the fluorescent vest

– 1 glove box for the glasses

– 1 gearbox with 7 gears!

– 5 speeds to go straight

– 1 speed to go backwards

– 1 speed to go nowhere

 Its small engine will take you anywhere within its capabilities.

 We agree, it’s neither a scrap J5 nor a BMW racing GT turbo with a rebocharged titanium carburetor and 46-inch digital laser quadraphonic rims.

 No need to point out the small trunk or the lack of potato on a hill start in third, you buy a Twingo.

 Likewise: if you want to make break-ups, scare old ladies, play fast and furious in industrial areas or rodeo with the Marshalsea, this car is not for you.

 The car is sold with a standard Renault cassette player (or not), a collector ACDC cassette (no I keep it), a full tank of windscreen washer fluid, a jack, a stud wrench and a beautiful spare wheel inflated to 2 bars!

 No one has smoked indoors and she has never carried any allergenic animals (cat, dog, squirrel or mother-in-law).

 Technical inspection passed without any corruption of the controller.

No fees to be foreseen except for a car radio, a triangle, a fluorescent vest and a scraper for the winter.

No hidden defect, no chatter on the hoses or a booger behind the sun visor, just a few minor defects:

– minor play on the left front suspension cup,

– a 2 cm poc in the front bumper plastic, the trace of a tow ring left by a (a?) genius of the reverse gear,

– the first digit of the kilometre display, a bit dull but readable, it’s up to you to make the difference between 30 and 130Km/h,

– inevitable little door knocks when you park in a car park.

 In short:

– Clean and maintained car totaling 87,000 Km.

– Price : 2999€ negotiable (within a certain limit, you can play with it but not hang on to it).

 Payment in small bills only (10-20-50 EUROS).

No exchange, no monopoly note, no bad check, no organ donation, no cash money order, no Western Union transfer or other Mugu techniques.

 First selection of competitors by mail.

As I have fragile eyes, I will not follow up on the spellings of boar of the type Slt je suiez intéresz apelai m0a svp URJENT.

For offensive e-mails: Ezequiel 25 verse 17.

 Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day.

 Thanks to the team in the right corner for not reactivating this ad, the car is now for sale.

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