Knockout City – Tips to play better on Knockout Roundabout

Knockout City is a fun little gem of a city-building game, but it’s no secret that the game is seriously lacking in tutorial content. The game has a few challenges to work through, but they only really cover the very basics of gameplay. After that, you’re on your own to figure out the rest. For many players, this is a great chance to experiment and learn the game’s mechanics. But for others, it can be a bit frustrating. If you’re one of those players, then here is a guide to playing better on Knockout Roundabout.

Knockout City is a game that takes place in the city of the same name. The aim of the game is to knock out as many other drivers as possible before you yourself are knocked out. Each player starts with a weapon for protection, and an empty weapon for use. Players are given a random weapon every time they respawn, and the only way to get a new weapon is to knock out an opponent. This blog post is written by a guest blogger named “bloggerdude”.

Knockout City is an addictive arcade game where you have to race through traffic as fast as you can. It’s a fun game, but many players have trouble getting a high score. No problem, there are a few tips that can help you improve your skills. For most people when they play the game they often find themselves dead at the first corner. Here are some tips:

Roundabout is a busy traffic area in Knockout City where you must dodge team cars by attacking opponents with balls. This map is for the most part very flat, with only some obvious elevation changes in a few places. If you’re not careful, you can easily be taken out by ambushes or fleeing vehicles. Here are some tips to give you a better chance of getting into a roundabout in Knockout City.

Using cars as cover

Screenshot The streets of Knockout Roundabout are littered with cars stuck in an endless loop. It must be quite a job for the drivers. But in the heat of battle, you can easily use these machines to your advantage. Since the cars always move clockwise on the map, you can quickly get behind one of them if an opponent throws you a ball. Unfortunately, jumping on cars is not recommended, as they move too slowly to be useful. But if you take advantage of the environment, you can direct an opponent to the front bumper, let him fly, and leave him open for an attack. But be careful, they won’t let go of the ball if they get hit by a car.

Avoid the centre of the card

Screenshot word-image-14247 The middle part of the knockout carousel is not a tactically advantageous position for anyone in the game to take. There is a small death pit here, but the real danger lies in the fact that this area is very open to attack, including end throws coming down from above. Frankly, you’re better equipped to deal with any attack, whether it’s in traffic or off the map.

Loba’spitches are more likely to hit.

Screenshot word-image-14248 We recommend using passing cars as cover, but they leave room for a good throw. In moving traffic, the chance of a curved beam hitting a passing vehicle is much higher. Lob throws on the other hand can just fly over you and hit an unprepared opponent. Throwing lobs is not only good in road situations. It can have a big impact with players at the bottom of the card under the road, making it probably the best card for such throws.

Special utility balls

  • With the Multiball you can hit opponents who are not prepared for a full attack three times. As with all cards, you won’t complain if you choose the multiball.
  • The bomb is useful in elimination rounds, but is not always the best. It can easily snag on passing cars and explode without injuring anyone, so make sure you throw it from the front.
  • The sniper bullet has some value on this map, but only if you are in the right place and use it properly. It’s not much use in traffic, because enemies can hide behind cars and you can’t see them. However, if you are on one of the outside stairs or on the roof above the bottom of the map, you might hit someone.
  • Moonball looks good on this card, but we wouldn’t say it’s one of our favorites for this slot. It’s there if you play here.
  • It’s hard to find a good use for the cage ball on the Knockout roundabout. Even if you manage to trap your opponent, he has many ways to prevent you from picking him up or throwing him at him. Of course you may find the opportunity to do this with poorly placed opponents, but in general Cage Ball will have little effect in fights on this map.

Everyone wants to win the game, but the most crucial time to know how to play better in Knockout City is during the Knockout Roundabout. To win: 1. Make sure to shoot the ball 2. You have 1 minute to shoot the ball so don’t waste any time 3. Don’t shoot into the goal, you will lose a life 4. Remember to use the power-ups 5. Don’t get hit 6. Don’t forget to use your lives 7. Once you’ve lost all your lives, that’s it 8. Don’t forget to collect coins 9. You need at least 30 coins to enter. Read more about knockout city fake throw and let us know what you think.

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