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Not an unconditional fan of war films, I still wanted to go and see Peter Berg’s new film Blood and Tears because of the excellent casting and the trailer which quickly made me want to. Check out our review of the film Blood and Tears.

The Story

The film Blood and Tears is divided into three distinct parts. In the first part, we find the four heroes of the film in the American base. This first part lacks a bit of rhythm because it exposes us to the daily life of the military. That’s when we learn about the mission that the film will tell.

Retracing real events by adapting Marcus Luttrell’s book, this film will tell the story of a commando of four Navy Seals who take part in Operation Red Wing, which aims to locate and capture or eliminate the Taliban leader Ahmad Shah who is executing Marines. But quickly spotted and surrounded, the four soldiers will find themselves trapped.


After a few minutes of flying and entering the mountains, we quickly reach the second part of the film which is much more immersive and breathtaking than the previous one. After being spotted by shepherds equipped with radios, the four soldiers will have to make a terrible choice.

It was then that the confrontation raged between the soldiers and the Taliban. While the Taliban are just video game targets, the four soldiers are real heroes and one discovers the fraternity and solidarity within the group. At four against a few hundred Taliban, the soldiers use tactics to try to get out of it.

After a hard-fought battle with an explosion of blood, debris and breathtaking waterfalls that border on realism, we arrive at the third part. It shows the other side of the war where a survivor is taken in by villagers. Unfortunately this part is only very little developed and it’s really a pity. One quickly falls into a certain propaganda that wishes to put forward the army and the soldiers who fight and die for their country that is America. Beyond that, the casting is really good. Ben Foster here is exceptional alongside Mark Wahlberg. As far as the commando leader, Taylor Kitsch, is concerned, I personally find that he cannot get his bearings and that the role would have been better suited to Mark Wahlberg.

Although I’m not a fan of war movies, I still found this film to be brilliantly made, apart from a few messages that highlight the U.S. Army. A breathtaking and truly immersive film from the second part of the film that offers a lot of action. Explosions, dizzying stunts and very accurate bullet shots make this a very good war movie. The fraternity between the soldiers is a real plus, we get attached to the characters.

What did you think?

Did you know? Author Marcus Luttrell unexpectedly invited himself to Peter Berg’s house for a month. A forced entry that Berg explains: He wanted to make sure I understood what happened in the mountains that day. The two men spent a month together talking about Luttrell’s experience in Afghanistan.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet:

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