Laser Printer : the Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

HP laserjet pro M281FDW

+ Large touch screen and full connectivity

+ Printing speed

+ Document feeder

Brother HL-L2310D

+ Very fast

+ Remarkable compactness

+ Automatic duplexer

Brother HL-3140CW

+ Color Laser

+ Connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print)

+ Reasonable price

How to choose your laser printer?

Which laser printer to choose?

  • Laser printers have often been likened to large, bulky professional copiers. Today, while these devices still exist, other, more compact models have appeared and can now equip individuals who regularly print documents other than photos (for which inkjet printers are still more efficient).
  • In order to choose the best laser printer, also think about your use: do you need colour? A multi-function model? Both? The variety of references is now sufficient for you to find the model that suits you best, without (too) many compromises.

Laser printer test: criteria to be checked

  • Printer data sheets are sometimes quite fuzzy. What criteria should you focus on when choosing the best laser printer? Print and scanner resolution (in the case of a multifunction printer), print speed (but be careful, the manufacturer’s data often does not represent your actual use), connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, NFC…), presence of a card reader, a USB port, consumption and noise pollution.
  • Used to touch with your smartphone and/or tablet (or even your laptop), it may be unthinkable for you to do without it on your printer. So remember to check this.
  • Some models are equipped with an automatic duplex mode, and/or a document feeder (for multifunction models): all of which should be taken into account, as they can make your life easier.
  • To concoct our selection of the best laser printers, here are all the criteria we put in the balance.

Once reserved for companies, laser technology is now accessible to everyone. And it offers undeniable advantages over traditional inkjet printers. From our selection of the best 2019 printers, we have chosen laser printers. Are you looking to equip yourself with one of these models? Here is our selection of the best laser printers!

1. Brother HL-L2310D, small, simple, but how fast!

+ Very fast

+ Remarkable compactness

+ Automatic duplexing

– No Wi-Fi

– A little noisy.

A compact, fast and efficient laser printer for less than 80 euros, does that appeal to you? In this case, take a look at this Brother model, which has a few charming features in addition to its low price.

The first of them is its printing speed: announced at 30 pages per minute, this printer seems in practice to be very fast indeed, which is not without incidence, by the way, on the noise level of the room: despite the 48 dB(A) announced by the manufacturer, this printer seems a little noisy in use, at least for a laser model.

Its large 250-sheet tray and especially its automatic duplex mode (a must at this price!) are convincing us. It’s just a shame that Brother has spared itself a Wi-Fi connection, knowing that even Ethernet is missing. You’ll have to make do with a good old USB cable (not included…). In 2019, that’s a bit tight, Mr. Brother!

2. Brother HL-3140CW, the low cost color

Brother HL

+ Color laser

+ Connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print)

+ Reasonable price

– Early Toner Replacement Alert

– No automatic duplexing

Laser technology is not limited to black and white And if you need to print in color, here is a model that can offer it to you, without costing you a kidney (at the time of writing, it is just over a hundred euros).

Again from Brother (one of the major players in laser printing), this printer takes advantage of 4 separate toners to output your color documents, all with an interesting speed (18 pages per minute announced). It has a large-capacity paper tray (250 pages), but does not have duplex mode, unlike the model shown above. A little regret.

There’s nothing to say on the connectivity side, however, with Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Cloud Print and even NFC compatibility for those who want to print from their smartphone.

Among the faults found during our research, we noted several testimonials that evoked a toner replacement alert that was too early: don’t panic, just ignore the message and continue printing until the toner runs out.

3. Brother DCP-L2530DW, a very fast multifunction

brother DCP

+ Multifunction

+ Amazing printing speed

+ Automatic duplexing

– Screen a little small

– A little noisy (for a laser)

While some people need colour, others are looking for versatility. This need could be met by this (still) Brother model, which has more or less the same advantages as the previous reference: exemplary connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Cloud Print…), large 250-sheet tray, very satisfactory printing speed (announced at 30 pages per minute).

What’s the little extra in this product? Its automatic double-sided mode, which avoids tedious manual intervention. His little minus? The absence of a document feeder, which would have complemented the versatile capabilities of this printer so well.

One will also regret the size of the screen and the level of noise generated, a little high for a laser printer.

4. Samsung SL-C480W, multifunction and colour


+ Multifunction color

+ Connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, cloud)

+ Good print quality

– Poorly legible screen

– The feed tray protrudes

If you want to combine colour with versatility, we suggest you take a look at this model from Samsung. Admittedly, it’s not the best designed printer (a tray that protrudes out of the device and makes it too compact, a Wi-Fi seems complex to set up, a two-line screen that’s a bit small), but it does the job discreetly (good compactness despite everything and very moderate noise pollution).

It offers colour, thanks to its 4 separate toners, but you will have to be patient to see your shimmering documents come out (about 15 seconds, compared to just over 3 for a monochrome document). Also note the presence of NFC and an Ethernet socket, which advantageously completes the connectivity of the device.

If you are looking for a laser multifunction printer, which is faster and more economical (in the long run) but just as versatile as an inkjet printer, this model is undoubtedly a reference to consider when making your choice. And this is all the more true if you’re looking for bargains: this printer has already appeared in the 200 euro range on the net. At this rate, it becomes a very good deal.

5. HP laserjet pro M281FDW, a multi-talent tailored for SMEs


+ Large touch screen and full connectivity

+ Printing speed

+ Document feeder

– No double-sided scanning

– Start up a little long

If you don’t want to make any compromises, we can offer you this printer from the HP Laserjet Pro range. A model that we had a little trouble finding flaws in, even if they exist. For example, documents that cannot be scanned double-sided cannot be scanned. A little embarrassing in this price range. Or a slow start. Finally, a high rate (nearly 300 euros) for an individual, but still affordable for a company.

As for the rest, we can only rejoice: colour printing (based on 4 separate toners) as well as monochrome prints come out at a speed of more than 20 pages per minute (according to HP), the printer has a comfortable 250-page capacity tray, it is equipped with a document feeder and an automatic duplex mode, it offers seamless connectivity (Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, Cloud Print, scanning to an email address)…

Finally, this LaserJet Pro displays on a large 7.6 cm color touch screen, allowing you to perform your operations in the greatest comfort. The whole thing, in a format that’s not so bulky after all.

Our product selection process

We carry out each comparison with the same thoroughness and methodology. We spend 4 to 5 hours analysing the characteristics and opinions of the products available in France.

As a result, we have a list of about 15 products and we test them all.

The products with an advantage to be asserted are thus presented in this comparison.

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