Slow to Receive Its Emails During the Whole Month of April

We are currently experiencing slowdowns resulting in delays in the delivery of messages to mailboxes” warns the Home page

For several days now, the free webmail of the Post Office has been afflicted by problems of slowness that cause significant delays in receiving mail (several dozen hours, reported some users). This kind of dysfunction is always painful, but here it is exacerbated by the expected delay before a return to normal.

La Poste is asking its e-mail users to wait for the whole month of April. On Twitter, it is explained that these delays in receiving mail will gradually disappear throughout this period and that a “sustainable solution is being deployed to be fully operational in the coming weeks.»

The Post Office does not give any information on the exact reasons for these traffic jams. The service doesn’t mention anything that could suggest a security problem, it looks more like a heavy intervention on the service’s infrastructure (based on Zimbra since 2014). La Poste, on the other hand, assures that there will be no loss of mail to be deplored. We contacted their press office hoping to learn a little more.

Thank you Arpeges

[Updated at 4:15 p.m.]: The Post Office gave us the following answer: ” We are carrying out major technical upgrades to increase the capacity of our servers. This causes a slowdown in the delivery of messages to the mailboxes of The technical teams are making every effort to restore the proper functioning of theservice”.

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