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Having greatly appreciated the first opus of the film Thor, I hastened to go and see the new Marvel film, namely Thor: The World of Darkness. See you at the UGC Rosny 2 cinema for the 10:25pm screening and I was really not disappointed. Here’s what I thought.

The Story

The first scenes of the film introduce us to an ancient race that lived long before the light and the creation of the universe. At the dawn of the creation of the universe and the light, the latter, under the leadership of Malekith, wished to tip the world into darkness with an extremely powerful power, the ether.

After his beautiful introductions and a great battle, we enter the story of Thor. The new opus is the direct continuation of the first part, we find ourselves directly with the traitor Loki who is in prison for his deviations on Earth and his betrayal of the people of Asgard. Thor is then forced to make peace in the universe again.

War for Peace

The director quickly puts us back in the action with action to spare and breathtaking special effects, although 3D is useless here unfortunately. The rapid return of the ancient race to plunge the world into darkness means that we are not bored for a single moment.

With so much of the film set on Asgard, it’s a real eye-opener. Fighting at every turn, betrayals at every turn, explosions and ship races, we don’t know what to think.

I liked thehumour and the cynicism of the film especially with the character of Loki who uses black humour as soon as he is released by his brother Thor. Brief nods to the Avengers were met with great success in the room with uncontrolled bursts of laughter.

The director has managed to equalize the action and humour in this new opus without forcing too much on the script, which remains quite simplistic but pleasant. We’ll appreciate the various untimely crossings between the nine worlds and the loyalty Thor has for his people.


A very good moment of entertainment, I didn’t see the time passing between the many action scenes and the humour that is wedged in between. The actors are still as brilliant as in the first part with a Loki still as cynical, if not more so, and a Jane Foster much more present with a more consequent role.

To conclude, whether you’re a fan of the world of Marvel or not, the movie Thor: The World of Darkness is worth seeing if you enjoy the action coupled with a little humour and spectacular special effects.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer:

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