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Safran, an international high-technology group operating in the fields of aeronautics, defense and space, is recruiting data developers and engineers. This week, in an interview with Valérie Quiniou, we invite you to discover the Safran Analytics entity and its data engineer anddeveloper jobs, in order to get an idea of the projects you could be working on.

Hello Valerie, could you introduce yourself and your team?

Valérie Quiniou:

I am in charge of the DevOps division within Safran Analytics, the Group entity in charge of coordinating our activities in the field of big data and Analytics. In the team, we are about twenty developers, data engineers and platform experts. Our mission is to make data exploitation a performance lever for the Group. We support our companies in the collection and analysis of data which, combined with their business expertise, will enable them to develop new services for Safran and its customers.

My team is multidisciplinary and we are privileged, firstly because we work with innovative methods and technologies with the resources of a large Group, but also because of the very stimulating challenges that are presented to us, not to mention our working environment on the Saclay plateau, which is exceptional.

What types of profiles do you manage?

I manage both front-end / back-end / full stack developers and data engineers. I am actively recruiting all these profiles, even if, at the moment, I am focusing on recruiting data engineers. They design for Safran Analytics all the data pipelines for the various projects and ensure that this data is correctly transmitted and made available within the expected timeframe and performance.

I’m also looking for technical experts to maintain our platform in operational condition.

Data Engineer Definition:

The Data Engineer defines, develops, implements and maintains the tools and infrastructures suitable for data analysis by data science teams. It ensures the creation of a solution that allows the processing of large volumes of data while guaranteeing their security. It represents the first link in the data processing chain. source

Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran

Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran

What qualities do you ask of candidates?

For data engineer profiles, we are looking for people who, when implementing a solution, do not only think in terms of development from scratch, but who are able, when acting, to ask themselves whether it is better to develop everything or to integrate solutions from the market, or to mix the two possibilities. For developers, as we strongly favour the agile SCRUM method and technologies such as JavaScript and React JS for the front-end or Python or Spark for the back-end, these experiences are important when recruiting.

What exactly does Safran Analytics do?

Our role is to work on the processing of the data at all stages of its acquisition from a source, whether it is internal in our plants or at a customer’s, through its analysis and up to its presentation.

For example, in data manufacturing, we may have to study a production line on which we manufacture a part X, and for which we see a digression with an increasing scrap rate. Our role is to analyze the data to identify the causes so that corrective and preventive actions can be implemented. It’s very motivating, and our mission has a concrete impact on the daily lives of Safran companies, but also on those of all the Group’s customers, most of whom are in the aeronautics sector.

With our data, for example, airlines are able to maximize the flight time of their aircraft, while ensuring maximum reliability through erosion analysis and predictive maintenance.

We are under a lot of pressure we work on very different technological projects and, while technical skills are necessary, we also need to have a broad and up-to-date culture of current technologies, to prescribe the right methods and tools according to user needs.

A quick word at the end?

Yes, even though we are a large Group, we have complete autonomy within Safran Analytics, and we are capable of investing in long-term projects, while at the same time experimenting with new things in our data garage as part of side projects.

At the moment, for example, we are testing assemblies with Arduino and Raspberry, and we are interested in Blockchain technologies, drones. It’s very rewarding and it gives us a lot of ideas for the future within Analytics!

Photo credit: Benoit Vallet / Safran

Interview conducted as part of the SAFRAN recruitment campaign

Some open positions at SAFRAN

  • Senior DevOps Developer
  • DevOps integrator (you will play with Docker in particular)
  • Data Engineer Senior
  • Data Engineer
  • Ops Engineer
  • Data Integration specialist M/F
  • Experienced DevOps Engineer M/F
  • Flight data and IoT system and software architect M/F
  • Full stack developer M/F
  • Guarantor of monitoring and data management tools M/F
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