Leboncoin: a Dangerous Phishing Attack is Underway, How to Protect Yourself?

Hackers launch a dangerous phishing attack by imitating the Leboncoin site. The objective of the hackers is simple, to recover users’ accounts and then use them on the site specializing in classified ads to scam them. The fake Leboncoin has exactly the same design as the original site and here’s how to protect yourself from falling into this trap.


Credit: Leboncoin

Leboncoin is victim of a new phishing scam targeting its users reports Zataz. Hackers are trying to retrieve the accounts of users through a fake site that looks very much like it. Not only does the fake site use the design of the original, but the latter has a very close web address, the “i” of Leboncoin being replaced by an “l”. Such cases are referred to as “typosquatting“. Google has also been a victim of this, notably with “oogle.com”. To make matters worse, the site is in HTTPS which reinforces the users’ feeling of security.

Leboncoin: a phishing attack is in progress, how to avoid being trapped

Hackers retrieve user accounts from the fake site and use the opportunity to get to the real site by posting ads to make fake sales to defraud users of the site. A few rules of prudence are necessary to avoid falling into the trap of pirates, not to make payments via services such as Western Union or cash money orders and to give preference to hand delivery. You should also not hesitate to ask the seller for the telephone number to clear up any doubts. Of course, check the site address in the URL bar of your browser.

The hackers are behind an SMS campaign from the number 0644604656. The message is as follows: “LeBonCoin offers promo: 7 days to move up to the top of the list for only 1€ “, a technique that allows pirates to trap sellers. Do you use Leboncoin? Have you had any problems with your transactions? Feel free to share your experience with the site community through comments.


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