For its price, the Xiaomi Mi Box S offers a complete range of services and above all brings many new features compared to the old model. Interested? It now drops to 59 euros on Rue du Commerce, while some retailers do not hesitate to sell it at the high price of 79 euros.

Last Chance: the Xiaomi Mi Box S (Android Tv) is Available 59 Euros

If you don’t have a TV box with your Internet subscription, then the best alternative is to turn to a high-performance Android TV box. The Xiaomi Mi Box S seems to be the perfect choice thanks to its interesting price/quality ratio, especially since it is currently priced at 59 euros on Rue du Commerce.

7 /10

Last Chance: the Xiaomi Mi Box S (Android Tv) is Available 59 Euros

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is simply an improvement of the old model. Its design changes slightly, notably with the manufacturer’s logo now placed in the middle of the case, but that’s not what will really distinguish it from its predecessor. It stands out above all for the integration of new functionalities.

The Android TV box from the Chinese manufacturer has the particularity of natively integrating Google Assistant, for which there is a dedicated button on the remote control and a microphone to talk to it. Netflix also has its own button for quick access to the popular streamingservice.

Performance has also been revised upwards. The Mi Box S features an Amlogic S905X chip that includes a 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 processor and a 750 MHz Mali 450 graphics chip – all backed by 2 GB of RAM. While it can run a few 3D games from the Play Store, this configuration mainly brings compatibility with many video formats, including 4K at 60 frames per second, and audio.

On Android TV (recently upgraded to Android 8.1 Oreo for widescreen), it obviously offers access to the Play Store to download numerous games and applications, as well as the Chromecast function to easily stream content from a smartphone, tablet or the Chrome browser on your PC/Mac.

To know everything about the Xiaomi Mi Box S, we invite you to read our complete test.

  • Xiaomi’s good value for money
  • Its performance has been revised upwards
  • Google Assistant integration

Through a flash sale, the Xiaomi Mi Box S goes to 59 euros on Rue du Commerce.

Erratum of 31 January 2019 Following the publication of the test, several readers have reported an error concerning the identification of the internal SoC of the Mi Box S. After verification, the SoC of the test copy is indeed an Amlogic S905X,…
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