La Poste Mobile: an Unlimited 19.90 Plan With Smartphone, 4g is Coming


Unlimited with limitations obviously

La Poste Mobile recently held a press conference to unveil new rate plans, including one for less than 20 euros per month with an entry-level smartphone included. It is also an opportunity for the virtual operator that operates SFR’s network to announce the arrival of 4G early next year.

La Poste Mobile recently launched Quad Play with its Quatro subscriptions, which we revealed to you in exclusivity. As a reminder, they combine a Neufbox V6 with one of the mobile phone packages, all with a reduction of up to 12 euros per month (see our file).

” An all-inclusive package at 19.90 euros per month with smartphone included ”

Since then, the operator has remained relatively wise, but has just unveiled a new offer at 19.90 euros per month with a 24-month commitment and a smartphone included. It includes calls, Unlimited SMS / MMS, one hour of communication to 69 international destinations, but only 300 MB of data (3G+ up to 42 Mb/s) with a reduced speed beyond that. As always, La Poste Mobile specifies that this must remain “within the limit of a reasonable use of 3 times the threshold beyond which the flow is reduced“, what happens once the 900 MB is exceeded? This is not specified.

In addition, “modem, Peer to Peer and Newsgroups uses are prohibited and are billed outside of theflat rate”, which is 500 euros per GB, all the same. Please note that this new package comes at the same rate as the 3H package with 250 MB of data, which is therefore no longer of interest. There are also other usual limitations of the operator: a maximum of 99 correspondents for calls, SMS and MMS, as well as two hours per call. Beyond that, you will have to pay out of the bundle: 0.37 euro per minute, 0.10 euro per SMS and 0.30 euro per MMS.

In any event, the operator justifies its choice in terms of data by specifying that, according to ARCEP, “mobile telephony customers using data services consume, on average, 300 MB per month“. This study covers the first quarter of the year, but given the evolution of consumption, there is a good chance that the average will increase considerably over the next two years, which will not be the case for your package. Moreover, there is nothing to say that those who consume less will be prepared to spend 20 euros per month, or to commit 24 months in the current context.

But according to La Poste Mobile, the advantage of this package is that you can get a smartphone for 0 euro, via a 24-month commitment. Two models are thus offered (sometimes with a 9-euro refund offer): the Sony Xperia E and Galaxy Y. As a reminder, the first is around 130 euros, compared to 70 euros for the second.

In the worst case, the smartphone would be charged 5 euros per month. But currently, for less than 15 euros per month, without commitment, you can already have Unlimited Calls SMS and MMS with more than 300 MB of data, especially with Joe Mobile as shown in our All Packages Comparison. So it will all come down to your ability to commit, your need to spend an hour calling internationally and the amount of data you want to have at most.

La Poste Mobile

4G will be proposed in early 2014

La Poste Mobile then takes the opportunity to discuss its future and the arrival of 4G (via the SFR network again). For the moment, there is only talk of an arrival in early 2014, without further details. Let’s hope that “Fair use” will increase significantly at that time.

Published on 05 September 2013 at 08:45 AM




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