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I really like to listen to music (mp3 or streaming) on my computer, but I also like to listen to the radio… I just…

So, as I’ve done a little bit of research on methods and software to listen to radio on the internet, I’ve also asked my friends on Twitter and, in order not to spoil things, I thought I’d share all this with you in an anthology post :-).

Attention, this is not exhaustive so if you have other softwares or other “techniques” do not hesitate to share them.

Listen to the radio with software

There are many software programs that allow you to listen to the radio on the Internet. Some are dedicated to this and others are more generalist players. I’ve tried to group only those I think are good. You don’t have to put in thousands, you just have to take the best.



I really like Antenna. This little AIR software works on all OSes and offers a map on which you will find all the radios in the world. You can use the map to discover new stations, but also filter/sort by genre, country, bitrate…etc. Antenna also allows you to record what you listen to in MP3, however, serious little flaw, you can’t bookmark stations at the moment.


VLC is a really great software for listening to the radio. You can do everything with it, including retrieving audio stream addresses from your favorite radio websites and listening to them directly in VLC.

VLC offers via its “Internet” menu (under Windows)…


or “Service Discovery” (on Mac) .


…media such as Icecast, Jamendo and TV stations or podcasts. For example, you can find the channels offered on the Freebox but for a reason I don’t know, in the latest versions, I only find the TV channels and no more radios. I think the playlist offered by the Freebox v6 has changed. So I made you some more complete homemade playlists for the freenauts. Tested and approved on Freebox v6, but not tested on Freebox v5 or older. If you get any feedback on this, I’m in.

  • The Freebox TV + Radio playlist
  • The Freebox Radios playlist only

You can use these playlists with VLC but also with any other software that supports the m3u playlist format (and the rtsp protocol).


It’s integrated into iTunes, but we can’t search for it, and we just have a list that’s a bit of a jumble with radios sorted by genre. It’s fun, but you can’t bookmark anything, and to find your favorite radio station, you have to be miserable. iTunes only works on Mac and Windows.

And if you use SubSonic, you also have the option of adding audio streams from radios you like.



Apart from VLC and iTunes, there are other handy little softs to listen to the radio on Windows only.


TapinRadio offers a list of stations, but you can also perfectly add your own. The software is really very complete, supports plugins and allows you to record and even schedule recordings. Practical! However, be careful, because the installer is trying to install a toolbar in your browser. Remember to uncheck the correct boxes when installing.

Tapinradio is free and exists in a portable version.

TapinRadio v1.50

And if I don’t? Well there are also Foobar2000 and Winamp which are a little bit in the same working principle as VLC. Good little softs in which you will have to add your own radio audio streams.

And if you like widgets under Windows Vista and Seven, you might be interested in IMS Radio Player.


RadioTray is available as a source or .deb for Ubuntu and is very discreet in the taskbar. The preloaded radios are American radios, but as with most softs, you can add your own audio streams.




Very sober and discreet. However, you have to add the feeds yourself. FStream also offers to record the radio.


Otherwise, there are also Snowtape, Radium and Radioline that I haven’t tested, because they all pay, but they all look really nice!

Listen to the radio in an Internet browser

There are several rather well-made sites that allow in 1 click to listen to your favorite radios …


TuneIn is a really complete site. It offers all the radio stations in France and around the world. The player opens in a popup and the stations are classified by country / city and by type (music, news, sports radio…).



Google Chrome has an absolutely magical extension that offers a whole catalogue of radios. It’s called Radio Live Player and it’s just a killer. To listen to the radio in Chrome, you just have to choose, and you will be able to listen directly in your favorite browser. It’s really great and you can even choose the plugin you want to use (full HTML plugin, VLC plugin or Windows Media Player plugin)



Probably one of the oldest sites offering online radios. Basically, you take the commercial radios we all know, you take them out and you have everything else. Small radios run by amateurs, some of which are worth the detour. Live365.

And the others?

And if not, there are also Radioways, Internet Radio which offers radios from all over the world, Orange’s Live Radio and Radiomee in full flash (you have to like it).

And to close this paragraph, there is still the good old basic method of simply logging on to your favourite radio station’s site. They all have streaming players that you need for live and replayed shows. Here is a list of French-language radio stations (not exhaustive) that I could find here and there. If you see that some are missing, do not hesitate to write it in the comments of this news.

  • Accent 4
  • Arte Radio
  • Beaub-FM
  • Bel RTL
  • BeurFM
  • BFM
  • Channel B
  • Chérie FM
  • Classic21
  • Contact FM
  • Colour 3
  • D!rect
  • Space 2
  • Europe 1
  • PIF
  • France Bleue
  • France Culture
  • France Info
  • France Inter
  • France Musique
  • Frequency Banana
  • The Big Radio
  • The First
  • Radio Plus
  • Latina
  • Lausanne FM
  • Le Mouv’
  • Mint
  • Musiq3
  • Normandie FM
  • Nostalgia
  • NRJ
  • NRJ-Antilles
  • Music Option
  • OUFtivi
  • OuiRock
  • Plum.
  • PureFM
  • Radio 6
  • ABF Radio
  • Radio Campus Bordeaux
  • Radio Campus Lille
  • Radio Campus Paris
  • Radio Campus Rennes
  • Radio Campus Toulouse
  • Caribbean Radio International
  • Classical Radio
  • Radio Dijon Campus
  • Radio FG
  • Radio Raspberry
  • Radio France Maghreb
  • Radio France Outre-Mer
  • Frog Radio
  • Radio Latina
  • Liberty Radio
  • Radio Mona
  • Radio Nova
  • Sunshine Radio
  • Radio-Pulsar
  • Radiox2
  • RFI
  • Laughter and Songs
  • Tropical CMA
  • Red FM
  • RTL
  • RTL2
  • FM Rhythm
  • Skyrock
  • SudRadio
  • All the info
  • TSF Jazz
  • VivaCité
  • Voltage

Listen to the radio on your phone


  • FStream: Same principle as his big brother on OSX. It’s up to you to add the streams to listen to the radios. FStream allows you to record.
  • Sonio: It’s more than a radio, it’s a clock radio ! (paying)
  • Radio.fr : The software of the site of the same name (which I didn’t talk about, because I find it average). The app is very good and offers lots of features on the side like alarm clock radio, tops of all kinds, podcasts … etc…
  • Liveradio d’Orange: Nothing to say, it’s great.


  • TuneIn: As the site of the same no, a killing. Nothing to say! Exists in pro version.
  • Radio.fr : Just like the iPhone.
  • Radiomee: Radios and podcasts (by Orange Vallée)

And of course, on mobile, you can find all the dedicated applications of each radio… Virgin, OuïFM, Fun Radio, Radio France…etc.

Listen to false radios

What I call fake radios are services that just play big playlists. It’s also very nice even if it doesn’t have the charm of old-fashioned radio. Here are some services and tools that offer this kind of service.


Spotify offers a dozen channels per genre… Latina, Pop, Rock, Trance, 80s, Electro, Jazz, Classical… etc. Nothing too crazy. Quite a lot of tracks that are spinning, but that’s it for options or customization. The advantage is that as soon as you are interested in a song, you can go and check the album and add it to your playlists.



It’s my favourite site in terms of “fake radio”. Ideal for making new discoveries. I’ve talked about it here: Earbits

cape 2011 10 28 a%CC%80 16.53.24 Earbits The web radio with balls

And the others?

Well if not, there is also Deezer, Jamendo, Last.fm and of course Grooveshark…

Listen to radio via Internet radio (physical)

With a media center like XBMC or your ADSL box, listening to the radio is child’s play. But if you really want a good little web radio, there are many that are very good. As for me, I chose Logitech’s Squeezebox, which in addition to offering all the web radios on Wifi, allows you to listen to your iTunes playlist, to have access to Spotify or to listen to your podcasts. A must, I love it!


Special mention to the FunCube Dongle Pro, a small device that plugs into the USB port and allows you to receive all radio frequencies between 64 and 1700 Mhz… To receive radio and much more…

Bonus! Live radio streams!

I can’t put them all on you, so I’ve made you a chef’s selection.

  • France Inter: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_inter_mp3/france_inter_mp3-128k.m3u
  • France Info: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_info/france_info.m3u
  • France Culture: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_culture_mp3/france_culture_mp3-128k.m3u
  • France Musique: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_musique_mp3/france_musique_mp3-128k.m3u
  • FIP: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/fip_mp3/fip_mp3-128k.m3u
  • Le Mouv’ : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/le_mouv_mp3/le_mouv_mp3-128k.m3u
  • France Vivace: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_vivace_mp3/france_vivace_mp3-128k.m3u
  • France Bleu Ile-de-France: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_ile-de-france_mp3/france_bleu_ile-de-france_mp3-128k.m3u
  • France Inter Grandes Ondes: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/franceintergrandesondes-mp3/franceintergrandesondes-mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Alsace: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_alsace_mp3/france_bleu_alsace_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Armorique: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_armorique_mp3/france_bleu_armorique_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Auxerre: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_auxerre_mp3/france_bleu_auxerre_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Azur: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_azur_mp3/france_bleu_azur_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Basse-Normandie: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_basse_normandie_mp3/france_bleu_basse_normandie_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Béarn: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_bearn_mp3/france_bleu_bearn_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Belfort: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_belfort_mp3/france_bleu_belfort_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Berry: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_berry_mp3/france_bleu_berry_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Besançon: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_besancon_mp3/france_bleu_besancon_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Bourgogne: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_bourgogne_mp3/france_bleu_bourgogne_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Breiz Izel: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_breiz_izel_mp3/france_bleu_breiz_izel_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Champagne: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_champagne_mp3/france_bleu_champagne_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Cotentin: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_cotentin_mp3/france_bleu_cotentin_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Creuse: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_creuse_mp3/france_bleu_creuse_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Drôme Ardèche: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_drome_ardeche_mp3/france_bleu_drome_ardeche_mp3-32k.m3u
  • Frequenza Mora: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_frequenza_mora_mp3/france_bleu_frequenza_mora_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Gard Lozère : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_gard_lozere_mp3/france_bleu_gard_lozere_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Gascogne: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_gascogne_mp3/france_bleu_gascogne_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Gironde: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_gironde_mp3/france_bleu_gironde_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Haute Normandie: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_haute_normandie_mp3/france_bleu_haute_normandie_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Herault: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_herault_mp3/france_bleu_herault_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Isère : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_isere_mp3/france_bleu_isere_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu La Rochelle: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_la_rochelle_mp3/france_bleu_la_rochelle_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Limousin: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_limousin_mp3/france_bleu_limousin_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Loire Ocean: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_loire_ocean_mp3/france_bleu_loire_ocean_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Lorraine Nord: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_lorraine_nord_mp3/france_bleu_lorraine_nord_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Maine: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_maine_mp3/france_bleu_maine_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Mayenne: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_mayenne_mp3/france_bleu_mayenne_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Nord: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_nord_mp3/france_bleu_nord_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Orléans: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_orleans_mp3/france_bleu_orleans_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Pays Basque: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_pays_basque_mp3/france_bleu_pays_basque_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_pays_dauvergne_mp3/france_bleu_pays_dauvergne_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Pays de Savoie: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_pays_de_savoie_mp3/france_bleu_pays_de_savoie_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Périgord: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_perigord_mp3/france_bleu_perigord_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Picardie: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_picardie_mp3/france_bleu_picardie_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Poitou: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_poitou_mp3/france_bleu_poitou_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Provence: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_provence_mp3/france_bleu_provence_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Roussillon: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_roussillon_mp3/france_bleu_roussillon_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Sud Lorraine: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_sud_lorraine_mp3/france_bleu_sud_lorraine_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Touraine : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_touraine_mp3/france_bleu_touraine_mp3-32k.m3u
  • France Bleu Vaucluse: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_bleu_vaucluse_mp3/france_bleu_vaucluse_mp3-32k.m3u
  • Nostalgia: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie/all/nos_113812.mp3
  • Nostalgia 60’s : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_best_of_sixties/all/nos45.mp3
  • Nostalgia 70’s : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_best_of_seventies/all/nos_175440.mp3
  • Nostalgia 80’s : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_best_of_eighties/all/nos_172115.mp3
  • Nostalgia Chansons Françaises : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_chansons_francaises/all/nos_174706.mp3
  • Nostalgia Soul: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_soul_legend/all/nos_173540.mp3
  • Nostalgia Slow: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_slow_legend/all/nos_173315.mp3
  • Nostalgia Rock: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_rock/all/nos_145822.mp3
  • Nostalgia Disco: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_disco/all/nos_172319.mp3
  • Nostalgia Funk: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2522/nostalgie_funk/nos_114231.mp3
  • Nostalgia American Legend: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2505/nostalgie_american_legend/nos_162228.mp3
  • Nostalgia British Legend: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2526/nostalgie_british_legend/nos_114647.mp3
  • Nostalgia Top 100: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nostalgie_top_100/all/nos_180225.mp3
  • Nostalgia Poets: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2524/nostalgie_poetes/nos_114501.mp3
  • Virgin Radio: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/virginradio_128
  • News: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio06
  • Pop Rock: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio01
  • Live: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio04
  • Club: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio03
  • French stage: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio02
  • Be on Air: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/vra_webradio08
  • Chérie FM: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm/all/che_124310.mp3
  • Chérie Zen : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_zen/all/che_122753.mp3
  • Honey Golds: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_golds/all/che_123506.mp3
  • Honey Love Songs : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_love_song/all/che_140854.mp3
  • Chérie Frenchy: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_frenchy/all/che_123008.mp3
  • Honey Crooners: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2048/cherie_fm_crooners/che_190007.mp3
  • Chérie Cinéma: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_cinema/all/che_144540.mp3
  • Chérie By A. Manoukian : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_by_a_manoukian/all/che_124622.mp3
  • Chérie Dolce Vita: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2047/cherie_fm_dolce_vita/che_185747.mp3
  • Chérie Duos: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_duos/all/che_145639.mp3
  • Honey @ work: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/cherie_fm_pop_soul/all/che_141749.mp3
  • Chérie SPA: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2470/cherie_fm_spa/che_182321.mp3
  • Chérie Afternoon: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2488/cherie_fm_afterwork/che_162832.mp3
  • Chérie PoP: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2485/cherie_fm_pop/che_162631.mp3
  • Laughter and Songs: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_et_chansons/all/rir_124629.mp3
  • Laughter and song sketches: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_100_sketches/all/rir_152805.mp3
  • Laughter and new talent songs: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_100_nouveaux_talents/all/rir_153424.mp3
  • Laughter and live songs: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_100_live/all/rir_124257.mp3
  • Eternal Laughter and Songs: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_100_eternel/all/rir_151634.mp3
  • Laughter and songs 100% Jokes: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rire_100_blagues/all/rir_123949.mp3
  • NRJ: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj/all/nrj_113225.mp3
  • NRJ English: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_french/all/nrj_155913.mp3
  • NRJ Rock: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_rock/all/nrj_161510.mp3
  • NRJ Hits: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_hits/all/nrj_150726.mp3
  • NRJ News: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_nouveaute/all/nrj_161209.mp3
  • NRJ RnB: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_rnb/all/nrj_151038.mp3
  • NRJ Dance: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_dance/all/nrj_151505.mp3
  • NRJ Clubbin’: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_clubbin/all/nrj_153250.mp3
  • NRJ Lounge: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_lounge/all/nrj_151750.mp3
  • NRJ PoP: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_pop/all/nrj_151240.mp3
  • NRJ Girl: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_girl/all/nrj_153716.mp3
  • NRJ Running: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_running/all/nrj_162813.mp3
  • NRJ Extravadance: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_mastermix/all/nrj_163522.mp3
  • NRJ In Bed: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_in_bed/all/nrj_135650.mp3
  • NRJ At Work: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_at_work/all/nrj_143400.mp3
  • NRJ Rap US: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_rap_us/all/nrj_144854.mp3
  • NRJ Rap FR: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_rap_fr/all/nrj_145338.mp3
  • NRJ Party: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2051/nrj_party/nrj_190407.mp3
  • NRJ Next: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_next/all/nrj_122336.mp3
  • NRJ St Tropez: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2500/nrj_saint_tropez/nrj_114322.mp3
  • NRJ Ibiza: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_ibiza/all/nrj_164849.mp3
  • NRJ Miami: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2493/nrj_miami/nrj_112825.mp3
  • NRJ New York: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_new-york/all/nrj_140527.mp3
  • NRJ New Caledonia: http://radio.lagoon.nc/nrj
  • NRJ Trance: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2495/nrj_trance/nrj_113417.mp3
  • NRJ Reggae: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2499/nrj_reggae/nrj_114036.mp3
  • NRJ Latino: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2501/nrj_latino/nrj_110354.mp3
  • NRJ Summer: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_soleil/all/nrj_155103.mp3
  • NRJ Gay: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/nrj_friendly/all/nrj_164207.mp3
  • NRJ Big 5: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/2497/nrj_big_5/nrj_113725.mp3
  • Radio Pi Reggae: http://radiopi.org:8080/reggae
  • Radio Pi Metal: http://radiopi.org:8080/metal
  • Radio Pi That 70 sound: http://radiopi.org:8080/That70Sound
  • Radio Pi Electro : http://radiopi.org:8080/electro
  • Radio Pi Jazz: http://radiopi.org:8080/jazz Radio
  • Radio Pi Disco Queen: http://radiopi.org:8080/discoqueen
  • Radio Pi Hip Hop: http://radiopi.org:8080/hiphop
  • Radio Pi Classique: http://radiopi.org:8080/classique
  • Radio Pi Rock: http://radiopi.org:8080/Rock
  • French Rock: http://radioblagon-serveur2.zik.dj:8010/
  • French Scene: http://radioblagon-serveur3.zik.dj:8010/
  • Festive Strange: http://radioblagon-serveur1.zik.dj:8020/
  • Reggae Island: http://radioblagon-serveur3.zik.dj:8100/
  • Ambient: http://radioblagon-serveur1.zik.dj:8100/
  • Electro: http://radioblagon-serveur2.zik.dj:8040/
  • Radio 666: http://radio666.net:8000/
  • Radio 103:
  • Radio Activ’: http://www.radio-activ.com:8000/listen.mp3
  • Radio Ballade: http://stream.radioballade.com:8041/
  • Beaub’FM : http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/beaub/all/beaub.mp3
  • CanalB:
  • Concrete:
  • CIBL: http://stream02.ustream.ca:8000/cibl128.mp3
  • Colouring FM: http://str15.streamakaci.com:9590/
  • Radio Coteaux: http://str80.streamakaci.com:7960/
  • Radio Dio: http://www.hosting-serv.com:9160/
  • L’Eko des Garrigues :
  • Radio under construction: http://str0.creacast.com:80/rec
  • FMR:
  • Fréquence Mutine: http://icecast.braveo.net:8000/mutine
  • Graf’Hit : http://ghstreaming.utc.fr/grafhit.mp3
  • Radio PFM:
  • Radio Primitive: http://www.radioprimitive.fr:8000/live
  • Sol FM: http://str15.streamakaci.com:9490/
  • FM Valley: http://ns353802.ovh.net:8000
  • RFI World: http://stream.rfi.fr/rfimonde/all/rfimonde-64k.mp3
  • RFI Africa: http://stream.rfi.fr/rfiafrique/all/rfiafrique-64k.mp3
  • RFI Musique: http://stream.rfi.fr/rfimusiquemonde/all/rfimusiquemonde-64k.mp3
  • MTI: http://stream2.radiomti.net:9800/radiomti.mp3
  • MTI Gold: http://stream2.radiomti.net:9800/radiomti-gold.mp3
  • MTI Club: http://stream2.radiomti.net:9800/radiomti-club.mp3
  • Ouï FM : http://ouifm.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm-high.mp3
  • Ouï Alternative : http://ouifm2.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm2.mp3
  • Ouï Collector : http://ouifm2.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm3.mp3
  • Ouï Blues : http://ouifm2.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm4.mp3
  • Ouï Independent : http://ouifm2.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm5.mp3
  • Ouï Zebra : http://ouifm6.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm6-128.mp3
  • RFM: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_128
  • RFM 80: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_webradio05
  • RFM Collector: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_webradio06
  • RFM Night fever: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_webradio02
  • RFM News: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_webradio01
  • RFM New Wave 80: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rfm_webradio04
  • RFM France: http://ouifm6.ice.infomaniak.ch/ouifm6-128.mp3
  • Radio Nova: http://broadcast.infomaniak.net/radionova-high.mp3
  • Le Mouv : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/le_mouv_mp3/le_mouv_mp3-128k.m3u
  • RTL 2: http://streaming.radio.rtl2.fr:80/rtl2-1-44-96
  • Fun Radio: http://streaming.radio.funradio.fr:80/fun-1-44-96
  • Skyrock: http://vipmms9.yacast.net/encoderskyrock
  • lark fr: http://www.alouette.fr/alouette.m3u
  • RMC: http://vipicecast.yacast.net/rmc
  • RTL: http://streaming.radio.rtl.fr/rtl-1-44-96
  • Europe 1: http://vipicecast.yacast.net:80/europe1
  • Radio Meuh: http://www.radiomeuh.com/site/ecouter/blanche_meuh.pls
  • Sing sing Radio: http://www.sing-sing.org/confort2.pls
  • Radio Pulsar:
  • Rockenfolie Radio: http://www.rockenfolie.com/players/ecouter.m3u
  • Radio404 Radio: http://radio404.org:8000
  • Radio Canada International: http://rcimultilangue-64.akacast.akamaistream.net/7/173/94045/v1/rc.akacast.akamaistream.net/rcimultilangue-64
  • Old School, SoulsVilleOnline.com : http://www.live365.com/play/18244
  • RRB New Caledonia: http://radio.lagoon.nc/rrb
  • OxyRadio: http://www.oxyradio.net:8000/hd.mp3
  • Radio Actif Martinique:
  • Radio Fusion: http://sv3.vestaradio.com:6540
  • RFO Martinique: http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/rfo/all/rfomartinique-128k.mp3
  • Radiocanut Radio: http://live.francra.org:8000/radiocanut
  • Jazz Classic: http://broadcast.infomaniak.ch/jazzradio-high.mp3
  • Classical Radio: http://broadcast.infomaniak.net:80/radioclassique-high.mp3
  • Frequenceterre: http://str31.creacast.com:443/
  • TFM: http://stream2.radiomti.net:9800/tfm.mp3
  • Sud Radio: http://broadcast.infomaniak.net:80/start-sud-high.mp3
  • W3 Blues Radio:
  • Radio Mix: http://stream.ekzay.com:9675/live

Well, that’s it, it’s over as the other one would say!

I hope you enjoyed this article! (Yes, I really hope so, because I spent a crazy time there :-))))


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