Last Chance for the 30 Gb Mobile Post Package 9.99 Euros

Usually offered at 14.99 euros per month, the unlimited 30 GB package from La Poste Mobile drops to 9.99 euros with the promo code “PROMO30”. It is always a non-binding package, the price of which will not change after one year. This makes it one of the best offers at 10 euros at the moment.

Last Chance for the 30 Gb Mobile Post Package 9.99 Euros

Last chance. La Poste Mobile offers for the last day aa 5 euro discount valid “for life” on its unlimited mobile package with 30 GB of data. Thanks to the promo code ” PROMO30 “. It falls to EUR 9.99 per month instead of EUR 14.99. It will no longer be available as of tomorrow, September 18.

In detail, you are entitled to unlimited calls/SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France and to the French Overseas Departments and Territories as well as 30 GB of data in 4G, within the limit of 129 different recipients per month and 3 consecutive hours per call. If you consume the entire 30 GB, the data will simply be cut off. It is therefore impossible to go off the beaten track on this point.

It is very practical if you are not careful with your consumption, it will avoid many unpleasant surprises. This can also be interesting if you have a teenager who is not very concerned about your wallet. In case of urgent need, you can buy refills by calling 2525, prices vary from 2 euros for 100 MB to 7 euros for 2 GB.

10 GB in Europe

You also benefit from unlimited calls/SMS and MMS abroad, but it is especially on data in Europe (in the strict sense) and in the French overseas departments (including Mayotte) that the offer stands out. The data envelope offered is 10 GB in 4G, where others are generally satisfied with 4 GB. This gives it a significant advantage and therefore makes it also a very suitable solution for not-so-occasional travellers.

The mechanisms for out of bundle are the same as in France: the data is blocked and you can buy refills. The prices are identical and discounted in the same way. Finally, it should be noted that La Poste Mobile operates on the SFR network. It will be necessary to add 10 euros to the order for the triple cut SIM card.

The package put together, for 9.99 euros per month, you have a particularly complete and very versatile package. It can be suitable for a main line, a secondary line or for your children. You’re spoilt for choice.

The 30 GB La Poste Mobile Mail package in brief

  • Calls/SMS/Illimited calls in France and Europe
  • 30 Gb of data in France, 10 in Europe, in 4G
  • 9.99 euros per month with the code “PROMO30”.
  • A very complete offer for its price

La Poste Mobile’s 30 GB plan is available for 9.99 euros per month instead of 14.99 euros with the promo code “PROMO30”. The code is to be filled in at the time of payment. The offer is valid until 18 September.