Learn How to Block Emails on Outlook with Best Solution in 2021

your Microsoft Outlook inbox filled with so much junk mail? And you want to learn how to block email in Outlook. On this page you will learn how to block emails and restore deleted data.

Most emails are notifications from a website you have subscribed to. They send out alerts to the markets every day. It is not enough to simply delete these notifications. Even disconnecting from these sites or pages does not solve the problem. A suitable way is to learn how to block emails in Outlook.

By blocking emails in your Outlook, you can get rid of all unnecessary emails. This will help you keep your mailbox in the right order. If you want to receive emails again, you can also unblock the sender.

Why is it necessary to block e-mail in Outlook?

Before you learn how to block email in Outlook, you need to know why you need to block email. The reason may be different for everyone. However, some common reasons have led to the blocking of a particular email address.

  • An email from an unknown sender with an attachment can infect your system with a virus. Be careful if you receive such letters. In such situations, email should be blocked. This is a convenient option that allows you to delete emails and block the sender.
  • Another reason to block your online email ID is that you are receiving too many emails. This will fill your mailbox with unnecessary items and create clutter. Therefore, the smartest measure would be to block the identifier of all unnecessary emails.
  • If you want to have a tidy mailbox, you need to block unnecessary mail IDs. This ensures a neat and tidy mailbox. It therefore contains only significant letters in the correct order. It also reduces clutter so you can easily browse the files you need.
  • Learning how to block emails in Microsoft Outlook will help you worry less about your inbox. You don’t have to manage your email account on a regular basis. You will not delete any files from your account, because you only have usable files.

Steps for blocking mail in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook gives you the option to manually block emails. There are two ways to do it. You can block the sender of the spam or filter the incoming mail. In both cases, you can block unnecessary emails.

How can I block email in Outlook by blocking the sender?

You can block any email sent to a specific email address. This is a manual method that requires you to block each email address individually. But best of all, you can choose a specific email address. Perform the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  • Select the sender mail you want to block.
  • Click on the Home tab that appears in the main menu.

  • Open the Deficit menu and select the Block Sender option.

  • A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the action. Press the OK button.

You can add any number of senders to this list. There is another way to block email in Outlook.

How can I stop spam by filtering junk mail?

This method of email filtering is effective if you know which email addresses are safe and important. However, if you receive useful email from an unknown address, you should not apply this filter. Otherwise you won’t get an important message.

Here are the steps to follow to block emails in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  • Click on the main tab in the menu bar.

  • Open the Junk E-Mail menu and click on the Junk E-Mail option.

  • A new dialog box appears where you can define the degree of automatic filtering. You can select them based on your needs.

  • This email filter also moves suspicious files to junk mail or spam. So click on the Safe Sender tab in the dialog box to make sure that useful messages appear in your inbox.

  • Add an email address that you think is safe and click OK.

  • Select both options and click Apply, then click OK.

If, after completing this task successfully, you find that some of your Outlook PST files are damaged or that you cannot block email due to corruption. It is recommended to use the Inbox Repair Tool, which is the built-in tool for repairing Outlook files. If Scanpst.exe fails, then Sysinfo’s PST Recovery Tool is the best option. It is an exceptional tool for recovering .pst files after any kind of corruption.


These are two simple ways to block email in Microsoft Outlook. You can choose one based on your abilities. So if you learn how to block emails in Outlook, you will be able to manage your inbox properly and it will contain only useful emails.

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