Latest GTA 6 Leaks Point Towards a Potential 2023 Release

Latest GTA 6 leak points to a possible 2023 release with huge details.

With the lack of official GTA 6 announcements from Rockstar Games we’re here with another potential GTA 6 leak, but this time we have tons of information coming from an unknown leak posted on Reddit. The original post was apparently published on 4Chan, but has now been removed. As you may know, once a post hits the internet, it stays there forever, and that’s what happened with the latest GTA 6 leak.

The latest leak is the biggest, and the most notable aspect of this leak is the reference to a GTA 6 release in October 2023, as well as the mention that a GTA San Andreas remake is also in the works. According to the leak, GTA 6 will be set in Miami and will cover a much larger part of Florida. There will also be a smaller island or map, similar to Guarma Island in Red Dead Redemption 2. It also takes place in the 1970s and 1980s, according to the leak.

While this is not an official announcement it should be taken with a grain of salt. Full details of the leak:

  • A chapter system similar to DDR2 and the first two chapters established in the late 1970s.
  • October 2023 Target
  • One of the male protagonists (code name Ricardo, which was already leaked). The protagonist’s name itself is a spoiler that could potentially ruin the story, and the leak also says to be wary of future leaks that could ruin the protagonist’s name.
  • The map includes Miami/Florida and a smaller map that appears in limited interaction (similar to Guarma in RDR2).
  • The Leak Detector claims that Dan Hauser left because he was burned out after RDR2, but that he may return in the future.
  • The main story will take about 60 hours to complete.
  • GTAO, which comes a few months after the release of its single-player counterpart. (Something similar to what they did with RDR2 and Red Dead Online).
  • The leak claims it’s the best story ever put into a GTA game, but not as gripping as RDR2.
  • The structure of the mission should be sufficiently flexible.
  • The map is smaller than RDR2, but much denser. (This seems like the biggest red flag in terms of leak credibility, but given that the game has been around for decades, it makes sense that they decided to package it further or another possibility could be something like The Witcher 3 where there are multiple maps with different locations).
  • Mini games include surfing, windsurfing and roller derby.
  • RDR1 has been technically remastered and comes before GTAVI.
  • It should be noted that if someone has asked to disclose something very specific that can be used to see the credibility of the leak in the future, says the leak: You meet Ken Rosenberg, and he talks about Tommy Verzetti several times, although you never meet Tommy.
  • According to the leak, an example of the improvement in AI design is an NPC honking and aggressively driving around other motorists because they are late for work.
  • The GTAIV family mentioned and the love fist involved in the mission and optional missions.
  • Direct contact with explosives can blow off limbs, machetes can leave deep cuts on people, and gunfire in close combat can cause bone chips.
  • A level of nudity comparable to that of cyberpunk….
  • The developers have impressed Sony, and the load times are surprisingly good for a game of this size and detail. They also use Dualsense tactics for the game.
  • Priority is given to consoles, so the PC version will be released later after optimization.
  • The shape of the body can change, like in San Andreas, but not as dramatically. People will comment on your choice of clothing.
  • Online is punished for being released. (Not like GTAO now, where cars and other crap fly around).
  • RDR2 also benefits from a next-gen patch that n’t change the graphics, but does offer better load times and a 60fps slot.
  • The main character was conceived around 2017, but was not completed because it did not fit into the story of GTA.
  • The main character must be 34 years old by the end of the game. (I think here you play the protagonist’s father in the 1970s part, and then the protagonist in the modern part.
  • The protagonist is a white man, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a light complexion. The Italian grew up in America and has jet black hair.
  • The storms and weather effects are really awesome.
  • When someone asked if a remastered version of GTASA was planned, the leak mentioned that the anniversary was planned, right?
  • Improved vehicle configuration with GTAV. Cars change over time, as do clothes and hairstyles. Old cars become rarer with time, and if someone sees you driving an old car, they might call it junk.
  • The leak mentions that the Mexican from the previous leak is a very rich man who sells Colombian marijuana powder.
  • The mafia is in play, but the leak declined to share more details.
  • Liberty City has limited missions in the game. The influence of the mafia family is strong there.
  • Pop and rock music play an important role in the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys has a few songs in it.
  • Dan wrote a rough idea for the game, but didn’t write much.
  • The game is highly politically incorrect, according to the leak.
  • The announcement could come as early as spring 2022.

What do you think of the latest leak about GTA 6 and do you think it’s true? Let us know your comments in the section below.

frequently asked questions

In which year is GTA 6 released?

Grand Theft Auto IV

Is GTA 6 coming exclusively to the PS5?

Why GTA fans think GTA 6 could be a PS5-exclusive title, when it’s possible Sony and Rockstar have reached an agreement on PS5 exclusivity for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Is GTA 6 coming out today?

Nothing really happened, so all we can say is that GTA 6 has been in early development since April 2020. So it’s hard to predict a release window, but we could at least hear about the game in late 2021, with a possible 2022 release.

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