Know About Circuits & Light Emitting Diodes

Have you ever wondered on what basis the electrical components are interconnected? Does it have a blueprint to know which device is connected where?

Here is the solution for all your doubts which you were wondering. The circuit diagram is the solution that gives you complete information about the devices and electrical components interconnected and the ways they are connected too.

The circuit diagram is the graphical representation of the electrical circuit using the basic images of the components or by using the symbols as per industry standards. Circuit Diagram is classified into two types:

  1. Pictorial style circuit diagram
  2. Schematic style circuit diagram

Pictorial style circuit diagram uses the pictorial images of the devices in the circuit to represent the connection.

Schematic style circuit diagram uses the standardized symbolic representations in the electrical circuit.

This schematic style is the representation of the pictorial style circuit diagram which is shown above. Circuits can be created manually or through the software particularly designed for it.


The diode is a basic two-terminal electrical device that conducts electricity in only one direction

Diodes are as shown below in the diagram. The line on the diode represents the cathode side.

Symbolic representation or pictorial representation of the diode is as shown in the figure below.

Now let us know What is LED?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are the type diode. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is a simple semiconductor device that has the capacity of emitting light when current is passed through it. Electroluminescence is the process in which a material emits light when electric current or a strong electric field is created in the device. Infrared Emitting Diode (IED) is the advanced version of LEDs.

LEDs are easily available and are cost efficient device in the market. LED lights are the result of the LED and have revolutionized the industry by replacing incandescent bulbs, and seven-segment displays. The symbolical representation of LED is as shown below in the picture

The picture above shows the color emitting LED.

Operation of LED

The above diagram explains how the LED works. Let us know the step by step process of the working.

  1. The N-type silicon contains the electrons and the P-type silicon contains holes.
  2. The power supply across the p-n junction makes the diode forward biased pushing the electrons from n-type to p-type. Pushing the holes in the opposite direction makes electrons combine with holes at the junction.
  3. Energy is generated when the photons are recombined with holes. This process emits light from the LED.

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