Knockout City – Tips to play better on Rooftop Rumble

Knockout City is a fighting game app where the objective is to knock out as many of your opponents as possible. If you would like to win, you’ll need to have some good strategy and know who to attack and when. Some people may have already played this game and others might be seeing it for the first time. Regardless, you will want to know a few tips and tricks to give you the best chance of winning.

Knockout City is a game where you have to knock your opponents out. You start with a small amount of lives and you gain them by knocking your opponents out. You lose a life when you get knocked out, and when you have no lives you are out of the game. When only one person is left, he or she wins the match. There are three modes in the games: Rooftop Rumble, City Brawl and Downtown Battle.

you play the Rooftop Rumble in Knockout City, you fight atop two skyscrapers that overlook a busy intersection. A hastily assembled bridge connects these buildings in a valley where you glide between the two points at high speed. Apart from that, there is nothing special on the roofs, except for a bandstand and a garden. Here are some tips to help you improve on the Rooftop Rumble map.

Caution when slipping in the slot

Screenshot As mentioned in the introduction to this post, there is a large gap between the two Rooftop Rumble buildings, and only a small wooden bridge connects them. If you want to reach another building from the bridge, you have to slide down the bridge. Make sure that none of the opponents with balls are looking in your direction when you do this If they throw one at you, you lose too much height when you catch it and drop dead, or you have to take the damage on purpose to recover safely. But that doesn’t mean the bridge is much safer. If you stand in the middle of an open area, you will attract a lot of attention, so be prepared to defend yourself if you get caught there.

Terminals – Reliable choice to attack

Screenshot word-image-14116 There is no place in Rooftop Rumble that is not covered. This makes this card the best place in the game to make target rolls. While you have to be careful not to position yourself in such a way that you fall, there are many places where you can safely perform this maneuver. The small number of corners the opposing team can hide behind means they can’t avoid a timely ultimatum from you or a teammate.

Emphasis on timing

Screenshot word-image-14118 Catching your opponents’ throws is an important part of your success in Knockout City, but in Rooftop Rumble this aspect is even more important because there is very little to cover. When you’re outnumbered, you use your handle to knock down your opponents’ balls, but the biggest lifesaver on this map is your ability to catch incoming threats and send them back to your opponent.

Special utility balls

  • Rooftop Rumble is the best place in Knockout City to use a sniper bullet. Long lines of sight with little cover are ideal for spotting enemies at a distance.
  • In addition to the sniper bullet, the multi bullet is still strong on this map, allowing you to shoot enemies three times.
  • The wrestling ball can also make a big impact in the Rooftop Rumble. Grab an enemy and throw him in almost any direction, and you can send him flying off the map to his certain death.
  • The Moonball is not often used on this card. Hitting an enemy with it while trying to cross a windy gorge gives him more height to land safely on a roof, and the slow gravity makes you an open target because there’s little cover.
  • Unless you hit with a bomb, he’s not very good at the Rooftop Rumble either. Maybe you can use this ball to take a few good hits on people crossing the bridge, but if not, just use a regular ball that will eventually explode in your face.
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