Late game performance tips that work

Hey, guys,

I’ve been studying Stellaris using a debugger and performance profiling tools to see what can help improve performance, and I have a few suggestions if you encounter lag in the game that makes it unbearable :

  • Irony’s mod manager has a tool that compresses all your mods.
    • This significantly improves the loading performance of the game by changing the way PhysFS (the library used in the game) loads the files, which also contributes to the performance of the game, but the loading time is an important element. Hopefully Paradox will eventually require all mods to be distributed on Zipper.
  • Close all parts of the lining.
    • The outliner sections execute the code in each frame, so if they’re all opened late in the game, you can get quite a delay. Military fleets are the main cause of the backlog, but the more you close them, the less work there is. However, the point is to shut down each group in the schedule, NOT to shut down the schedule. If you close the contour itself with open sections, they will continue to process data in the background.
  • Add the -dx11 flag if you are using Windows.
    • The dx11 renderer adds multiple threads when loading textures and seems to be slightly faster overall.
  • Check your GUIObjects if you are getting extreme lag/low framerate.
    • Open the console (key ` or ~) and enter the information, do the same if you want to disable it. You should see a popup window with debug text with counters for many things, including gfx objects and gui objects. These numbers must be under 100,000 by the end of normal play, and before. If they constantly increase, even when paused, there is a leak of GuiObject that gradually reduces performance. The easiest way to solve this problem is to make a permanent backup, and then fix random things with an open info dialog, hopefully the number will stop rising and you’ll figure out what’s causing it, go back to the previous backup, fix the last thing you did, and the problem might go away. I saw this about the starbase defense platforms in the FE system I recently took over.
    • If the number is high but not rising, try saving and reloading (or closing the game and reopening it) and checking the number again, which should reset the UI and set the number back to zero. I’ve noticed a few things that can cause constant leakage of guio objects, and I’m working on finding as many as possible and making a list of them so they can be fixed (for example, I just noticed that if you use the invasion warning icon to switch between different planets where armies have invaded, it leaks a few hundred items each time, so if you use it a lot).
    • I suspect the leaky GuiObjects are one of the main reasons the game stops working in the later stages where you can save and load, and it’s better for a while because there are multiple functions looking at each GuiObject in each frame, so there’s a significant loss of FPS at 10x.
  • At the end of the game, try to avoid systems with lots of large fleets, or leave planets open with lots of pop.
    • Systems with large fleets affect productivity because fleet capacity is often recalculated.
  • Use mods to prevent the AI from using the delay generation functions.
    • Habitat – The AI likes habitat spam, there are several mods that can easily disable this for the AI.
    • Species fusion is a property that allows two species to fuse and generate new species, creating a HUGE number of species, especially when the AI starts using them. The species list is often loaded to determine the habitability of a planet and to color the icons of colonized planets (among other things), which causes a delay in creation.
    • Trade route calculations can increase lag, there are mods that can (less accurately) remove all AI trade routes and give them an energy buffer to compensate.
  • The 3dstats command is useful for checking the impact on performance.
  • If you see a crash on a certain date that happens every time, it’s probably due to a mod event. You should be able to modify your sav file to remove the event.

And of course, it never hurts to purge all the dirty xenos to reduce the number of new galactic pop.

That said, if you have an endgame save option that still has too much lag or an insurmountable crash with these tricks, I’m willing to look at it, but then I’d have to zip your active mods and export your mod order and sav file.

Of course some may improve with the next update, but I think 2.8 will last a while for those who still need to update some mods.

I hope this helps someone!

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