Le Tombeau Des Lucioles : With This Discovery on the Movie Poster, You’ll Never See It From the Same Fawn Again !

Isao Takahata, the famous director and co-founder of Ghibli Studios passed away last week at the age of 82. Among his works produced in the course of his career of more than fifty years, one of the classics of Japanese animation can be remembered: The Tomb of the Fireflies.

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This film made in 1996 shows the journey of two orphans, Seita aged 14 and his little sister Setsuko, aged 4, in Japan in 1945. The brother and sister try to survive and overcome the difficulties as they travel through the countryside. One of the cult scenes of this animated film is certainly the moment when the two characters are in admiration in front of thousands of fireflies in the sky.

When Poetry Turns to Tragedy

If this scene is poetic, you will see it from another point of view after the discovery made by this fan.

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30 years after the release of Le Tombeau des Lucioles, fans discovered something on the poster. When you increase the brightness to the highest setting, you will see a B-29 bomber in the sky. What were thought to be miraculous lights of fireflies were actually a shower of explosives. Another tear.

Indeed, the latter spotted on the poster of the film, thatby lighting up the upper part of poster, a B-29 plane appeared in the sky. However, the animated film takes place during the Second World War and it is precisely this type of bomber aircraft that the United States used …

Of course, with this revelation, we will never again see this scene full of poetry and magic, in the same way …

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