[LCK] Announcement: Match 82, GEN vs. BRO on March 16th

The King’s Cup, an international tournament that has been going on since 2007, will be played in China this year with a LAN finals. But the games not over yet! The winner of Match 82 between GEN and BRO is announced after 2:11 seconds of playtime.

The League of Legends Champions Korea league announced that the match between GEN and BRO will be played on March 16th.

The “lck twitter ” is an announcement from the League of Legends Champions Korea. The match will be on March 16th.

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COVID-19 forces BRO to surrender their match against GEN.

Hello, my name is LCK.

As a consequence of COVID-19, there will be certain alterations to the match between GenG and Fredit BRION on March 16th.

Fredit BRION will be unable to field a team due to two members of its emergency call-up team testing positive for COVID. As a result, the match will be forfeited (score 0:2).

We shall provide a brief explanation of the backdrop behind this decision. The LCK’s procedure in the event of COVID positive instances on a team is as follows.

  1. Substitutions in the starting lineup

  2. (If 1 isn’t an option) Call-up/send-down in an emergency

  3. (If 2 isn’t an option) The match has been rescheduled.

Circumstance 3, postponing the match, cannot be used in this case for the reasons listed below.

“For instances detected during 23 weeks of playoffs, if the game cannot restart before the Thursday before playoffs, the team will be given to forfeit,” the LCK noted while providing these procedures to the clubs.

The following is the reasons behind this:

  1. The LCK does not have the flexibility to reschedule playoffs due to Asian Games and international tournament dates.

  2. The rationale for choosing the Thursday before the playoffs as a deadline was to avoid any teams playing back-to-back or doubleheaders.

  3. Furthermore, because to the high likelihood of tie-breakers on the last day of the regular season, we decided not to book any matches beyond that.

As a result, after notifying the teams, we’d like to notify the supporters of Fredit BRION’s forfeit in the next match.

The match between Fredit BRION and DWG KIA on Saturday (19th) will go place as scheduled.

We wish the Fredit BRION coaching staff, LCK, and LCK CL players a swift recovery.

Thank you very much.

Fredit BRION contributed to this post.

This is a message concerning our team’s COVID issue and the timetable for this week.

Seong-min “Soboro” Lim and Seong-hun “Feisty” Jung were positive for COVID-19 in today’s PCR test.

Even though absence was not a priority, the club chose not to call up Academy players to CL following a debate for the players’ health and safety. We apologize once again to the spectators and the other team.

According to League rules, the remainder of the LCK CL matches have been canceled, as well as the LCK match against GEN tomorrow; the final match vs DK will be played with returning LCK players.

Unfortunately, since Soboro and Feisty tested positive for COVID-19, the BRO’s emergency call-up roster is now down to only five members (UmTi is released, but members incluing him are only four). As a result of their inability to put together a lineup for the contest, BRO forfeits the match against Gen.G on March 16th.

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