Appeared on Dailymotion and then on France 4 and declined in comic strips and novels, the web-series The Visitor of the Future is about to make its appearance in the cinema.

Indeed, that’s what François Descraques just announced on Facebook and Twitter. The creator of the Visitor of the Future explains that a film derived from the web-series is being developed for thecinema.

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Currently, the project is looking for funding and Pyramide Productions will be in charge of theproject. For his part, François Descraques will focus on scenario.

A not so new movie idea

This idea of declining the web-series is not new! As its creator explains, has been working on this project for a few years in the greatest of secrets :

At the end of season 4, there was talk of writing a film about The Visitor of the Future.

Although there is still a lot of work to do to adapt The Visitor of the Future to the cinema, Descraques already knows what he wants to offer to the audience: a film aimed at the general public as well as fans of theseries. The scenario should offer a new story accessible to everyone but beware, the creator specifies that it will not be areboot. In fact, the film should take place after the series and in order for the feature film to be able to appeal to everyone, François Descraques promises that it will not be necessary to have seen the series to appreciate the film.

On the casting side, we should find the original casting with new faces who will join theteam. But right now, it’s still too early to tell who. As well as a possible shooting or release date.

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