Le Creusot – Sane-et-loire (71200)

The opinion of Jen Djeg (Ecuisses)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Long live Le Creusot!

Well ok we’re not in Monaco nor in Vichy but the creusot is a nice little town full of charm and history. After having lived in Lyon I was happy to come back to my city where I can do a lot of sport activities and where I also find peace and quiet for the family moments. The bad tongues that denigrate the crucible are not objective, they are blinded by the bad publicity. There are several middle schools, 2 high schools, 1 university and 1 faculty, 3 shopping areas, many shops, the big Thursday market at the 4 paths, a multitude of restaurants and cafe / brasserie. This city is also beautifully flowered… Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but it’s a general feeling. Here the children live, enjoy themselves and have space, aaaaaaaaaaahhhh in short, a small town in the countryside, bah yes because we must not forget, France is not limited to paris, lyon, marseille, toulouse, grenoble etc… France is above all the villages, the countryside and its few inhabitants.

What I like about LE CREUSOT Les 2 coeurs de ville, the viola, the sncf & tgv station (15mn away) which takes us to lyon in 40mn and to paris in 1h20, the maréchal foch & leclerc street, its commercial development, the marolle district, the parc des combes.

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT The lack of cultural activities, the cities of harfleur, tennis & acacias.

(December 2013)


The opinion of Laurent Jenny Nono Lilly Les Parigos (Montchanin)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


What can I say?

We come straight from the Paris region for professional reasons and the living environment, but we are bored.

What I like about LE CREUSOT Its free animal park, we are close to Dijon and Lyon, the more hectic cities …

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT Well, we don’t know what to do from 7pm onwards, everything is closed, there is nothing for young parents, people drive at 2 per hour, we’ve been living in Montchanin for 4 months, and we’d rather think we were in a gigantic retirement home.

(March 2011)


The opinion of Colette Bury (Montceau)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


See real life

A pretty little town with lots of charm, a very pretty park, a castle, a green environment, interesting cultural facilities, and above all a true story of men who worked hard suffered but also fought for better living conditions.

What I like about LE CREUSOT A city is only as good as the men and women who live in it – here the contact is still warm on a human scale and this should continue. Coming from the Paris region, I miss the hustle and bustle of the big city a little, but here everything is on a human scale and that’s the most important thing

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT Nothing particularly annoys me about this town – what I don’t like are, as in all other towns, local businesses closing, factories laying off workers, walls that are too high around individual homes…

(November 2009)


The opinion of Chenille (Le creusot)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Le Creusot dead town

I think that for people from this area, the town may be suitable but for a person arriving from Bordeaux, this place is very sad, monotonous and lifeless.

What I like about LE CREUSOT The rather easy contact with the inhabitants, the shopkeepers.

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT I don’t like anything about LE CREUSOT. Coming here for professional reasons, I really miss my Southwest.

(October 2009)


The opinion of Polo (Toulouse)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Having lived

Good small town where it is easy to rest. Otherwise… For the rest, after a few rare annual events, a veil of boredom hangs over the town, Le Creusot is a gigantic place.

(August 2009)


The opinion of Clémentine Leblanc (Le creusot)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


This is my city and I am proud of it!

City where I’m not bored at all! The scenery changes with the seasons, there is no lack of green spaces, there are many sports facilities, there is a wide range of choices, the factories hold up despite the bad language, a lot of effort on the social side, the little train brings the city to life with sympathic themes, I love the symphony of soups, l’Arc, which always offers shows to everyone’s taste, there’s something for everyone, a working class town with a rich past that I love to unpack and show off to my Parisian friends who are invited to discover the château and photograph the emblem, and last but not least, they have their Eiffel Tower, and we have our sledgehammer!

What I like at LE CREUSOT The town centre, the Swimming Pool the park, the castle, the friends with whom I share the traditional fondues, raclette parties… The parking spaces (I’m coming from the Paris area, I can make the difference!), the Christmas animation (his craft market), I was on the esplanade of Champion when the image group passed by with the star ac’! Awesome! I liked during my exile in Panam to watch the Tour de France in my famous crouillotte-city and I felt like being in front of the screen instead of being there I envied you my crucibles, voui, I’m chauvinist and proud to be! So there’s nothing going on at Le Creusot?

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT Well, apart from the fact that I regret that there are not enough large companies and industries to employ more Young People and prevent them from fleeing elsewhere, which is in line with the ideas of most of our fellow citizens.

(November 2008)


The opinion of David Vatrier (le creusot)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Deep in Burgundy

Lost, far from everything! Nothing to do, we’re bored! It’s all fenced in, we can’t have a picnic in peace.

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT Crown Park, where residents think they are the bourgeoisie of the city.

(March 2008)


The opinion of Fanny (Le Creusot)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Small in size, big in spirit

Le Creusot is a little-known and unloved town, but when you take the trouble to discover it, you are quickly charmed.

What I like about LE CREUSOT The tranquillity (easy to move around, easy to park), the cleanliness, the friendly atmosphere (the population is mostly simple and open-minded workers), the nearby nature (the large Parc de la Verrerie with its games and animals), a thousand activities (sports, dance, plastic arts, theatre, cinema), various very responsive associations. Easy to go to big cities that move more (1 hour by car from Dijon, 2 hours from Lyon by car or 30 min by TGV, 1h30 from Paris by TGV). No stress, moderate rents, temperate climate (snow in winter, sun in summer).

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT There is a lack of big, cheap national signs, no meeting places for solo thirty-somethings, sad Sundays if you are alone. Le Creusot will be unfavourable to pessimists by nature.

(February 2007)


The opinion of Stéph Lecat (LE CREUSOT)

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Living in MY city!

It is a city in bloom, which has every chance for the future with its green spaces, its land where companies can set up shop and at lower cost! Snow, sun, wood, the glass factory and its castle, Torcy and its lake nearby, in short everything on the spot, the sea? Quickly the TGV and hop change of scenery, the winter sport? The Jura… Ect… As for work, look, you’ll find…

What I like about LE CREUSOT The sledgehammer, symbol of the past, its history, the summer toboggan and its surrounding games, its large swimming pool, the IUT, the square in the town centre, the friendly shopkeepers, the glassworks park, sport, all those who are racking their brains to make the town live again and rejuvenate it. I like people who come back after 20 years of exile to see if there was something better elsewhere?

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT Those who have a bad idea of the city with its ochre smoke from the metallo… Let politicians zap this city when it is well situated in the region to develop trade. There’d be work, more life, more money… That’s what young people are waiting for: to deploy businesses, industries, etc…

(January 2007)


The opinion of Sima (Le Creusot)

on the town of LE CREUSOT



Le Creusot you’re joking, it’s hell, it’s too quiet, there’s nothing to do. It’s nice to see, but…

What I like at LE CREUSOT Le Creusot, I won’t leave it just for my friends.

What I don’t like about LE CREUSOT On the other hand, one day I will move from here to go south to the sun and a bigger city!

(October 2006)


The opinion of Alain Gauthier

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Excellent quality of life in Le Creusot. The only thing missing is more companies to allow for a higher employment rate. TGV station that still allows easy escape.

(March 2005)


The opinion of Paul

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Le Creusot’s fine, except…

The affected economic activity is driving 20-35 year olds to more dynamic cities.

The town has inherited a long mining history and it is difficult for newcomers to integrate into the local population.


The Burgundy region is beautiful, where you can eat and drink well, and the area is ideal for beautiful walks. We also have a TGV station which puts us within easy reach of Lyon (40min) and Paris (1h20).

Moreover, those who love sport will find in Le Creusot very good infrastructures.

(January 2005)


The opinion of Pascal N.

on the town of LE CREUSOT


A city that has a magnificent leisure park (walking, children’s games, animals…).

(November 2004)


The opinion of Vincent L.

on the town of LE CREUSOT


Superb city where it is very nice to live!

(October 2004)


The opinion of Olivier Perret

on the town of LE CREUSOT


A city that’s worth it and that we love! Come and see us.

(October 2004)


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