Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Sounds off on LeBron James: ‘What Else Do You Want?’

The Lakers are reportedly trying to trade away Kent Bazemore and the Orlando Magic have expressed interest, but he left an interesting comment on Social Media

The “Lakers News: Kent Bazemore Sounds off on LeBron James ‘What Else Do You Want?’” is a post from that discusses the Lakers and their recent play. The article discusses how Kent Bazemore has been playing well and how he has been able to help out the team. Read more in detail here: nba rumors: lakers .

Lakers star LeBron James

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers (photo: Getty)

This season, the Los Angeles Lakers were a complete catastrophe. Despite having five future Hall of Famers on the roster in LeBron James Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard, they only won 33 games and missed the playoffs.

From Westbrook’s poor performance to Davis’ inability to remain healthy, there’s enough of blame to go around for the Lakers’ disastrous season. Kent Bazemore, a small forward, isn’t pointing any fingers at James.

Bazemore told TMZ Sports, “The man was third in the league in scoring.” “Is there anything more you want him to do?” This year, he pushed his body through a lot to be there for us.”

For the Lakers, James enjoyed a fantastic season. The four-time champion shot 52.4 percent from the field, 35.9% from beyond the arc, and 75.6 percent from the free-throw line while averaging 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists.

However, owing to injuries, James only appeared in 56 games. A left ankle sprain, a left knee ailment, and a left groin injury plagued the four-time MVP.

In 2021-22, James’ body betrayed him.

In 2021-22, James’ body betrayed him.. His body has actually started to break down since he signed with the Lakers in 2018. The most games James has played in LOS ANGELES is 67.

When Bazemore argues that James did all he could to help the Lakers win games this season, he is correct. The four-time Finals MVP battled through three ailments, and on April 12, he informed the media that he shouldn’t have played on his sprained ankle after injuring it severely against the New Orleans Pelicans on April 1.

During his farewell interview on April 12, James remarked, “If we were the team that I thought and desired we were, I shouldn’t have played in that New Orleans game after the injury.” “I made it worse, but I wanted to see if we could make a late push,” he said. “But it was literally less than a week after the injury in New Orleans.” So I sort of aggravated the situation, but I’ll be OK.”

James has the physique of Superman. He stands 6-foot-9 and weighs 250 pounds. After playing through three serious injuries, most players would certainly need offseason surgery, but James informed the media during his farewell interview that he won’t be going under the knife this summer.

“There’s no need for surgery,” James said. “There will be no injections, but I’ll have to keep off it for four to six weeks to allow it to heal….” I’ve scheduled some more medical visits in the coming weeks to examine my knee and groin, and then we’ll proceed from there.”

Since James put up amazing stats, no one on the Lakers can blame his basketball productivity for the team’s poor season. The Lakers’ front staff is “internally blaming pressure” from Klutch Sports Group for the Westbrook deal, according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

The Lakers blame LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the Westbrook trade.

Last summer, James and Davis lobbied Rob Pelinka, the Lakers’ Vice President of basketball operations and general manager, to trade for Westbrook. Los Angeles’ signing of Westbrook was a complete failure, as the one-time MVP was second in the NBA in turnovers and didn’t mesh well with James and Davis owing to his inability to make outside jumpers.

Fans began nicknamed Westbrook “Russell Westbrick” because he shot 29.8% from beyond the arc and airballed so many shots.

“The organization sold its championship depth for Russell Westbrook at the request of LeBron James and Anthony Davis yet the three stars still got a prolonged vacation,” Pincus wrote. “After the season, Davis said that he would meet with James in the summer to’reevaluate.’ Me and him, upstairs, discussing the season and what we’d want to see next season.’

“Ideally, their recommendations to the Lakers’ front management will be preferable to Westbrook’s acquisition. However, James has a significant effect on the Lakers’ decision-making. According to many reports, the team’s front staff is blaming Westbrook on pressure from Klutch Sports Group (who represents both James and Davis).

This summer, the Lakers are likely to split ways with Westbrook. Meanwhile, James has the option of signing a two-year, $97 million agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers

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